Maulana Sheikh Nazim When spirituality is getting happy, more support to your physical being

Destur ya Sayyidi, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Destur, Meded, ya Sayyidi…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association and it is for our physical being a support, because associations (are) giving spiritual support to our physical being and associations are addressing to our spirituality. When your spirituality (is) getting happy, (it) gives much more support to your physical being. If you are not taking care for your spirituality, normally your physical being (is) always going down, down, down, and finishing.

This is a recorder. It is working in two ways: One, you may use it with batteries, but also it has two holes (so) that you may use a wire, connecting (it) to (the) central electric and from the central electric (is) coming power and it works; as long as this central electric is working, this is working (also). But if you are using batteries, you may use the recorder (only) until that battery is finished and the batteries power is also (is) slowly slowly coming down, coming less and less.

Therefore- a person may use his physical being and he is trusting on his physical being- working and running, and trying to do something and through their youth time it is okay. He thinks that he (will) never be in need any other power. He feels that his physical being is okay. And how he us understanding he may run like horses, he may carry heavy loads as donkeys, and he may jump high jumping like chimpanzees, apes, that they are very proud: “Ohhh, first class sportsman”, they are saying. “We are preparing Olympics in Athens!”

First I was going and looking after such a place. It was at the beginning for people, first 1936, when (it was) beginning (in the) Amphitheatre. I was standing there, saying: “Take a photograph that Sheikh also now he is first…” No one (else was) there. “(The) first medal (must be) for Sheikh to be there before other athletes”… Running people- particularly our African brothers- no one can reach to them! “From where you are learning?” I am asking. “From Gita, leopards. We learned to run looking Gitas. We learned from leopards. We learned from our countries and no one can reach to us.” “Jumping?” “We are learning from apes, jumping from tree to tree, high jumping! And faster from that leopard we are learning from them.” They are very happy when (they are) getting first, but (they are) not using this heavy things to take it up like this, like that…(then letting it) fall…weight-champion, they are never interesting. White people very much interesting in this…This (is) much better; (they) look like horses, but who (is) carrying that load (they) look like donkeys…

Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, Glory to Allah! Everyone (is) running to show their powers and all of it is youth power, for a level. After that level your physical being is no more giving to support you, it is coming down, coming down and finished. (The) real support for our physical being that (is) never cut off, it is (coming) from our spiritual power. If that is giving to you support, you should be powerful and keeping your youth power as (if) you are 15 years and you may be 9o years!

But people now (are) thinking that (their) physical being can be supported only by material things; (they are) asking power from their physical being and they are using material things to give much more support to their physical being. (This is) never going to be useful, but making it to come down. Spirituality may take you up! A plane may fly; it is not flying by material things, no! That material (is) changing into another position, (so) that (the plane) may fly! If you are putting that petrol through a plane (and) you are asking (if it is) that petrol, (that is) making it as it is to fly- (it) can’t be! That petrol is coming (into the plane), changing its position and (it is) going to be another material, but it is not a seen material, no, you can’t touch it. When you are putting that petrol in the plane, you may touch it. When (the plane is) getting up, you can’t touch it, that power is just changed into another form; it is going to be like a spiritual being for that plane and making it to fly.

Therefore- if we are not asking from our physical being to be changed through our spiritual power into spirituality you can’t reach a real power to do something from heavenly aspects or to reach a peace, to reach a hope, to reach a good position, better condition. If you are not using your spirituality, you can’t reach aspects and never-ending powers. You can’t reach!

Now people (are) not thinking on such aspects, but really we are in need for that. We need support, spiritual support, personally and commonly. People now through (the) 21st century (they are) not asking that support; they are thinking that material powers (are) enough for them. It is never going to be enough! You must use heavenly Power (from heavenly Power Stations) that these stations (are) very rare, but if you are asking, you can find someone that (is) leading you or guiding you to that power stations.

All Awliya that they are inheriting from Prophets, they are heavenly power stations on earth. If you are reaching to them, then they may give you that power to make you to reach to your heavenly stations. Or (else) you can’t fly to that stations by planes, rockets, missiles and such things, no! Mostly all of them they may get up a little bit, then turning back down. No more (than this they) can carry people to high stations through Heavens, and man is in need to reach to Heavens, because Allah Almighty just granted to His servants a private seat, a private station to be there. You must ask: “How I can reach? With whom I can reach?” If a person (is) not using a plane, (he) can’t move from one side to another side on this earth. They are beginning and ending on earth. What about if you are asking to reach your heavenly stations, that you are not asking to come back? You should be happy there, because (you) should be dressed the dress of honour of being servant for the divinely Presence, in His divinely Presence! That glorious station (is) giving to you glory, never ending (glory)!

People are drunk now, drunk with their materials and their trust (is) only for material aspects. They are thinking that material may support them for every target, but finally they are looking and seeing that their materials can’t reach to them, (and) can’t be able to support them. (There) may come a kind of virus through that person who was thinking that he is powerful and (the) richest one, or (that) he is (on the) highest position of his nation. He is thinking that such things should help him and (then) Allah Almighty (is) sending a virus and that person (is) looking for help from his soldiers, but soldiers can’t help him. (He is) asking from his missiles: “Help me”, they are saying: “We can’t.” Asking from his golden: “Help me”, they are saying: “We can’t.” Asking from his jewels: “Help me against that virus! Just I am so weak in front of that unseen virus!”

One person was sitting with a King. He was a heavenly supported person and the King was sitting on his Throne. Allah Almighty (was) asking to show something to that King and (he was) leaving (a) fly (to come to him), coming there, making like this… running away… coming like that… making like this… (hitting), but the fly was never escaping. He was so angry and unrest, and saying. “For what these flies?” And that spiritual powerful person (was) saying: “Oh, command to them! Order them to get away!” And the King was saying: “I can’t.” “If you can’t be able to send away flies (and) you are so weak- how you are claiming: ‘I am so powerful one’, keeping in your hand a globe, (and in the) other hand your sword and on your head crown and even flies (are) never listening and obeying to you. Why you are going to be there, sitting (on that throne), such a proud person?”

This is a small fly. Smaller (than that) I said a virus may come, (then he is) calling all doctors, physicians and asking: “Help me and I should give to you everything!” And they are saying: “I tried everything for you, but we can’t do anything more!” No one (is) helping! If (you are) not asking help from Saints- that are (the) Sultans of Akhirat, Sultans for eternal life- if you are not going to look after them and to see them, to find them and ask help from them- your rank, your richness, your soldiers, your atomic bombs, your nuclear weapons, your aircrafts (are) never helping you! Oh Man! Don’t be proud! Come down, bow to Allah! Ask help from Him! If you are asking: “How we can reach to ask from Him?” we may say: “You must look after those people who are His servants. His servants they have such power to help you. (They) may take everything (away) that (is) hurting you, harming you, they may help you, they may take everything from you.”

Then that Wali (was) saying: “Look, oh King! I am ordering (now): Oh flies, get out!” And then, one after one, there was a hole, coming, coming, coming and going (out)…

”You are Sultan or I am? Look, flies (are) never keeping your order, (but they are) keeping my order! Because I am His servant, (they) must obey to me. But you are claming: ‘I am not servant, I am King’, and therefore they are not obeying to you!”

Everything is asking to teach people, but people are drunk, running after Shaitan and shaitanic teachings (are) never giving a way to them to learn heavenly knowledge. They are taking away heavenly Knowledge, traditional knowledge is thrown out of universities, academies and such places. (There are) all satanic teaching in it and satanic teachings are bringing people on the edge of cliffs- (they) should fall into fire…

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 30.06.2004

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