Maulana Sheikh NazimEy rahmati bol Padischah...O you Sultan full of blessings...May it rain!

Ey rahmati bol Padischah...O you Sultan full of blessings...May it rain!
The story of the ant and the Prophet Suleiman. When the Prophet crossed the
way of the ant, he heard the ant complaining about his army, that was
killing so many of the ants. The ant said: If I had the power, I would
finish the son of Adam. The Prophet heard it and he smiled and excused him
for talking in this way: He is talking so bravely, because he is with his
wife and he wants to show off. And she likes it.

May Allah keep Shaitan away from us! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim...This is a very strong weapon to bombard Shaitan. He is looking to
hide himself under such bombardement through Audhu... Only he is not giving
up. He says: Maybe it was just a joke. Let us try again. Now he is with his
wife, let us try on her to cause fasad.

When you are with your wife, you are weak, you may be cheated. Adam a.s.
would not have been cheated, but because of Hawa, who was urging him, he
listened a little bit and ate a small piece of the apple... Don't listen to
your wife at home- her complaints and wants and desires are never ending. If
you listen, you get into danger. All problems come, because men are
listening to their wives... Shaitan is not more powerful than us, but because
of our ego we get weak. And Shaitans aim is to bring people away from faith,
sincerity and straightness, and doing goodness. He is trying to make us away
from any good deeds that may bring us closer to Allah.

Our nation has come down to zero and Shaitan is happy... All Hocas have to
wear the sign of Kufr now- the cravatte, and they are not allowed to have a
beard, so they look like women. Even in Europe the priests are not wearing
cravatte, but their special clothes. But they want to finish with us,
because we had the Ottoman Empire. And they took away the Islam. But their
days are counted! Therefore Shaitan and his followers are on alert now and
in a hurry to destroy mankind and especially the Muslims, because they are
against Shaitan. Shaitan is the ennemy of man and he was the reason that
Adam was banned from Paradise and put on earth, the place where you find no
peace or rest.

Once a Mureed of Grandsheikh Sharafudin invited him for a feast...

May his himmet and faiz be with us. You make me not to speak, but with his help I
may speak. Even if I speak, no one is listening...On the straight path peace
comes to the heart. Who is not at peace in my gathering may go somewhere
else. But nowhere in East or West will you find a Sheikh or Alim now who may
make you to be in peace.

Allah made me to travel East and West, I was in
America and Japan, and everywhere they presented Sheikhs and Alims to me.
None of them has the right to open his mouth. Anyone may come who claims to
be authorized- priest or rabbi or anyone. I was in Sri Lanka in a huge
Buddhist temple in Colombo. At the entrance I wanted to take off my shoes,
but they said for you no need. But how? If anyone comes to the mosque you
leave them not to take off the shoes? So I took them off, and they liked it.
One hour I spoke to them about Buddha. There was a professor who was
specialized on Buddha and he was so astonished about the things I was
telling them...

In one conference I met a rabbi who came with his
bodyguards. I asked him: How you say you are a man of God and you rely on
these people to protect you? The next day he came without them...

So anyone may come, president or pope. I will get up on the post-tower in England, or
the Eiffel-tower in Paris and I will say: ,Ya Allah!' and throw myself down.
Anyone may come. I will call the pope to the tower of Pisa and say to him:
If you are true, make this tower to be straight. Then I will say Shahada and
make it straight...I am nothing now, but I have big ones as my support next
to me. Now I can't do anything, I am only talking, but when the permission
and order comes, I will have the power to do... Now I am only talking to
entertain you...

After the dinner the Mureed said to Grandsheikh:' May our gathering not be
empty. Let us make sohbet.' Grandsheikh asked: ,Are you going to speak or
we? If you are, we will listen to you, because really a gathering without
sohbet is like the silence on a cemetery.' Even if two people sit together,
one should speak and the other listen. Then power comes on their being
together. ,Ya Saiydi', said the Mureed, ,in a gathering where you are, I
cannot speak. I know what is your right. Whatever we can say, you passed all
the stations of knowledge. So we will listen to you, because you are over
us. What we can say is like Malayani compared to your words. Let us take
faiz from your words.'

Grandsheikh said: ,So let me ask you something first.
And you must say the truth. Are you listening to your wife at home or she is
listening to you?' ,Ya Saiydi', he said, ,in general she is listening to me,
but sometimes I am also listening to her.' ,Then you cannot listen to us',
Grandsheikh replied, ,Even Adam listened only once to his wife and in that
moment he didn't listen to Allah. He was Safiyullah, a prophet, and even he
didn't listen to Allah. So who am I and who are you that you may listen to

What I am saying, the women will not like. But who is my Mureed will
listen to me and not to his ego. The nature of women is such. But the man
looks to the words of Allah and His Prophet sws. If you look to your wife,
your ego gets involved and raises its head. If you listen to Allah, the ego
is down. So be kind and lenient towards your wives. They are created from a
bent rib, and if you try to straighten them, they will break... It is
difficult to be a man. Therefore we have all these problems in the families,
among neighbours, and friends, because the men listen to the women.

You must consult with your Sheikh if there is any problem. This is important. If you
do what I am saying we will all be like fish in the ocean. Shaitan is too
happy if he can make fitna between husband and wife and between friends. And
he will destroy mankind.

Today after Ishrak I went to rest and I was pulling the blanket over me
because of the cold. I was remembering the pictures that I saw on television
the night before: children in Afghanistan, hungry and freezing, having
nothing. I was asking for them and at the same time I was thanking for what
I have. Then through the direct line that I have to Grandsheikh an answer
was coming: ,O Nazim Effendi, why is all this coming on the people? It is
because they were following bad ones'.

You may understand or not. They run after Shaitan who writes: Follow me, and
all governments and presidents, all people listen to him and follow him. And
he leads them into misfortune. Billions of people will die. Allah is saying:
,Kunu ma'a sadiqien', Be with the true ones. But nobody is

'Allah is the Ruler and His decision is made. He has spoken, so don't say anything'...

O Allah, we trust in You. Let us be from those who follow Your Prophet. Send
us Your spiritually powerful servant..

Lefke, 08.12.2001

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