The Constitution

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, how many statements are being said about what is happening & what
happened in the Muslim world? May Allah forgive the Muslims and especially the heedless ones.
May Allah (swt) correct our situations. I am a weak servant. You visited us to honour us, may
Allah (swt) reward you with the best of rewards. They came from the city of Beirut, May Allah
(swt) protect it with Your baraka. Subhana Allah Al 'Aliyi Al Azim.

We are living in the hardest days but it is possible that they will become harder and harder &
harder, because we have reached the time of the tyrants. Therefore in order to correct all the
matters in the Muslim world, it must be with Sahib Al Zaman Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). O servants
of The Lord, enter, act, and follow the words, the words of Al Haqq. Allah (swt) is our Lord and
Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) His Beloved, and His Prophet, the chosen one from the worlds
whom Allah (swt) honoured by asking him to step with his (saws) honourable foot on The Throne
of Allah (swt). We are following the Prophet of the end of times, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) &
his nation. May Allah grant him more praise, honour, Divine Lights and joy.

There are no excuses for the Muslims who are claiming that they are Muslims while they left
following and obedience to the Prophet (saws). Allah (jwa) said "Wa A`tasimu Bihabli Allahi
Jami`an Wa La Tafarraqu" (3:103). Especially you O Arabs! Is this Arabic or Turkish? "And
hold fast to the rope of Allah..." What do you understand "of the rope of Allah"? The Quran is
the Mighty rope of Allah (swt) sent from Heavens to earth, to a Prophet (saws) to whom nothing
is similar, not here nor in other places, The Beloved of Allah (swt) Salla Allahu Aleihy wa Sallim,
Sayidina Muhammad. He (swt) sent him (saws) The Holy Quran in an eloquent Arabic language.
And Al Haqq (swt) says "And hold fast to the rope of Allah (swt) all of you together & do not be
divided" (3:103) I am sorry about the understanding of the Muslim nation, especially the Arabs,
the Arab people, about the words "And hold fast to the rope of Allah.." (3:103)

The Mighty Rope of Allah is the Holy Quran. "And do not be divided" (3:103) What are we
doing? The opposite. What Allah (swt) says we are going against it, we are making the opposite.
Allah (swt) promised "I am with you as long as you are holding onto to My Book, following My
Prophet (saws). I sent him from above the 7 Heavens to correct you and prepare you... prepare
you to have white faces so you may enter Paradise. You... you have darkened your
faces...... Their faces were white, the Muslim people. The others their faces are dark. The
Muslims their faces are enlightened. And I am sorry that the Ummah Muhammadiya in our
times now, we are doing the opposite.

"Your actions are what you will reap, they will come upon you.... from every direction. O
servants of The Lord, I am a weak servant.. an ordinary weak servant. I am very sorry about
what happened in the Muslim world, and in the Muslim Religion. Islam is enlightened & white,
no doubt about it. Islam, with Islam the honor of the children of Adam goes up. And going
against it their honour goes down. O servants of The Lord, Subhana Allah! "Recompense is
according to the action." You don't listen to the word of Allah (swt)? Let them eat one another.

Let them be happy! The Muslims that they are just called Muslims. I am sorry that they run after
the constitution...constitution. We are asking the scholars of Egypt & the rest of them, what
constitution? What constitution are you asking about? A constitution... The highest constitution is
the constitution of Al Haqq, He (swt) sent it to His Beloved for you. The highest constitution is
the constitution of Islam. The highest constitution is the constitution Sharia Muhammadiya....
Sharia Muhammadiya, is there a higher constitution?

People are looking for a constitution? This is, this means dishonour dishonour! People are
looking and want to compile a constitution. The highest constitution that Al Haqq (swt) sent is
the constitution of the Shariat Allahu Muhammadiya. About what constitution are you asking?
You are Muslims or of what religion? You are asking for a constitution? "We want to make a
constitution!" What gives you the right? Do you have this right to make a constitution? And Allah
(swt) sent His Sharia Muhammadiya for it to be a perfect constitution for all humankind; so their
faces may be whitened in their life here & in the Hereafter. O people! Are you Muslims or are
you of another religion? You changed your religion. You became, you raised or you left the
Sharia Muhammadiya that is sent from Allah (swt) and you claim that you want to make a
constitution? What rights do you have? Who gave you this authority & right for you to make a
constitution? Allah (swt) will punish them & darken their faces. May Allah (swt) darken their faces
in this world & in the Hereafter! All this corruption is from them. They are the tyrants, that "after
the Kings... "after the kings will come tyrants" (Hadith) These are the tyrants that think they are
something "we will make a constitution."

Muslims only have the constitution of Al Haqq (swt), The Holy Quran, the Shariat-ullah
Muhammadiya. It is written & documented up to now, the Islamic constitution, in the libraries.
They are full with the constitution of Shariat Al Islam. And the last one of them is called the
"Majalla" which was written & documented and with it the Ottoman Sultans ruled. O servants of
The Lord consider what has been sent to my heart, Subhana Allah! With the mighty Sharia, O
servants of The Lord, one man alone, Sultan Abdul Hamid, may Paradise be his abode, he alone
ruled a kingdom 10 million square kilometers alone, by himself. And did not let the people be in
need of anything. He ruled for 40 years with the Sharia and the people's pockets were full of gold.
Then these devils 'jon Turk', these devils nonbelievers, Europe, they did not find any way except
by taking down a Sultan so they might rule the Muslim land. O people consider, one man by
himself with no parliament or constitution, alone, by himself, for 40 years he ruled and he
showed the justice of Islam, the honour of Islam. And in any meeting in Europe first was
mentioned the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Sultanate.

He was alone by himself. How many people are you? What is your value now in the eyes of the
Europeans, nonbelievers? That was a man, by himself who ruled 10 million square kilometers,
lands with the Islamic law & the pockets of people were full of gold. They were paid monthly
salaries with gold. Hamidi or Rashad gold, or Mahmoudi and Majidi with gold. Even if they put
it on top of their heads & walked in the streets no one would ever dare to take it, out of fear.
Allah (swt) Jalla Jalalu dressed him with the glory of Islam. The glory of Islam, not one person
would dare to go beyond his limit. That's it.

So pay attention O people who are claiming to be able to make a constitution. Let them do it.
You cannot rule not even one street. They ruled from the middle of Europe all the way to Saudi
Arabia, to Yemen and all these states, princes, Emirates used to fear. They were not raising their
heads, no Iranians, no Russians or Europe. They used to kiss the hand of Sultan Abdul Hamid
when they went to him. He by himself ruled. What happened now Bahauddin? Dishonoured,
dishonoured, they are eating one another. This is...what Allah (swt) ordered them to be like?
"And after the kings will come tyrants" (hadith). These are the tyrants claiming that "we are the
Arabs. We are the Turks. We are the Iranians." Come to the open field. Show your manhood O
Arabs! Show it! You are men, show it, show us! There are 200 million Arabs show us. The
Muslim world is 2 milliards. Show your manhood. Let one man rule like Sultan Abdul Hamid.

They betrayed him and they took him down from his throne. He did not object. "As you like" he
said. And they took him from Istambul to Thessaloniki. He went down from the train and people
were calling to him "Hamid ombashi" these jon Turk, jon Turk "Hamid ombashi" (lowest army
rank name). He took one of his handkerchiefs and tore it in pieces and prayed against them
"insha'Allah you shall be like this!" I am an old man but Allah (swt) granted me a secret to speak
to you. Those people, by the order of The Lord of Heavens & by order of His Beloved, because I
am nothing I am nothing. It is not out of learning that I am speaking. I am speaking to you O
Muslims, O Muslim world I speak to you words that are factual & true. JonTurk claimed "we are
the Turks" and the Arab people also claimed "we are the Arabs". And the Prophet (saws)
prohibited nationalism. Nationalism he cursed it!

A handful of people they dishonoured the whole Muslim world. A handful of people. They were
happy with the ruling of Sultan Abdul Hamid, they were obeying him. Then came French the
English came, the Russians came and divided them into pieces and there was no value to them
anymore. Finished! If Allah (swt) put down a servant, no one can raise him. O Arabs! Inspirations
that come to my heart from these groups, they inspired me.. As a result, still the Egyptians they
are looking for a constitution. Constitution? What constitution after the Sharia Muhammadiya?
Is it not enough for you? What rights were taken from you? Your rights are all protected under
the Sharia Muhammadiya. It is not unjust.

All the world is looking for one person with a mind, who can solve all these problems. You put
down one Sultan who was empowered to solve all the problems between the nations, between
people.. He was able to give the rights to every person. And first of all Islam says "Give to
everyone their due rights." (Hadith) Finish! Where are you? "Give to everyone their due rights."
Where is any Emir, any King, any President to give everyone their due rights? This is for the
servants of The Lord. Allah (swt) will punish them, and the people of Heavens curse them, these
cursed ones.. such people.

O servants of Allah (swt) wake up! Wake up! Be from the people of Haqq, gather and say "we are
a group, we are people who accept the rights of all people. We want to "give everyone their due
rights." For sure a group must show up to claim "we are a group who wants to give to everyone
their due rights." (Hadith) While the people have now stood up & claimed "we have rights!" And
all of them are claiming & tearing one another saying "we will give you rights." You cannot grant
anyone rights. Haqq, is what Allah (awj) decided & ordered, keeping it as a trust of Heavens on

Allah (jj) Jallat 'Azamatuhu wa La Ilaha Ghairahu. O Master of beginning & end, "appoint for us
a king, so we may fight in Allah's way" (2:246). Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq. Playing & dancing it's
all we can do because people have now all stood up against each other. Is this what Islam orders?
"And hold fast to the rope of Allah.."(3:103) You became, O people you became dishonoured
among people, among the worst of people. Where are your kings? Their manners are royal
manners. These other ones are like gypsies, really like gypsies pulling the feathers from the
chicken wings. O nation of the Beloved, how can you be happy with these people! They will
bring you a new constitution. I am sorry for the people of Egypt. And they call themselves "the
Muslim Brotherhood" and they want to bring something against the Muslim constitution.

Allah (swt), the people of Haqiqa say Allahu Naziri/ Allah is looking at me Allahu Ma'yi'/ Allah
is with me. looking at me Allahu is with me & looking at me. Our Lord looks & sees.
Looking & Allah is with me. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah, tawba Ya Rabb. Allah, Allah is with me. Allahu
is looking at me, Allahumma Fa 'Afu 'anna wa Aghfirlana, wa Arhamna Ya Rabbi...for the sake
of Your Beloved send us Sahib, send us a Sultan. Allah (swt) does not tell stories in The Holy
Quran except to teach the nation of the Beloved. He (jmq) says... "And they asked their
Prophet," the children of Israel, "When they said to a Prophet of theirs "Appoint for us a king"
(2:246) they did not say send us a president. The children of Israel asked their Prophet (as), "ask
your Lord to appoint for us a king so we may fight in Allah's way"(2:246) Other than a King, is
not on the path of Allah (swt). You are Arabs, don't you understand The Holy Quran? You don't
understand! What is this? O dishonoured ones! Allah (swt) will punish them with the worst
punishment of their life in this world and their faces will darken. In the Hereafter the harshest
punishment is on them.

May Allah (swt) protect us from the evil of devils. O people! Be wise. Allah (swt) does not tell
stories. He (jmq) says Subhana Hu wa Ta'ala. "One of the ants said, O ants enter your dwellings
lest Sulaiman and his hosts crush you, while they perceive not." (27:18) O Arabs, don't you
understand? Allah(swt) says, "Ya Ma`shara Al-Jinni Wa Al-'Insi Ini Astata`tum 'An Tanfudhu
Min Aqtari As-Samawati Wal Ardi Fanfudhu La Tanfudhuna Illa Bisultanin"(55:33) Where is
the Sultan?

I am sorry O my Lord! Tawba Ya Rabbi...tawba O Ummah, come back. One person can solve
all the problems. Allah (swt) He is Muqallib Al Qulub (turner of the hearts) "give to everyone
their due rights" you will be in peace. Otherwise if you insist, "O ants, enter your dwellings."

Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi,
tawba astaghfirullah. O Lord "send us a king so we may fight in Your way" (2:246) You know
best our situation. For the sake of Your Beloved Al Mustafa. Support, support O my Lord, for
the sake of Your Beloved Al Mustafa. Reach Your weak poor servants. We don't know what to

Tawba Ya Rabbi. Forgive me O Muslims. If I made a mistake forgive me. I speak but I do not
think that the words spoken now are of no value or need forgiveness. These words are words of
Haqq. O Allah!!! We want the army of Al Haqq, their swords to reach from East to West. And
the Prophet (saws) his sword from the Throne to everywhere. Glorify your Prophet (saws) you
will be successful in your life here and in your Hereafter, O servants of The Lord! Fatiha.
May Allah protect you. May Allah (swt) be with you. This is enough for you. For this you came,
insha'Allah you are supported...

Lefke, 29.09.2012

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