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**To All Those Not Fasting Ramadan**

There is no end to Allah's grants and generosity. He says: Ask from it, but foolish people don't ask from it.
Allah Jalla JalaluHu, home of grants and generosity. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Ilaha
illa Allah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al Hamd.

Thanks to Allah Who created us from non existence and informed us of His Being, Allah who accepted us
for His servanthood, Jalla JallaluHu. Jalla wa AzamataHu SubhanaHu, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah wa ssalatu
wa s-salam ala Sayyidil awwalin wal akhirin The Beloved (sas) of the Lord of Heavens endless salats
and salams to him. The whole universe was created for his honour. You must know this, learn this, or else
you will be finished. May Allah not make us from those who will be finished.

Audhu Billahi min ash shaytanir rajim Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim, As-salam Aleikum O good servants
of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah! O Lord, don't deprive us of the Heavenly glance of Your good servants.
They are Your sincere servants. Don't separate from their heavenly glance - keep us under their eyes.
Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al Hamd. As-salam Aleikum, servants of Allah, the servants of Allah. There is no
one who is not the servant of Allah. Asta'izu billah, "Hal Min Khaliqin Ghayru Allahi"(35:3) is it not the
Holy verse? "Is there any creator other than Allah?" (35:3) No, there is not!

Marhaban, welcome! Don't listen to us! Listen to the One who makes me speak, not who speaks, that you
may take something. We also, want to get some benefit from what is said, with your barakah Ya ibad
Allah, O servants of Allah. The biggest honour for us, is to be servants of Allah. Even if you owned the
whole world, O Laz nation, who claim: "there is no one who keeps Islam better than we do. We are
keeping Islam firmly." Ok, we will see. It will be seen on the Day of Judgment, who says the truth and who
went into false/wrong ways. Who is on the true way, who knows His Lord, and who respects his Lord's

O Laz nation, what is that in your mouth? What is that thing you put in your mouth? What do they call it
in your Laz accent? tobacco. Tobacco.. What benefit does it have?What benefit does smoking tobacco
gives you? If it was obligatory or Sunnah you wouldn't put in in your mouth, but shaytan says: smoke
tobacco, cigarettes, O you who are my followers. It is the sign, showing that you follow me (shaytan) that
you smoke tobacco! Smoking tobacco gives you two kinds of benefits, first one is, the person who smokes
tobacco declares that: I am from those who keep the order of shaytan!

Is there such an order, O people of the Black Sea? You give for it, everyday, tons of money. For what?
"Sheikh Effendi, it is our tradition, custom, that we smoke tobacco..." don't say tobacco... say
cigarette..what do they call it? cigarette/cigara. Look, here verifies it; cigarette. smoking cigarette... It is a
sign that we enter the state of manhood. When girls look at us, they say: he has become a man! What was
he before? Donkey...? Because he was a donkey, it was not showing that he is a man. Now we have left the
donkey state and have become men. What is its sign? What kind of sign does it have? He smokes tobacco,
it means he entered the state of manhood. For showing off in the street, they call it swagger as well as
posing. He lights it and puts it in his mouth. What happened? He became a man. No you haven't become a
man, you became a donkey for shaytan!

If you put tobacco in a donkey's mouth, it says "hom hum" and doesn't accept it. Then, how can you put it
in your mouth as a man, O Laz people? Ad-dinu n-nasiha/religion is advice, said our Prophet. "Religion
advises people." "For what does it advise, ya Hu?" Advice is for the good or for the bad of people? Advice
is for the good of people. Now our people kick with both legs, like black donkeys, saying: "How can you
forbid us, how can you forbid it? we have reached maturity and the state of our manhood will be proven
with it, therefore we smoke it!" And I make bad dua, "may you not have any manhood left" since you are
deriving your manhood from it. May your power of manhood drop one level each time you smoke, and
you are left like this.

Religion is advice. Listen! Starting with the president and going down from him, this is an advice to people
of all levels. Why are you smoking this cigarette? "To show that we have reached the state of manhood".
Masha Allah, what a measure! This is the measure of shaytan. When you consider yourself something by
smoking, you become the servant of shaytan. shaytan who made these nations slaves, captives to himself.
Do you know by which way he did this? With cigarettes/smoking! shaytan made people slaves to himself
with these cigarettes. If there was an order coming from Heavens, ordering to smoke, all people would
arise: "How can this be? They order a harmful thing! This is not religion". They would stand against it. But
the order of Heavens is, "Don't smoke. It belongs to shaytan. shaytan ties you with it, therefore quit
smoking". If you say this, they say: "You can't interfere with us!" If you want to live according to your
pleasures, go and live in the jungle. Don't live in the cities, there must be order in the cities.

"S.Effendi we don't have such a thing. We are free & live in times of freedom. We smoke in the cities,
mountains as well, and sometimes we throw the stubs without extinguishing, mountains and other places
burn down. These people should be hanged upside down until they die. Ramadan Shariff! "We can't stand
not smoking. Maybe we can stand not eating and drinking but we can't stop this! We can stay without
eating and drinking, but we can't stand if we don't smoke this tobacco.." la hawla wa la quwwata.. How is it
you can't do without it? You consider yourself a man, or you think yourself a four-legged donkey with a
halter on his neck? Why you can't stand it? If we were not able to take it, our Creator wouldn't order us to

Now, marhaban.. Listen, listen to what is being said. Listen, or regret in your last breath. It does not give
you any benefit. O Laz people, Laz Muslims! O Muslims who live in the lands of Turkey, O people, living
in east and west, today is a holy day of Ramadan. The characteristic of Ramadan is to fast in the daytime
and to make prostration/sajda for Allah at night time. But you don't do it. You are free! "Faman Sha'a
Falyu'min Wa Man Sha'a Fal'yakfur" (18:29) Allah Almighty ordered: O My Beloved, whosoever wills, let
him believe, and whosoever wills, let him disbelieve. Don't feel sorry for them. You will get your children to
get addicted, O Laz Muslims,then the other Muslims, Kurdish Muslims, Turkish Muslims, Arab Muslims,
Albanian Muslims, Circassian Muslims, Chechen Muslims, all of us are servants of Allah. If we are servants
of Allah, then you will keep the order of Allah. But you don't keep it, you don't keep it!

If I tell you, those who don't fast there will be a scorpion in their bed. The scorpion will sting, it will sting
and poison. If I say this he won't sleep all night. Does he sleep? If I say "a scorpion will come and sting you"
he can't sleep with this waswasa-suspicion. All night he shakes out his pyjamas, he shakes out his bed,
shakes out his sheet, blanket. He looks up, down.. Such a waswasa/suspicion comes on him, he forgets
about sleep.. Look, you are afraid of this. Ok, a person who does not fast, he can catch such an illness, not
from outside but inside his stomach a scorpion comes into existence. It starts stinging his stomach. Doctors
look and see that there is something walking in his stomach. What is this? We may look. They look at it
and see that, inside his stomach, there is a strange creature. When it stings, the man cries with pain! You be
careful, don't go too far! If you go too far, they put a scorpion in your stomach from the unseen side, or a
centipede, or such an insect that when it bites you cry so loud that the whole hospital echoes with it. You
can't calm down with pills. You find no comfort in medicine. Does He do this? If He wants, He does it,
Allah ZulJalal.

Hospitals are full of patients with "unknown illnesses". People fill the hospitals. Doctors say: "We haven't
seen such a thing. We haven't diagnosed such an illness. We look at it but it can't be seen." What is that
thing called, they put it to see? MRI They put the patient in it and look. We put him in it but still can't see.
But this man keeps moaning and bellowing.. You were acting like rebels against the order of Allah
Almighty. You were very stubborn, now doctors can't find a remedy for you. He released such a thing into
your body, like inside Nimrod's head, such a small, crippled mosquito entered. Nimrod would say: "I am
the Lord of earth!" He would say: "I am the Lord of Earth," hasha! He fought with Prophet Abraham. He
said: "Your Lord rules the Heavens, but I am the Lord on earth!"

O Laz people, who is left now that does not follow Nimrod's way? Tell me! Whoever has 5 cents in his
pocket, or - there are famous cars - those who drive these famous cars.. I see in this shaytan's box (TV), that
in some places some VIP men come with cars, and you can't get closer than 5 meters to these cars. All of
them shine, shine brightly, glitter. The new cars, someone sits in it. Who is this person? This is that one.
Another one comes after him. They open the door for him and salute him. He passes on. Who is that one?
Some other one. Ok! What are you doing? Mufti of Istanbul, listen to these things. I think you also have
such a car, but yours is not that much. There are more shiny ones. There are a lot of people now who say,
"I am the Lord of earth". While such people are around, your car is no good! But you also, get out of the
car with pride. They greet you at the door too. They let you in...Ok, now I am thinking as well. All kinds of
memories sometimes come to people... Are you sleeping?

Now, I am saying, inside such a show off. Nimrod said:" I am the Lord of earth." Poor, there
are a lot of people who consider themselves as the "Lord of earth". The cars they drive, he didn't see in his
life, not even in his dreams... So, Mufti Effendi, I may say something now, these people... they don't say it,
shaytan does not make them say "I am like Nimrod" but it whispers to them inside: "you are number one".
In old times, there was an invitation, one man was invited to iftar/break fast. The sultan of that time
invited all the wealthy ones, high officials in the army and scholars. He also invited from the scholars, and
now... they kiss the skirt of each one coming. They go inside and one person who is a sharp,
open-eyed one, he went close. He saw that following one another, they go in. He said: I may wait for one
of these at the door, and ask: who sits in the front line, in the seat of honor in this meeting? "O foolish one,
did you think that I am an easy one? I am the one who sits in the front line in this meeting! He asked to the
second one coming, the third one, all of them.. who sits in the "sadr", seat of honor? He said: " poor one, I
don't know anyone else, it belongs to me". Now, if we asked those who come with these shiny, glittering
cars, that are the newest fashion, latest technology: who is the one in this meeting, who is worthy of sitting
in the "sadr" in the seat of honor? Who is that one? If they asked this, "Hey you! Don't you know that it
belongs to us? Even so, our seats are first class. Get out from here. Go!" Now, people are caught in the
madness of "greatness, importance." Everybody says: I am! I say Ok, all of them sit there. Soldiers,
businessmen, scholars, scientists all of them took their seats. Mufti Effendi, listen to this and advise people.

Awliya Chelebi says, he is an interesting one as well, may Allah makes his abode in the paradise of Firdaus,
he said a story. What did he say? it is a bit rough, but no harm, Laz may laugh a bit. Also with Laz people,
geese, along with geese, ducks. I am saying that all of them may laugh. Now, in an old time, there was a
darwish. He was traveling with his coconut cup, to collect money from people. He saw a shop there, a
shop, now they don't call it shop.. (dukkan in old Turkish). What is it called? Store. He saw a store that had
everything. He said "I may go inside and maybe I can get something from there." He went in and saw
honey in the store. Poor darwish put his finger in it to lick, all of a sudden, he was hit ... He got confused
and the honey was spread all over his face. He left the store making bad dua.

What made him upset and say bad dua? He made a bad dua and said: whoever licks from this honey even
a finger, may he fart. Now, whoever eats this honey, they fart. The people of the town got confused and
asked: "where is the owner of this shop?" One man said: "It is me." They asked "what kind of a honey is
this? Did you read on this honey? When we put it in our mouths, from the other place "brtt" fart comes..
The owner said: No, can't be! He himself got a finger of honey, and he also "brttt", farted. Laz people, they
don't know such things, listen! Allah does whatever He wills, and makes it happen! They said, that darwish
made bad dua. He made our honey like this. I may give this honey to people. They may eat it and fart, no
problem. He finally gave out the honey..

Now, me also, sometimes, stupid things come to my heart.. now among all these great ones, when they
come with all their greatness and take their seats, what happens if they need to fart? What will he do? And
also, if he needs to urinate, what will he do? Sometimes when he is given a chance, he gets out of the
meeting and goes to the bathroom for urinating. When he comes back and sits, then another one.. then the
other one..he needs to defecate, he gets off again.. But, what is happening to the first level people of our
meeting? I don't know what is happening. They are constantly getting up to go to WC. They ruined the
meeting. It is messed up, because whoever comes and sits, after 2-3 minutes, he can't hold it and gets up.
Fear Allah, otherwise He disgraces you, in this world as well. He humiliates you! You can't come to such
meetings again, not in a car. What happens if he comes with such a car? latest technology.

"Sir, carry ispaho with you - "rope". What is ispaho? Laz people know ispaho. It is rope... But what is this
for? When you go to the meeting, tie it with this rope first, and then take your seat. What will we do when
we go to the podium? If they go saying, "is there anyone more knowledgeable than me" and what if he
needs to urinate or defecate all of a sudden? What if he can't hold it while leaving the podium and it comes
from his pants? Fear Allah! Fear Allah, don't claim to be great! Show humility, be humble and come to
meetings in this manner. Say "it's Allah Who dressed this on us. Say Aman ya Rabbi. If you don't say this
something comes to you, while you are sitting in the meeting. If a centipede or a scorpion crawls under
your feet, what will you do? You will get up crying, bellowing. These people do not think! These people
don't think and do not fear Allah! If Allah Almighty wants.. He is the Highest, most Glorious.. He sends a
darwish, and that darwish.. orders the scorpions, or reptiles in general: "Get in their trousers, and make
them bellow, cry!" Which doctor can help you? Look, what kind of thing can happen!

Sh Effendi, we Laz People, have never heard of such an advice before. You may hear and know your limit!
Allah can do anything. Don't recite Holy Quran with pride. Don't go to the podium saying, I know the
best! When you go to mimbar, you can't hold it and let it go. Go with Adab/good manners! I may say a
story. These Laz people are very clever, they understand. Sh Mehmed Effendi, there was Halab-i
Marhum, a great scholar and saint. He came to Istanbul. I think, Haleb-i Malhum is buried in Edirnekapa
(Martyr's Cemetary), a holy person, great scholar. He was the first in Arabic knowledge, from Arabs.. He
came and after some time, a few days or a few weeks passed, or a few months, a mercy/Rahma fell upon
Istanbul, that it was raining. That holy one said to his wife: O my wife, I may go immediately and take the
mats inside. I may collect the carpets because there is so much mercy, it is raining. His wife said: Sh
Effendi, Hoja Effendi, why are you rushing? "Why? Because the carpets will get wet". "Such a Holy one he
didn't raise his head to look at the dome above his head because of his adab/good manners. He thought
that the roof is open and he needs go take the carpets inside, to Fatih Mosque. Rushing because he had
such adab.

Why did shaytan become shaytan? Because of his pride! If he is proud, he is shaytan, and his end will be
like shaytan! O Laz people, you can't be a man by putting here and there a gun.. Be a servant to Allah!
Allah disciplines you with all kinds of different things. Think! All the worship is to crush our egos/nafs, to
discipline our ego, because ego has no discipline. It is disciplined by hunger. Allah Almighty when He
created ego/nafs, He asked: "who are you and who am I?" The ego said: "You are You and I am me."
Allah ordered: "Throw him." They threw him in a deep hole, well of rocks! And then took him out, and
asked again, and he said again, "You are You, I am me". At that time, Allah Almighty ordered the angels
to throw him, it is called Valley of Ju'u, Imprison him in the valley of hunger - the hole of hunger. They
imprisoned him there and kept him for 1000 years. After this, he was asked and he said "You are my Lord
and I am Your weak servant".

Therefore, fasting was made obligatory for all nations, to crush their wild egos. You don't fast! You may
not fast but in the end, He does whatever He wants to you, the Lord of Heavens and Earth. They are not
fasting, then it comes back to them. You can't even eat a bite. You won't eat! Only these medicine and this
3 spoons of soup you can eat. No permission for more! He disciplines! O you who claim to be Muslims! O
you, who don't recognize Ramadan and put yourselves in the animal class and eat and drink as you like -
Fear Allah! One day comes and He convicts you with hunger. Even if you eat all the food available, you
still call: I am hungry, hungry, hungry! Or, He leaves you without water, and you call: I am thirsty, thirsty.
Is there not a drop of water?

Be careful, O people, especially those who claim to be Muslims. If you don't listen, Allah Almighty does
whatever He wants. We said a few words tonight, everybody may think about it. They said, "It is possible,
My Sultan, that even oceans can burn"? Can the ocean burn? It can happen. Don't say "it can't happen."
Allah Almighty can make this happen, "Wa Huwa Ala Kulli Shay'in Qadir(67:1) If He makes this happen,
what can you do? These people will be disciplined. They will keep their tongues, respect Islam and will
keep Islam's orders. If not, all of them will have so much trouble that not even one will be left without
troubles. They will die bellowing, crying and no one will know where they are buried. Aman ya Rabbi,
tawba ya Rabbi.

Therefore we said this matter to the Mufti Effendi, he understands. He understands. Our Laz brothers,
they say, "we also understand. Not that we don't understand, we also understand but sometimes we do not.
You always do things.. bad manners, you smoke too much tobacco. You do a lot of bad things. You go to
haram/forbidden too much. You lie too much.. not just one person, whole world has become like this now.
May Allah forgive us, this is a few words. We hope that Allah Almighty does not leave us in the hands of
our bad ego, does not make us slaves of shaytan, does not make us servants to dunya, but honours us with
His servanthood, Fatiha.

I didn't think before that, I would say these words now. We sit here and this came. Look at the one who
makes me speak, not the one who speaks. Today came this and I said this. If I am wrong, may Allah
forgive me. If they are wrong, may Allah also forgive them and not separate us from the truth. The
companions of the Prophet, if they found two dates they would eat one and the other they would give to
their wives for iftar, with some water. We have everything but don't fast! If you don't fast He will make you
cry! Aman ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, Fatiha!

This advice is first to my ego, after that, to whoever listens. They may take, or if they don't like, they don't
take it. I am not forcing you to take it. Whoever likes, they can take. Whoever doesn't like, they may leave.
They will suffer what comes on them. But we have to discipline our ego, because we have gone too far! We
have passed too far beyond the limit. We are going in the danger zone. If there is a sudden explosion, not
even one person will remain! If Istanbul is shaken for 1 min, with an earthquake, it will be upside down.
One must fear Allah, and return to his real mission of servanthood, and try to make servanthood for Allah.
We must not try to make buildings but try to make servanthood for Allah. If we have made a mistake, may
Allah forgive me and forgive you, Fatiha.

B.T. Tonight's sohbat is another kind of jewel. This is another kind. Even Laz people like it.
G: They will be upset since you spoke about tobacco.
M. You don't interfere. What is it for, it is for us so that we can command our ego/nafs. Who can't
command his ego, is not human, he is animal. Who can command his ego is of men, Who can't is of
animals. Can animals command their egos? but men... Who is human? He who can command his ego.
Since they can't command, their level goes down from human level to animals. They don't say these things!

They don't explain these things! With a lot of unnecessary things, they keep people busy. They can't give
them anything, tawba ya Rabbi

Lefke, 16.08.2011

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