Maulana Sheikh Nazim Spiritual Tawaaf

(Indonesian Mureeds Visit Sultan al-Awliya)


My grandfather was Qadiri (shows photo). He lived to be almost a hundred years old. He lived in Larnaca and was a shaykh at the maqaam of Hala Sultan. Every day when he opened the place at dawn, he saw Hala Sultan standing under the flag on the minbar and then entering into her maqaam. These are my uncles (in photo).

Yes sir, welcome! Welcome!

(Mureeds: We are going for Hajj, with my son; with my father.)

Look, don't be late after Hajj as I don't know what is going to happen in Muharram; perhaps there will be terrible harakaat, events. Therefore, finish and quickly come back; don’t be late, finish and go back home, yes. May Allah bless you.



Give my salaam to al-munajah people. May Allah protect them, inshaa-Allah, with your barakah. When my physical being had more strength, I used to sometimes go there (to Hijaz), but now only through spiritual power I make tawaaf, but nothing else as I am weak.

(Mashaa-Allah, that is more than enough!)

You might see a donkey there! (laughter)

Lefke, 16.10.2011

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