Maulana Sheikh NazimSurrender to Truth

Our Tariqat is based on associations with the sheik. When you are with him, come into him, melt within his reality and join him in unity. Through that unity you are in unity with the Prophet* which will lead you to the Unity Oceans of Allah the Almighty. You will leave your own personality and accept to be nothing.

That is the real sufi method. But in our days everything is misunderstood. People think that when they come to tariqats they have to show themselves more and more, become bigger and bigger and get more and more power. They think that they have to prove themselves. The most distinguished Naqshbandi Order wants to take all that away and make you understand that you are nothing.

A hundred years ago no one of you was present, and in a hundred years you will also not be here. It means we are nothing. Between those two periods of being nothing you also have to accept that you are nothing. Accept this reality. Don't live in imagination.

Your ego doesn't want to disappear in the Unity Ocean of Allah. One drop comes from the sky, when it reaches the ocean it is finished and you will not be able to find it because it became part of the ocean. Even though it disappeared, it will continue to exist in the Unity Ocean of Allah. The biggest challenge for humans is to accept that they are nothing. They insist on being something. This is why they are quarrelling continuously until they are completely worn out.

The batteries of a tape recorder will be finished one day and thrown away. You have also been given a battery for your physical body. It helps you to be seen in this existence. Those who can reach real Heavenly Power before they die are the real lucky ones. They will never be dust in their tombs, like all prophets and all holy people never turn to dust. Their bodies are as if they were alive, even their blood is circulating.

This is why Allah has sent Heavenly Beings to be amongst people. All prophets and their inheritors have reached Heavenly Power Stations and are offering people such connections. If anyone does, they have to pay. That which you say belongs to you. You might say, "I will give everything except my soul!" But no, you have to give your soul too! When the power within your soul has been arranged, I will put it back.

The Angel Gibril came to Muhammad* when he was around 7 years old and cut him open. He arranged everything and then left. This was repeated during the Night Journey.

It is an example for everyone who wants to reach real power from Heavens. They must be operated in their hearts. Not the operation of a surgeon, but a heavenly one. Every inheritor of Muhammad* needs such an operation. Everyone who has had this done, can then do it to others.

These are very rare people. If you ask for them, you will reach them. It will be a bit difficult for common people, but everyone is welcome who asks for it.

There was someone called Haji Bayram Wali, a grand sheikh. The Sultan had promised him that he would not take any of his murids to serve in the army. Everyone was eager to become his murid. One day the Sultan wanted to put together an army and asked for soldiers. But everyone was telling him that they were murids of the sheikh and did not have to come. So the Sultan sent a message to the sheik asking him what was the meaning of all this: the enemy was ready to attack, but he could not find any soldier to defend the country. The sheik told him not to worry, he was preparing a big army for him.

He placed two tents on a hill and told his murids that everyone should be present. When everyone had arrived the sheik came out of his tent and said, "I have been ordered to sacrifice my murids for the sake of Allah. Whoever is ready to sacrifice his soul, come and surrender to me!"

His murids looked at him in shock, thinking he had lost his mind. They could not believe what they were hearing. Only one person jumped through the crowds and said, "I am willing to sacrifice my soul for the sake of Allah. Take me, cut me, burn me! My soul is in your hands!" Two people with swords took him to the second tent where he was prepared: his feet were tied together and he was placed on a table.

The people outside could only see his tied feet sticking out of the tent. Then, inside the tent they took a sheep and cut off its head. The blood was running out of the tent in a stream and people were horrified, thinking it was the murid. They started to run away while the sheikh was asking if anyone else was ready. Only one woman came and offered her soul to him, no one else.

The grandsheik then wrote a letter to the Sultan telling him that he only has one and a half murid, and that the Sultan was free to take the rest into his army.

This is what it means to surrender to a sheik, to a prophet and to Allah. When you have no more existence Allah will dress you with your real body, with your real existence which will last forever. Haqqani!

If you come in front of the grand Sultan with clothes which are not good enough and the Sultan offers to dress you, will you be happy? Allah just wants you to give Him your imitated existence to be able to dress you with your Heavenly Clothes, but people are refusing.

If your ego does not surrender, you will not reach anything. People are very afraid to surrender, even though that is the meaning of being a Muslim. Europeans tremble at the thought. But if you don't surrender to your surgeon, what can he do for you? They want to reach Heavens, but they don't surrender. They want to fly without having to get on board the plane. That is the mind of Europeans. They do not want to surrender. Surrender to your surgeon!


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