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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Simple Healing**

A tree can't be a bad tree but conditions make that free bad. A tree never asking to make bad fruit a tree tries to give a good fruit to people. Yes? But sometimes that fruit going to be no good, because something coming to that tree when the fruit was in blossoms coming something from outside, an insect, and putting something in it, making that fruit not to be good fruit.

Give your attention my English not so good you must listen clearly, carefully, for understanding. What is coming when I am praying, (before the meeting), this coming to me for addressing our sisters and brothers attending our humble meeting. It is a humble meeting, in this, it was a stable before! "A garage" - A garage! another kind of stable for cars (laughter).

We have a saying, treasures, you can't find through beautiful buildings, treasures you can find through RUINS, Ruins. Ruined cities you may find it. No one coming and asking through hugh skyscrapers - no one coming and looking, asking a treasure from that buildings. But who asking treasure - going around - from old time - ruins there digging and finding. Therefore this is a humble, humble place but good people. Like treasures, Alhamdulilla (All Praise to Allah) I am happy. I am happy this, it came to me to speak on such a subject that for symbolising something with that tree and its' fruits. No any tree asking to be a bad tree asking to be bad tree. Originally trees they're good ones. And no any tree asking to give people bad fruits but trying to give best fruits. But something coming from outside to them - making that tree to be ill and to be it's fruits - no good. And man through their structures, through their beings they have perfection. At least what is tree carrying of perfection must be with everyone in perfection. Who created man, created man, created man to be in a perfection to be good ones.

Everyone when they're like this boy (points) you can't say bad boy, bad ones, no. He is good one but when growing, growing to be bad one or good one. Someone keeping that goodness with themselves, growing with that, some of them loosing it and are affected everything that surrounding him and becoming a bad one. None going to be by creation a bad creation, no. But circumstances or conditions around people going to make people good ones or bad ones. You know mushroom. Mushroom - some of them are poisonous, some of them you may eat, poison ones they are when growing in a place that should be a poison there. By any snake or such a insect living there from it's poison, that growing and quickly killing who eating. Because around that mushroom - poison. Some of them clean areas you may take, you may eat, you may enjoy. And people also now it is a huge city London - do you think that everywhere is clean? Good for youngsters, or poisoned areas - too many! None can say that 100% every foot square clean and no poison in London - or other cities also same. That is the reason that mostly people are poisoned - because of the circumstances surrounding him and growing through themselves. You may send your child, this boy, going to elementary school that one - yesterday in Bury, there was a big advertisement. One older boy offering us drugs. Please save us small ones, you saw that advertising? Asking that shaitan to poison this one and they are saying S.O.S. that means save our souls they are asking.

Where is good ones? Where is good ones? Were is government here. Where is authorised people looking after youngsters. Is it a good sign? I was very sad when I saw this and I can't reach to those people to give them any help. They are asking help from you and you're not giving. What is you're healing? He said to me that I am meeting with healing people. If you are putting on everyone ten healers, they're not getting to be good ones. Yes, that is biggest problem and we are claiming that we are living in 20th Century and we are very proud that we have civilisations. What is their fault that we are giving to poison those small ones, they're clean ones - making them dirty. They're healthy ones and we are going to poison them Why? Why government not catching the heads of those devils? How you're living in hands of those clean ones.

It is most important point now that they're mentioning to me to speak in front of our sisters brothers, my sons, my daughters. Very terrible conditions, very terrible and we're preparing ourselves for welcoming the 21st Century, with such a people we are welcoming? With drug dealers, with drug drinkers, we are going to welcome the 21st Century. That foolishness. Where are your professors, where are your doctors, where are your statesmen where they are? where are your philosophers? where are your psychiatrists. Where are your healers? Where are they to save these clean ones? They are shouting, asking help! To save them. Older ones offering them to use these drugs. No control on people, how they are governments? You are happy with this situation? Parents can't do anything you're sending those to elementary school and older ones saying drink this. Either with something cheating or by force also, they are making them to use that poison. Every time satanic powers to act and Holy powers - silence, - because people together all of them then coming one power holy power from them. Holy power is important, than whole technology. They move it, they help people with power. One, one one like 40 taps if running each one by itself never going to make a mill stone turn. But if 40 taps water bringing in a arc a tunnel make better. Therefore these good people whom they are asking to help people, they must be at least 40 ones. Forty ones together. Then their power going to join to their power a heavenly power. Heavenly power means holy mans power. Men or women forty must be to move altogether to tell people with their spiritual power. That forty ones power may move one spirituality to run through all of them. If not doing them only one tap, what is going to do this, and mill never turning.

Yes sir I am happy to see good faces, clean faces, young people around myself and no old ones only that one old I am not old. Only one and all of you young ones. That means there is new opening. A new horizon going to open. Sometimes clouds closing horizon. After a while going to rise and coming to our view a horizon with sun shining. Very sweet view this mostly going to be sun setting and you feel very good feeling looking to that horizon. It is an opening. Now I am looking they are not coming to ask holy ones power to help them. As long as you are not asking a help from holy ones they are not permitted to help you. Everyone after so many things happening they're going to doctors, psychiatrists and healing people or to this or to that, but it is always too late and (they carn't help people) - repeat -if you are not using holy power - holy power people - if you are not asking - come and help us it is impossible to do anything - psychiatrists or other doctors or even statesmen or teachers or Masters or armies - they can't do anything.

Only way for saving youngsters is to look after holy powers. And up to today I am not meeting someone whom they are coming and asking a help to stop a such foolish currents, terrible currents dirty currents. They're always running after doctors, after psychiatrists, and if one psychiatrist going to heal people if he is not able to protect himself after a while he is going to be the same as that one also. Because physical power can't be able to protect him if he hasn't power with spirituality that person quickly running to psychiatrist also. I was always advising to them not to listen daily more than, if it is too much 7 years but 3 is enough. Not to continue long that way, if it is necessary 7 it is enough. But 3 years must stop it if he but protected by a spiritual power. Comes on him some disease from those people, he can't be able to heal himself or anyone else, it is terrible.

Oh our brothers and sisters but I am looking you are not like my brothers and sisters, you are like my sons and daughters. You must to join powers to each other not to be alone. And as through traditional knowledge a person alone can't be able to reach a holy power but 40 persons joining any seeing through yourselves a new opening a new horizon for mankind that 21st Century approaching and we hope that we should reach to that new horizon a lighter, and lighter and brighter horizons that we may be in it. This dark, dark century. Dark century, very dark century. Dark, dark century. We are going to leave it our back and we hope to reach then enlightened century.

May Allah Blessings You and forgive me.

Thank you for your attention I think that it is short but it is enough to say new opening for our my sons and daughters. Yes, Happy. It may be understood. I hope.

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