Maulana Sheikh NazimTwo Pillars of Islam - Islam brought respect and mercy - We have lost both of them
"Islam brought respect and mercy. We have lost them both now. "
We are living during a time in which everything has changed and appears in an opposite form. Everything has been changed from its original state to another, a non-original state, you may say.

This holds true for Islam, as well. You can look at Islam and can see that in our time, our scholars or our statesmen are presenting Islam in a form which was not its original one. Everything now is going according to the desires of peoples' egos. Everyone says about Islam what he likes. Muslim statesmen and scholars are running out of Islam. They are saying what their egos want them to say, because everyone's ego wants Islam to be as he or she likes, so that in our time you can find thousands and thousands of descriptions of Islam.

All of them are wrong because they are changing Islam from its original form and giving some unheard of descriptions of it according to their egos' desires (hawa nafs). They say whatever their egos suggest to them about Islam. They do this in the name of Islam according to their egos' desires.

We reject all of them. There is the war between Iran and Iraq. That is proof of what we are saying now. This is not Islam, not from either side. We do not accept it. And everywhere you may find that people are not trying to follow the original Islam, but making Islam follow them. That is the most dangerous, terrible way that people are going on.

We must follow the sunnah, the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). To what was he calling people and for why was he fighting? He was only fighting with Haqq, Truth, Reality, against falsehood (batil). The claims of your ego are useless. Your ego is useless. Therefore, if peoples' hearts do not meet on one point, then it is useless, and that one point is one which Islam brought - monotheism, unity (tawhid). Everyone's thoughts must meet on that point of unity. In Islam, there it is not that one person thinks one thing and another person thinks something else with everyone going his or her own way. No. Everyone must meet on the point of monotheism, of unity.

We accept our Lord, Almighty God. We claim that we are His servants. Therefore, we must live in servanthood to Him and nothing else. Abu Yazid Bistami, may God bless him, said that we find Islam built on two fundamental, simple things. One of them is respect, most high respect, towards our Lord. The second is to care for, to be compassionate towards His servants and towards His creatures in general.

In everything that you do there must be respect for your Lord Almighty. That is the first thing that is to be considered in any action that a person may do. One must not do anything without giving respect to one's Lord, Almighty God. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad (saws) said that respect for your Lord is to begin everything by saying, "In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Compassionate." That is the respect that you can give to your Lord at the beginning of every action. You must know that if He does not give permission or success to you, you can't be successful in any action. You can't even move your hands or your feet.

Then, you must care for, you must be Compassionate, to every creature. The Prophet (saws) said, "Even if you need to kill, do that kindly (ihsan), also." When you kill a sheep, a cow, a camel, a chicken, kill it kindly, God so orders, but people have lost that now. Even if you kill some harmful insect or animal, you must use something that doesn't give it too much pain. You must kill it instantly, and, therefore, it is prohibited to burn people or animals or insects. God prohibits it because only He may burn. No one may use fire to burn people - but now people are intending to burn the whole world and everyone in it, all nations. Earlier, weapons were only cold steel, swords and spears, but afterwards every weapon used fire to burn people. Now big bombs are burning everything. Earlier very few people used fire for execution - it is forbidden (haram) in the Divine Law. If you are obliged to kill some harmful thing, don't burn it. Fire is only for cooking and for heat - that is all.

You must be compassionate. You must not even step on an ant without reason, because it also has life and when it sees you approaching to kill it, it runs away. It feels death and its pain. Therefore, it runs. It also glorifies its Lord. Therefore, you can't kill it if it has not harmed you. You can't kill it. If you kill it, you must bear the responsibility. Thus, Islam came with endless compassion for creatures, for everyone. Compassion is the correct word to describe Islam through the statements of the Friends of God (awliya).

When the angel Gabriel (as ) came to the Seal of the Prophets, beloved Muhammad (saws), for the last time, he said, "This is the last time that I will come to you to bring God's commands. Prophethood is finished. I will bring no more message from heaven to prophets." The Prophet (saws) asked, "Will you ever come again to earth?" "I will come," angel Gabriel said, "but I will not bring anything. Rather I will come to take away something from the earth. I will come to take knowledge from the earth so that ignorance covers the whole world and people fall into those oceans of ignorance."

They are even claiming that there is no God. Instead of saying, "There is no god but God," they stop at saying, "There is no God." That is the highest point of ignorance. You can't find anything more ignorant than that. If a person knows everything, but does not know the Owner of himself and of the whole of the Universe, he is ignorant.

"I will come to take that away. I will come yet again to take blessings (barakah) from the earth," angel Gabriel said. You can find everything. People receive a lot of money, fill up their pockets, but still they say, "Not enough, not enough."

I remember there were three pence, three piasters of Queen Victoria, in Cyprus (Shaykh Nazim grew up in Cyprus during the period when it was a part of the British Empire). I can remember it quite well, a little piece of a silver coin, three piasters. It was enough for a person for one day; even for a family it was enough, that little silver coin. Some coins were even less than three piasters. There were some shepherds who for the whole day looked after sheep for one piaster. Their owner gave them a piece of bread and olives to eat and one piaster. Thirty piasters for a month, and they were happy.

Now, so many pounds! We were astonished when we were fifteen or sixteen years old, to see that some people went to London from Cyprus and they worked and said they got two pounds, three pounds, each week. Hah, so much money! "Each week or each month?" "No, each week - three pounds, four pounds, even five pounds." In Cyprus a famous officer made five pounds in a month. A policemen, for one-and-a-half pounds a month would go and come, go and come, not sitting down, not like the police in our time, six hours and then finished. No. From early to late or up to night, and sometimes the whole night, sometimes the whole day, they were working. One-and-a-half pounds and they were very pleased that they had a job. "We are policemen with uniforms and a fez." Yes, important people.

Then, angel Gabriel came and took away the blessings. He also came once again to take mercy from the hearts of people. It has been taken away, also. No more mercy. Yesterday I heard about something which shows the mentality of people for sports, for football. They injure so many people and leave them on the ground. Then they come and say, "You must play again. We want to watch." What mercy is in their hearts, those people? What is this? This is an example only, but more and more dangerous things are now going to happen because mercy has gone out of hearts. Every day you may take newspapers and look at what people are becoming - like robots, no more mercy, their hearts becoming rocks, never feeling. Islam fights against such things. Therefore its Prophet (saws) came with mercy and as a mercy.

"Will you come yet again?" the Prophet (saws) asked angel Gabriel.

"I will come once more," Angel Gabriel said, "to take modesty (haya) from the earth." Look outside now and see how men and women are dressing. In earlier times, mothers or grandmothers were ashamed to be in their bedrooms in such a way that people now dress outside. That is humanity, that is honor, this is modesty?

And this is the news from heaven which came to us fifteen centuries ago. What angel Gabriel, announced has come to us now. Yes, it is correct. No more knowledge that leads people to goodness and to honesty and to honor either here or in the hereafter. That is finished. People now are learning - learning for what?

Only to support the kingdom of Satan on earth. They are learning only that one thing, how they can support Satan's kingdom on this earth. That is all the knowledge that you can learn. Even religious schools are bringing something from that satanic knowledge, putting it amidst true knowledge. For what? To make it ineffective, also. Yes, finished. Its power goes away. You can't find even religious schools or colleges giving pure knowledge heavenly knowledge, because Satan does not give permission for pure, heavenly knowledge, saying, "No. It is no good. You must mix up something else with that knowledge."

What is that knowledge? It is a heavenly knowledge, coming from God Almighty. We must accept that, not those - those are for Satan only, and support for his kingdom. Satan is so careful to do everything for himself. And as the Prophet (saws) informed us, it is now appearing. You must look at what you do.

Then, when we said that everyone is describing Islam according to his Satan, everyone has a Satan with himself, also. Therefore the future of this generation, these people, is bleak. You can't see any brightness or light. It is bleak, very bleak. God knows what things will appear amidst those bleak horizons, falling on people. There must be something, and that is a punishment that people will be given from themselves to each other.

Islam brought respect and mercy. We have lost both of them. In the Divine Presence, one life from among the children of Adam is more precious than the whole world, but we are making it less than a fly's. European people are laughing at Iran and Iraq, but they themselves are doing worse than that. Football is an example of what they are doing. It is only a small example, but if they can do that, it means that those people can do more than this. If that door opens to them, mercy is finished.

Therefore, the West can no longer laugh at the East nor the East at the West. When winter comes, the whole world is covered with snow. In such a way, now hearts are covered. No mercy enters into them. Islam says, "Don't kill." We say, "We must kill."

May God forgive us. We are asking forgiveness at every moment. If we give our wills into the hands of our enemies, or if we give our wills into the hands of satans, this is the result. You can't expect any other. Yes, I am looking at Cyprus now, also. The newspaper comes everyday. We are 100,000 or 200,000 people living in the Turkish part. Now there are fifteen parties and all of them quarreling, seriously, fighting with each other, swearing, cursing everything. What is this'? And we claim that we are Muslims! If we can find the chance to kill, we may kill each other there, also, but the Turkish government has put a strong power and holds people by their hands, like this. And they say this is democracy.

That must be, yes. People can kill each other for the sake of democracy. That is the mentality of the twentieth century, because Satan says, "My kingdom can never continue without democracy" (that is, unlimited personal freedom which a democratic society permits becomes, inevitably, a tool of Satan). Therefore he urges people, "Take courage," urging people to have democracy. Everywhere it is written. I say that it means that you must be sufficiently brave to have democracy. They asked me, "Do you accept this?" giving me the ballot, and on it was written "Yes" or "No." I wrote on it "Yes for Islam." And from God is the Divine Help (wa min Allah at-tawfiq). It is time for prayer.

- 02.06.1985
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