Maulana Sheikh NazimSohbet for Argentina

(As-salamu alaikum, Last night I asked the Sheikh if he had any message for the group in
Argentina. We were in the television-room having tea after Isha. He was very
nice and he gave a small sohbet, and he said that you should also spread
this message like you are doing with the sohbets:)

"Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, Naqshibandi brothers and sisters of the Muslim community in Argentina!

First of all we are thanking to Allah Almighty that we are accepting Him,
our Lord, and also we are thankful to Allah Almighty that we are from the
nation of Muhammad sws.

We are servants for Allah Almighty as well as everyone from mankind
including prophets and saints and angels- they are servants for the divinely
service of Allah Almighty.

We are believing that everything is in the hands of Allah Almighty,
everything that is happening on earth He is knowing and He is arranging for
everyone's destination.

Our advice to our brothers and sisters in Islam is to believe that Allah
Almighty is guiding believers for a good direction, a good ending, here and
hereafter, to Paradise.

We are believing that the most important point (item) for believers is
obediency, worshipping and servanthood for Allah Almighty. That is our
life-principle. So first of all everyone must take care of their
responsibility through their lives, and it is as we said: Obediency,
worshipping and servanthood to Allah Almighty.

Secondly: We have been offered to look and to run after or take our
provision, rizq, that Allah Almighty just granted to us, and the way to reach
to our provision is through crafts, trading and agriculture.

These are three ways that we may reach to our provision easily and in a
Halal way. And you may find so many kinds of works through crafts and
business and agriculture. These three ways give benefit to yourself as well
as to other people. And that is the best way for our provision: to give
benefit to us and to others.

Beyond these three ways we are not interesting in anything else like to be
employed by the government, in offices or companies. No. But the way that we
are offering to our brothers and sisters is a free way. Like this everyone
can be free to reach to their provision in a Halal way, and if anything is
happening, it will not affect our brothers and sisters in the Tariqat.
I heard about Argentina, that the economical level of the government fell
down to the lowest level and they became bancrupt.

Therefore you must keep your positions, trusting in Allah Almighty, that you
should be in a good position even the government is bancrupt and the big
companies closed down. You must be very careful not to involve in things
that common people do in the streets against the government, harming people,
perhaps killing or injuring them, burning or stealing people's property.

We must not do that. We are seeing these actions as prohibited actions, that
have been prohibited through the Taurah, the Old Testament and the New
Testament, as well as through the Holy Quran. Those who are saying that they
are Christians must not do that- they must not harm people's soul, property
or business. They must keep it- as every religion is keeping the rights of
people. What is not yours, you cannot touch. That is the right of people on
each other.

Therefore this is the common advice for all nations living in Argentina:
Don't do such prohibited actions, because Allah Almighty is never going to
be happy with such evil things. The rights of people must be protected by
everyone. And everyone's right must be protected by everyone. If not, there
is never going to be a good result, and there is not going to be a solution
to save Argentina from this worst position.

And our advice to our brothers and sisters in the Naqshibandi order is to
keep Allah Almighty's favours carefully- not to waste. Wasting brought those
heavy circumstances for the people, because they wasted millions and
billions of Dollars for nothing. If they were using it for something
(beneficial), never this curse had come on them. But because they wasted His
favours, the Lord of Heavens is punishing them now. That is a cursing from
Heavens, not a blessing (what is happening). Also people were doing disliked
and prohibited things, that are cursed, and therefore the Lord of Heavens is
sending cursing on them.

The must say: 'Pardon to our Lord'- then Allah Almighty may change. As long
as they are not saying this, the people of Argentina will fall down further.
If, instead of burning, stealing and destroying shops and markets, people
come on their knees ad say: 'O our Lord, forgive us! Pardon to you!', their
Lord quickly may change their bad conditions to good conditions.

This is an advice for our brothers and sisters that belong to our Tariqat,
as well as for all Argentinian people, as they are all our Lord's servants:
They must be good servants, followers of the prophets and the holy books,
not followers of Shaitan and devils. This is a warning, a heavenly warning
to them. If they take care, they should be saved. If not, they will be
destroyed. Blessings are on those who follow the prophets, peace be upon all
of them!

The door to our provision is not closed. Look birds- they have no market, no
salary, no money, no work. Every morning I am seeing the birds in the sky,
the ravens. First they check the walnut-tree. They take from the nuts,
throwing them down, and when they are broken, they come and eat them. Allah
Almighty is never leaving them to be hungry, no. And they are created for
the honour of mankind. Every creatures finds its provisions- so what about
mankind?! It is Allah who is giving the provision to His servants.

People are going to leave the big cities now and will slowly come to the
countryside... Argentina is such a rich country, it is five times as big as
Turkey with a population of only 16 million people. They have so many
animals, jungles, endless fields, trees- they may find something to eat.
They may hunt rabbits, may make Kebab from them and eat them without salt
and bread. It will be a diet for their bodies- never getting fat...

But people are accustomed to everything to come to them. No, that is
finished. These markets and supermarkets are not coming back... People must
come to nature. Nature will feed them, by the permission of Allah (bi idhni-llah).

From now, if they have rented houses in the capital Buenos Aires, they may
move slowly out of that huge city and may try to build small villages with
ten or more families, with houses from wood. They may make small gardens and
keep goats, sheep or cows, and they must keep hens, because it is summertime
for them. Until winter I hope that a change will come to all nations. One
after one all nations will reach to the same point like Argentina. Argentina
opened the door of foolishness, and so many nations are going to fall into
it also, one after the other...

That crises is not economical, but a crises of people's life-principles,
because they left the principles of life that are mentioned in the holy
books and they follow the principles of devils- satanic principles. All of
this brought them to that point...

Alhamdulillah- here we have no crises! Daily one hundred people are eating
and always there is food left, no matter how many people are eating. And the
food is even increasing with Allah's permission... And it is Allah who makes
you satisfied (not the food)... Everything is coming to us, nothing is

(When I told him that people were not coming to the Dhikr because of the
troubles, he said:)

'Do they think that when they leave the Dhikr, trouble is finishing? No- getting more!'

(He also said that there is no need to make the same Dhikr that we do in the
evenings, because it is heavy. He said it is enough what we are doing here.)

Lefke, 23.12.2001

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