Maulana Sheikh NazimStay on the Way to Paradise

As-salamu alaikum. Ja’ana Allahu (?) wa iyakum mina-l muqminina muhlisin...
A’udhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, la haula wa
la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyi-‘l ‘Adhim.

O people, we are all servants of our Lord. Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded,
ya Rijalallah. Ask always from servants of the Lord support, spiritual support. But people they
are running and asking (for a) material support. Material support never gives to you anything
here or Hereafter. We are all servants for the Lord of Heavens and we are in need (of) heavenly
Support, spiritual Support. That is most important for mankind, but mankind now they are heedless.

They are drunk, drunks! And that drunk(ennes)s (is) coming from drinking from (the) material world that we
are running after it, to reach our wishings or willings, but it is nothing. Everyone (is) drinking
now from Dunya, from Dunya’s drinks that (are) making people drunk. And drunk, to be
drunk, (is) carrying people from bad to worse, from worse to worst and therefore people now
(are) not only drunk ones, no. Drunk ones was yesterday, but now today and coming days,
people they are going to be crazy ones. Crazy ones, craziness going to cover whole people
from East to West.

You may look what people they are doing. They are doing so many things that a full mind
person (is) never going to be happy (to do). So many events, so many happenings (are)
coming and we are hearing and we are saying: “For what they are doing this? A good mind
person can’t do this. Who may loose his mind, who is going to loose his well willings, they
may do such a things!” How you can accept a person to go in a place full with innocent people
we may say and (he is) entering there and blasting himself? Putting bombs through himself and
killing himself and same time they are killing so many innocent people? How that person (is)
going to be (a) full mind person? He must be ‘majnun’, no mind person. How they are killing each other?

How people (are) running through streets like wild animals, shouting, destroying, burning, harming people,
harming cities, harming markets? What is that? In which book they are learning such things?
O people! Those people, who (are) harming mankind, they are followers the way of Shaitan.
Their teacher is Shaitan. But they are insisting to follow it on the name of improvement: “We
are now more civilized people.” ‘Tu’ on their civilisation. ‘Tu’ from today up to the end of
world such a civilisation! (It) must be taken away! Ask from your Lord, because those beasts
(are) harming everything, beginning from ants. They must be taken away.

Therefore we are saying (that) people they are not now drunk ones, but they are crazy ones,
no mind people. They are trying to destroy everything. On the name which one? On the name
of Shaitan. Allah Almighty (is) just preventing bad things. People living on earth now they are
against Islam. But they are beasts, no mind people. What Islam (is) saying? “Don’t give harm
to anyone, anything.” It is one ‘ta’alim’, one order, that Islam (is) ordering people: “O people,
don’t give, don’t harm anyone. Beginning (with) yourself; don’t harm yourself or anything
else.” That is a sentence of wisdom and it is enough to give Islam (the) highest price, because
(it is) bringing that unchangeable order: “Don’t harm! Don’t give harm to people, give
everyone’s rights!” But now whole people living on earth they are against Islam. For what?

Islam (is) ordering to them to do such a things? I am very sorry that people (are) getting on
mosques and making such a wildness that beast they are not doing that. It is not Islam, they
are not Islam, no! Their final station should be Hells. Allah (is) never ordering people to do
harming, to harm anything. That is Islam’s principle that can save whole people - if they are
listening: Don’t harm yourself or anyone around yourself. Even someone (is) harming you,
don’t harm him! Leave to be beast that person! Islam (is) never accepting to be his followers
beasts! ‘Majanin’; people now they are like no mind people, crazy ones, fools, idiot ones that
they are in need to be put into mental-houses. Mental-houses they are in need (of)!

Therefore they are fearing from Islam, because Islam (is) coming with (the) sword now! Full
sword! Always they are, Non-Muslims they are not accepting (that) Islam (is) coming with (a)
sword. Yes, Islam just came by sword, because so many beasts must be killed! But now Islam
(is) standing in its station and (it is) looking, what Shaitan (is) doing on Non-Muslims.

Every trouble (is) coming from Non-Muslims. Islam (is) so pure, so sweet, so wonderful! (It
is) taking people from (the) deepest position to (the) highest position. That is Islam. But if
(there are) coming dragons, (Islam is also) keeping his sword! Now Islam (is) keeping its
sword and (is) leaving those beasts that they are not Muslims, (that they are) burning
themselves and killing themselves. Leave them! But it is not a good - oh oh oh... for Muslims
to make trouble. Islam (is) preventing trouble-makers. No, never accepting!

Trouble-makers must leave communities! You must clean your community from beasts, from
dragons, from serpents, from snakes. All of them (are) harming people. Islam (is) never happy
to leave such a people. But now Islam (is)... only they are looking and Allah Almighty (is)
saying: “O Muslims, keep your positions and I am going to give punishment for those beasts
through themselves.” Through themselves. May Allah forgive us.

O people, listen and understand. Understand and keep the way, ways of Paradises,
ways of Heavens. We have been created for that! Not to be idiots or not to be fool ones, not to
be crazy ones. Islam (is) ordering to its followers: “Keep the ways of Heavens. You should
reach – Huuu! – (the) Mercy of Allah and (His) Blessings, if you are keeping yourself.

O people, don’t follow shaitanic ways! “I am hearing that some young ones after Isha they are
running through streets. I am not happy with that, I am not happy. What I am saying (are the)
Commands of Heavens. Don’t follow Shaitan and shaitanic ways, you should be happy here
and Hereafter. Don’t be enemies to each other. And keep respect for each other and keep what
Allah Almighty (is) giving to you from His endless Mercy Oceans. Be thankful to your Lord
and ask His Forgiveness. It is not true for youngsters to go out after Isha. When they are
going to be clean Salatu-l Isha, then Shaitan (is) saying: “Come and follow me. Come, we are
going to enjoy ourselves with young men, young women!” It is not true. If they are insisting,
(those) that (are) coming here and (they are) not listening (to the) Holy Commands, I have
some... I may use something for them. Then they should be repented. But repenting is no good.

O young ones, keep yourself, because Shaitan (is) running after you! Keep your honour and
keep your respect (for the) holy Commands of Allah Almighty. And keep Allah Almighty’s
Blessings to come on you. If you are not listening, heavenly Blessings (are) leaving you and
(there is) coming on you so many bad situations, (that) whole people living on earth can’t
reach to you, can’t save you, can’t be able to save (you) from that conditions. O young ones,
o young ones! It is honour for you to follow the way of Heavens. But Shaitan (is) so greedy
(jealous), asking young ones to fall into fire, to lose their honours in divinely Presence.

O ones, who (are) coming from far distance! Shaitan (has) shaitanic places, dirty paces, dirty ones
everywhere and this is a clean place and Shaitan (is) always coming to carry away even one of you
and making you to follow him. No, keep your honour, keep your honour. There is young boys and girls,
coming; yes, it is... I am not preventing, who (is) coming. But you must ask what is heavenly Orders
for young ones from children.

Ask, what it is Halal and then you may establish your life and you may be people of Paradise.
First of all prepare yourself that you can carry (the) responsibility for a marriage. You must know it,
then you must ask. If it is okay, (if the) Shariat (is) giving to you a permission, we may do for
you a marriage from both sides agreement. If not, you should be unhappy and you should be thrown into fire.

May Allah forgive us. I am hearing, what (is) happening. And also sometimes I am seeing and
looking what (is) making Shaitan around yourself. I am warning everyone that they should
follow heavenly Orders, not satanic ways. You are young ones, clean ones; live cleanly and
leave Dunya clean and you should be with clean ones (on) the Day of Resurrection.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah. Fatiha.

Lefke, 03.04.2009

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