Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Sweetness of Life reversed

It has been granted to the Umma-tul-Muhammad* that if something is difficult, beyond their capacity, power or ability, and they feel weak, to use the Holy Words, "La haula wa la quata ila biLlah ilathi lathim". These are Sacred Words. If someone is saying this out of their heart, they can move mountains and continents. That is how big the power is. Use it 100 times everyday! If there is something you are unable to carry, say, "BismiLlahi rahmani rahim, la haula wa la quata ila biLlah ilathi lathim." and you will be able to carry it.

Life of man in these days is very heavy. It is most difficult. Never before has there been such a hard time for mankind. Technology has reached the top point. Machines are doing everything man used to. In spite of all inventions and instruments which have been made to ease the life of man in his everyday life, he has more problems than ever.

The physical body is now at rest, but spiritually people are falling apart and suffering. If someone is spiritually restless, their life will be like in hell. What help can all the machines be to him, if he has no satisfaction within himself? What can a car, ship, plane, TV or computer give me, if I am not at peace? Nothing! Billions in money, gold or jewels... What can it give me? If a lady becomes ill and is told that she has cancer, do you think that technology will take away her sadness? If all the jewels in the world were given to her, she would still not be happy.

The 20th century is the most difficult time for mankind, even though we can do everything by just pressing a button. We have no taste of life. The taste of life comes from faith. When someone has lost that, there will be no taste. For example tea: you can drink it, but without sugar, it will be tasteless. If you add sugar it will get taste.

People are taking away faith from their life. So how do they expect a sweet life? Instead of putting sugar into it, they are adding poison, making it bitter, a bad bitterness. They are not using the honey of faith. They have either lost it or thrown it away, saying that it is useless. Instead they take poison. This is why it is the most difficult time for mankind since the beginning of time.

Last night people were running until morning to find the sweetness of life. Do you think they found it? They want it so much, but they cannot reach it even though they run through the streets, into night-clubs, discos, theatres, cinemas, casinos... Don't think that they are tasting anything. All they are doing is getting the taste of poison. Don't be cheated by their clothes, jewels, cars, business, wealth, ranks, palaces, private lives, or the fact that they are so successful with young girls. There are so many things which can be added to the list of poisons. From the outside your ego might tell you that these people are tasting the taste of life, but they would love to get out. They just don't know how to do it. This is what Muhammad* was saying about the Anti-Christ, "He will demonstrate Paradise and hell. That which looks like Paradise will be hell, and his hell is in reality Paradise."

All these things; night-clubs, discos, bars, casinos, theatres, operas... are what the 30 small Anti-Christs are organising before the big Anti-Christ comes. They have given their worst to mankind by giving them this kind of life-style. They have formed a group of Anti-Christs who are above other people. These are the ones who are arranging the life-style of the young people. They are the ones programming the life of mankind now. All this has been programmed. They say, "If you pass through our programme, you will be in Paradise!".

Look at the life-style of the young ones everywhere! The Anti-Christ is dictating everyone; how they should live, what they should use, how to cook, how to eat, how to deal... everything has been programmed by the Anti-Christ. They are calling this paradise. In the universities everything is being programmed for them. Can you find anyone there with good behaviour? People are being turned into wild animals, planned by the Anti-Christ. "You must walk like this! You must do this! In your homes do this!"

Buildings, decorations, houses, clothes... everything must be programmed by them. "Don't eat all together! Eat like dogs: just take a bone and run away!" It is programmed and ordered. Everything is organised and programmed by the Anti-Christ, telling you that this is Paradise. "Oh people, your Paradise is here! If you talk to young people about Paradise and hell, they will tell you that is here. That if you have money you are in Paradise, and if you have no money, in hell. That is their life philosophy. This is a greater fitna than ever before. These Anti-Christs couldn't enter the homes of the 19th century, even though they started. Now they have invaded every place; the streets, the homes. They are programming and people are following.

La haula wa la quata ila biLlah ilathi lathim. This is why a believer must say this sentence a 100 times everyday to be able to carry the heavy burden of this life. Blessed are those who follow the Programme of Allah the Almighty. He is programming our lives, but we are refusing. Instead satan and the Anti-Christ program our life-style. We are running to them, leaving the life-style of Allah behind.

Do you think there is any hope for people like that? They must be taken away. If a tree is dry it has to be cut. In the same way: if an olive is dry and no good, it has to be thrown away. When it has been removed, the rest can grow again. All of these evil people have to go. Out of 7 people, 6 will go. You must run to Allah! Whatever He has programmed for you, do it! We must change our life and use His Programme everywhere. "La haula wa la quata ila biLlah ilathi lathim."


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