Maulana Sheikh NazimTry to be Holy!
Islam teaches humanity the most precious characteristics of mankind. It tries to take man from the lowest level to the highest. That is the mission of Islam and the mission of all prophets. All of them declared this. The last prophet came with the Last Message of the Lord. He is calling you to be clean and to come to His Divine Presence.
Oh believers, oh mankind, try to be clean in your physical body, in your thoughts, in your hearts, in your mind, in your work and in all your dealings. Try to be serious and sincere for your divine service. Do the other religions; Christianity or Judaism teach anything else? Try to be true, trustworthy and beloved by the people around you. Try to make many more friends here. That will make you happy here and in the hereafter. Don't make enemies! Don't be envious! Try to give your best service to your Lord the Almighty Allah. Give your best to everybody in the big family of mankind. Then you will be holy and you will be accepted within the Divine Presence. You will be rewarded with enlightenment. Be an enlightened person, don't be without lights. You will be asked if you are bringing any lights from this life. Try to take the lights of Heaven with you from this life to the next, to the hereafter.

- 01.01.1996
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