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(Dt. SultansEinladung)

For the sake of Allah's (swt) order, Islam... To keep & show the living signs of Islam we are starting a visit to Umm Hiram (Hala Sultan) Bint Milhan (ra). May Allah (swt) grant her all the best. She is a sahaba of the Prophet (saws). May Allah (swt) bless her grants & her honour, lights & happiness. This is for the occasion of Laylatul Mi'raj. According to old traditions, for the sake of the blessed holy night, to host an invitation at the Maqam of Umm Hiram Bint Milhan (ra). May Allah (swt) grant her all goodness. May Allah (swt) grant us ease & accept from us. Bi Jahi Man Anzalta Aleyhi Surat Al Fatiha. Dastur.... Dastur Ya Ummana, Umm Hiram Bint Milhan. Masha'Allah! Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Salam aleikum... Salam aleikum, put this on the Maqam Umm Hiram Bint Milhan Hz.

G.S.: Insha'Allah, insha'Allah...
M: It is your wazifa/duty to do this, insha'Allah.
G.S.:Al Hamdulillah Ya Sayyidi.
M: Make dua on me. Good! Take care of the duty at Sayyidatina (Umm Hiram). Complete the duty there insha'Allah. Implore her (ra) to look to me so I can get better & walk on my feet. Fatiha for her. recite Salawat. Salam aleikum. Fatiha. Fatiha. Insha'Allah you go in goodness & come back safely. Tamam, help them. Masha'Allah be careful. Allahu Akbar! Masha'Allah Allahumma Zidna wa la Tukallil & may Allah accept our work & Islam may spread more. This is our intention. Masha'Allah, masha'Allah, Masha'Allah! Allahumma Zidna wa la Tukallil May Allah (swt) accept our work & may Islam spread more. This is our intention. Masha'Allah, masha'Allah, Salam aleykum, Fatiha.

Green Shaykh dua: One thing we ask you for is insha'Allah to put your holy hand on the chest of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, to put your holy hand on the back of Shaykh Mawlana Al Haqqani, to put your holy hand on Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani, and please raise your hands of love & care & blessing & protection to taking care of him & to help him and support him to continue his mission until the appearing of Imam Mahdi (as). And we asking you for a present how Allah (swt) giving long life for Al Khidr (as) to the Day until the Day of Judgement, We are asking you so you ask Allah (swt) and we ask Allah (swt) & who represents, to give life for Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani until the Day of Judgement. Until this life on this earth finishes & to be living all his life with us healthy, holy & ruling & happy man of Allah (swt). As you know him always with us Al Hamdulillah! Sirri Surat Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 16.06.2012

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