Maulana Sheikh NazimA warning to the heads of nations: Stop wars and killing!

Destur, ya Rijalallah, Meded! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded!
As-salamu alaikum, o mu’mins and mu’minas, welcome to you! From far distances
you are coming; may Allah bless you and your descendants and ancestors and
forgive me also. We are in need (of) Allah Almighty’s Forgiveness.
And we are saying: A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani r-rajim. We are running
away from Shaitan, because Shaitan, that one, (he) is (the) worst enemy of
mankind. We must run away from him!

And we are saying: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. That is (the) highest honour
that we have been granted from Allah Almighty, to say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani
r-Rahim. Who (is) going to say: Bismillahi r-Rahmanir r-Rahim, (he is) running
to Allah and Allah Almighty (is) sheltering that servant from Shaitan and its
bad actions.

Shaitan, the enemy of mankind, (he is) always running after mankind to call them
on bad ways that everything that Shaitan (is) teaching people, it is against
humanity. And Allah Almighty (is) sending His most beloved and most glorified,
(the) most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammmad sws ... (Here the
Sheikh is standing up)... Ya Sayyidi, Meded! ... (They are) like two poles -
positive and negative. (S.Muhammad sws, the) positive (pole, is) calling people
to Paradise and (Shaitan, the) negative (pole, is) calling people and urging
people to reach to Hells.

And people mostly they are running after Shaitan, because (the) shaitanic
teaching it is suitable for our bad egos. (The) ego (is) like, just like or
similar of (to) Shaitan. Shaitan (is) outside, and (the) ego (is) inside, (and)
both of them (are) against humanity. We have been ordered to fight against
Shaitan and “nafs”, our egos. If we are surrendering to them, they are taking us
to Hells.

And Allah Almighty (was) sending His selected ones from (among) His servants,
whom they are Prophets. (They were) taking Lights from (the) divinely Lights
that Lights Allah (had) granted to His most beloved, most honoured, most
glorified servant S.Muhammad sws. Who (is) running to him, (he is also) taking
from that Lights, divinely Lights, heavenly Lights.

O people! (This is) something, that (is) coming to me to address to you. It is
not only for a handful (of) people, but I am addressing for whole nations.
(And it is) through (all) Holy Books; beginning from (the) Holy Pages that
(were) granted (to) S.Adam - peace be upon him, then to Idris Nabi, then to
Abraham - peace be upon them. Then coming Taura, Taura to S.Musa a.s., and
then... coming Holy Book Taura, Old Testament, and (the) Evangelo, (the) Ingil,
that (it) is (the) New Testament and just (was) given (the) Psalm (to) Daud a.s.
Then, at the end of heavenly Messages, (it) just reached to (the) most honoured
and glorified servant in (the) divinely Presence, that Allah Almighty (is)
granting to him (on) the Day of Resurrection (the) “Maqamu-l Mahmoud”, (the)
highest, highest position, highest station.

Just Allah Almighty (is) making that Station (for) only one through (His)
creatures; through all mankind (he is the) chosen one for that highest, highest
honoured, highest glorified Station “Maqamu-l Mahmoud”. When (it is) going to be
(the) Last Day, Allah Almighty (is) calling: “O Muhammad, o My servant, o My
most beloved one! That highest Station or Stage it is for you only, not anyone
else! Come and stand up on that highest, highest Station, Maqamu-l Mahmoud!“
Salawatu-llah wa salamu alayh!

124.000 Prophets just Allah Almighty (was) sending; beginning from S.Adam pbuh
and (with) the last and highest, (the) most honoured, most glorified Prophet,
the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws, (it was) finishing... Allah Allah...
He is just honoured by his Lord, but now we are living in a time (where) even
Muslims that they are saying: “La ilaha illa-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah sws”,
they are looking and saying, if anyone (is) giving (his) most high respect to
S.Muhammad sws, they are refusing (that), saying: “No, (that is Shirk)” ,
saying: “No”!

(The) honours that (have been) granted from Allah Almighty, all of them, beside
that (, which has been) granted to S.Muhammad sws, (is) going to be as a spot,
but those no mind people they are saying that - if we are respecting the Seal of
Prophets - we are doing partnership. No mind people! What (has been) granted
(to) the Seal of Prophets... at least he is a man that Allah Almighty created
him and granted to him that honour. But so many people from (the) Islamic World
(are) quarrelling with Ahlu-l Sunnah, saying, if we are making that high
respect: “It is not true, (it is) going to be Shirk!”

Oh no mind people! How (it) can be (that) one (man who has been) created by
Allah Almighty (is going) to be His partner? But no mind! They are so ignorant
ones; never understanding anything from the Kalimatu Shahada that Allah Almighty
(is) ordering people to say, to accept and say: “Say: We are witnesses (of) the
Oneness and Unity of Allah Almighty (La ilaha ill-Allah) and then (that) just He
granted among yourself (to) S.Muhammad sws (honour) as His most beloved, most
honoured and glorified servant (Muhammad Rasulullah).” Allah (Almighty is)
saying: “He is My servant!” As much as you can give to him from respect - that
respect (is always) on limits. Besides Allah Almighty’s respect to S.Muhammad
sws, (the) whole creation, what they can give (from) respect to S.Muhammad sws,
it is nothing! But those square-head people they (are) never understanding and
(they are) saying so many wrong things for Ahlu-l Sunnah wa Jamaat.
But we are on power! We are supported by heavenly Powers! We are not fearing
what they are claiming and saying!

They know that there is (a) Hadith (saying) that: (There) may be a person (whom)
you can see in old clothes (and) without shoes and (he has) nothing on his head;
only (there) may be one piece of cloth for downstairs and over (his upper body
there) may be one (piece of cloth) or not. But if that one (is) asking from
Allah Almighty anything, Allah Almighty (is) granting (it to him) just that
time! How we are saying about (the) Prophet, the Seal of Prophets sws, (the)
most beloved one that (the) whole (of) creation (was) created (just) for his

Those people, they are thinking that they can do something. They can’t do
‘something’, they can’t do anything! They are depending (relying) on their
rockets, depending (relying) on their navies or so many bad weapons (that) they
did it, they are saying: “No, we are so so powerful! We are... Never mind, what
you are saying, we can do anything!” You can’t do anything!

One person – (such) as (the) Prophet was describing his outlooking, because
you are looking (to) out(ward) dressings, you are not looking (to) the hearts of
people. That one’s clothes (may be) only two pieces of clothes, you are looking
(to) that, (but) his Creator (is) looking (to) his heart - if he (is) saying for Dunya:
“Don’t turn from East to West, (but) come from West to East”, (it) may come!

I am warning whole people, whom they are trying to bring something against (the)
divinely Laws and Orders! No, you can’t find a way! Any time Allah Almighty may
order to (the) Angel of Death, Archangel Azrail: “Take all of them! (Take their)
souls!” And Archangel Azrail (is) never in need to use weapons or nuclear-heads.
What is that nuclear-heads! On their heads - finishing. (He is) making:
“Huuuuuu...” (and they are) finishing. But they are not believing... and who is
not believing, (there is) no way for them here or Hereafter to be saved.

And we are warning everyone that their intent(ion) is no good. No good! They are
asking to destroy and to kill millions, ten millions, perhaps billions (of)
people with their rockets! I am nothing, but my warning is something! Before
they are using that, we may... (Before they are) going to command to fire, to
send up that rockets, they should die!

You can’t touch, you can’t kill the Children of Adam! Allah Almighty created
them; (He is) not giving to you power and authority to kill innocent people with
your rockets! Iranians, Israelis, East and West people - we are going to prevent
them! Death (will be) reaching (to) them, before they are touching that button!
May Allah forgive us. O people, Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allah Subhana Hu wa
ta’ala, Allah Almighty, no one knows what He is doing, but there is some
divinely Orders’ appearance (Tajalli); that appearance, (if it) is just
reaching, changing everything on earth!

People they are fearing from rockets, coming from Iran. “Uhassir raisahum(?)”
Don’t touch, don’t do, don’t throw! If (you are) not listening, you are going
(to finish), before that rocket (is) reaching you! And don’t think that Heavens
(is) without guardians! That guardians, if (they are) making like this... most
powerful rockets (are finishing)...

I am warning and I am nothing! I am zero, behind one. (But) if I am coming (in)
front of 1, I may do (something), I have power. Now I am zero, on left hand. If
(I am coming on the) right hand, we have power! Like... ten worlds like this, in
one second may take them away, one 0. If two zeros, making more. If three zeros,
making much more. Much more!

You must believe that Allah (is) Qadiru-l mutlak, muqtadirun ‘ala-l itrak (?).
Understanding? Arabs! Arabs (are) fighting, (but) not for Allah! Not for Allah!
Allah (is) never happy (with) who is not fighting for His honour!

If they are moving by shaitanic orders, heavenly Orders (are) saying: “Stop!
Stop it! Keep (your rockets), or we are reaching to you (from) under your feet
or (from) over your heads, (so) you are not knowing, where going your heads from
your legs!” I am fearing from Allah! May Allah forgive me.

I am only (a) warner for whole nations: including Russia, including India,
including China, including America, including Turkey, including Egypt, Libya,
Hejaz - everywhere!

If they are looking through their Holy Books, (they) may understand, what we are
saying; if it is true or wrong. Yes; warning (the) Pope, warning Patriarchs,
warning Rabbis. Stop killing people! Stop wars! And try to be servants of your
Creator! If not, you should be punished!

Common people (are) going to be under shelter, divinely shelter, but the heads
(of nations) should be taken (away) in a second!

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!


Lefke, 06.02.2009

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