Maulana Sheikh NazimUnseen worlds
First of all, we are saying in the name of Allah, All Mighty, All Merciful, that there is a philosopher, Avicenna, who is famous worldwide. That person was using his mind and the mind will be acceptable for everyone who claims that he has a mind, not a bubble-head.
He was saying that it is acceptable (logical?) that if you see or hear anything, any news or any event, it is something abnormal, like a miracle. It may come from prophets, from other people, from their followers, from Awliyas, from saints. Things that are unusual, things you can't find an explanation for - you must not refuse them. You may say perhaps that such a thing is stupid or silly or ignorant and that you don't accept such a thing, you may say that whoever accepts such a thing is stupid or that inferior people may accept such a thing, but that we are superior people and don't accept such abnormal things, we don't accept things like miracles. They think that to accept them without an explanation from science is stupidness, but that philosopher said that if you don't have any strong proof that there can never be such an event and you are refusing to accept it and if you are saying that those people who are accepting it are stupid, then you are just as stupid, because you are refusing without bringing any proof.

Therefore, we hear or read in books about events that took place in the past. If a person brings that news to us, saying he was present at that event, that he was a witness, and you are not present there, how can you deny that event? As you were not there, you have no proof to allow you to deny.

Because we are living in a atmosphere/WASAT/average on this planet, the main rule is that of possibility - there is a possibility for everything. An educated person, not a stupid person, must always say "maybe" for everything. This is a strong rule in science until today. On this step science is advancing, stepping forward - maybe this, maybe that, and they are climbing and reaching those "maybe's". Whoever is not saying "maybe" is ignorant, stupid.

Therefore, possibility is the main rule in the life of mankind on this planet. No-one can refuse these words of mine now. Everything is possible. That is a most important thing.

Therefore, in our days people think that whatever technology reaches, that is the last step or the last horizon or the final limit of everything. Only atheist people, bad people, are making such foolish thoughts for new generations, brainwashing them to refuse angels, Jinns and unseen worlds. They are foolish. All of the skies are unseen worlds. They say that the nearest one to Earth is Mars. They can look at it. It is an unseen world and it is the nearest to our planet. What about others? Who can look at Jupiter? If you say "unseen worlds", who is observing and researching what is in the galaxies? They are all unseen worlds. We only have their photographs of galaxies, so why don't they refuse those ones? But they come to me and say that there are no unseen worlds, trying to deny unseen worlds.
We have heavenly knowledge - about angels, that they are created from light; and Jinns, that they are created from fire. Science, or knowledge, in our days is saying that in galaxies, in space, the stars are thousands and thousands of times more powerful than our sun. But who can reach those stars to know what is there, as we know and believe that some creatures, angels, are created from light? Our sun is so small and its light so weak and you can't look at it, so how can you deny creatures made from light? Why are you not saying that perhaps there are creatures made from earth? It is also a mentality (logical?) to say that in those huge stars there should be creatures of the same nature, of light. The Creator has endless power and ability to create. He may create creatures from light and they are angels. You can't see, you can't look, so why do you deny it? Why don't you say "maybe"? Also, the Creator may create creatures suitable for fire from fire, from the sun, a gigantic fire, as He creates from earth. If their nature is fire, they are Jinns; if it is light, they are angels. How can you deny that if you can't see, if you have nothing in your hands? How can you say there are no angels or Jinns? They are very stupid people. Don't care about such mongol-type people. Don't say anything. Say only 'O my friend, you are a mongol-type person. There is no need to discuss with you. I am not on your level. Go, as you like. You will never understand such things. Go to the pub. Because you were born drunk and you are still drunk. You will never step on the real area of reality. You are so small and you will never be big. You are a mongol-type person. Go.' This is their answer. Don't try to give any proof for them. Those people are finished, they are atheists.

The traditional way is the way of knowledge also. We inherit so many things from the past. If you deny traditional knowledge, then there is no base for knowledge. Everything we keep as a heritage for mankind from our ancestors has the power of knowledge. Therefore, everything may come to us from the past and we must value it. We can't say that we weren't there, that we weren't looking, so we're not accepting it. Such people are ignorant, mongol-type people. Leave them, don't care about them. Mongol-type people will never be normal people. Therefore, prophets left them. They never ran after those kind of people, mongol-type people. So many people only know how to eat and drink and have sexual intercourse, but nothing else. Leave them on their level, don't discuss with them.

If I say - what about atoms, what about electrons? Can you see them? They are also unseen worlds, but no-one says now that there are no atoms or electrons or other small pieces of mass. Everyone accepts them, but they have never seen them. They use these illogical, harmful, useless words only for religious purposes, to destroy beliefs, to establish atheist philosophy, to put on it communism, to destroy humanism. That is their way. We know. We are not ignorant people. When they open their mouths, we know what is in their hearts. They can't hide themselves. It is enough.

...a car is using power. Without that power, the car can't move. Our physical being must be in connection with heavenly beings. Therefore, when you raise your hand don't think the doctor says is a (nervous reaction?) - that power from heavenly beings is working on every part of a creature, when you are sleeping, when you are walking, when you are thinking, when you are looking, when you are talking. Everything is connected to heavenly beings. That is like oil for cars. The main part of the car is useless if you don't use oil and everything else necessary. Then, the sparks, the power, are making it move. Everything for mankind is controlled by heavenly beings. Therefore, don't think that man is separated from the heavens - he is in connection all the time, until he leaves this life. Then, there is no more connection and we are saying he is a dead body, finished, the heavenly connection is finished for that body. The meaning of death is to cut heavenly connections from the body. is a good...for children it is a soft and good explanation for the connection of mankind to the heavens. It is very good what you are singing. Write it down.

...when you sleep, your connection with heavenly beings will be clearer. When you are physically asleep, your heavenly being is free and you can look without eyes, you can listen without ears, you can speak without your tongue, you can know without thinking, you can walk without feet, you can touch without hands, you can smell without a nose. When mankind is sleeping, they have the clearest connection - they leave this material life and enter a spiritual atmosphere. That is a sign for them that we are always in connection with heavenly beings.

...that is the entrance to the spiritual area, the heavenly area. Everything we see in our dreams never belongs to the material world or to the physical body.

...all of them, because there are areas of light and areas of dark, like there are deserts and gardens on earth, good areas and bad areas, terrible places. Because, according to our customs, there are similar areas in heavenly territories.

Everyone has dreams, but it is difficult to transfer from heavenly beings to our physical beings, because the connection between heavenly beings and physical beings is veiled by our physical desires or egoistic pleasures. Therefore, many people dream, but by the morning they have forgotten. They know that they are dreaming, walking around, walking through unknown worlds, unseen places. They are witnessing that a person is not only a physical being.

<b>Umar - Is it good to remember?</b>

Sheikh - If remembering well, it is a sign of purity. The purer a person becomes, more views will appear to them in their dreams. They may have endless views, they may see unlimited worlds. According also to a person's purity, they will be recorded as if on a video-cassette. A video-cassette is also for everyone. It is simple now, but they have been working on video-cassettes for so many years, they have working hard to reach the purity of video-cassettes.

Man must not think that such power will come in a moment. No. You can reach that point step by step and your heart-power will record everything around you, above you, below you, you will record everything. You may record and at any time you will be able to bring to view more than a computer.

All prophets were given that power and all saints were given that power. They can see and they can also show. If a person is not blind, he may see when they are speaking. Therefore, the Sahaba were looking and seeing, but the blind, idle worshippers couldn't see.

Finally, we may say that some people can see and some are blind. You can't show blind people anything. You can't say that there are stars, there is a moon and there is a sun. Perhaps they can feel the warmth of the sun, but as for the moon - it is so difficult to make them accept that there is a moon.

Jinns are also created by Allah Almighty from fire. Their characteristics are just the opposite of the characteristics of mankind. They may live everywhere. Mostly they are to be found in quiet places, in wild places, in mountains, in huge valleys, hills, forests, jungles. If they are harmed, they will also harm people; if they are not harmed, they will not harm people. Therefore, if a person was travelling and arrived in mountains at night time or in valleys, it was good training on the part of religions to give Salaam to those living in that area and to ask their chiefs to welcome them as guests and to be their host in that area until their departure or to make prayers by way of protection.

Even mankind gives each other so much trouble and harm, killing each other, injuring each other. And those Jinns as well - if anyone harms them, they will also retaliate.

<b>Q - How can a Jinn be harmful?</b>

Sheikh - through yourself, because they are not of our nature. They can enter into the nature of man and make him ill. Some of them will affect minds. They don't like some words - some people call Shaitan "Diablo" and they don't like that word, it touches them like a bullet; and curses touch them like a bullet. Unclean people, dirty people harm them. Sometimes, if they are sitting and people come without saying Salaam and step on them, they will be angry. Or, if someone urinates on them at night time they will be very angry. If people throw water at night time without saying a dua, it touches the Jinns like a bullet, because the daytime is for mankind, but the evening is the time when they come out. They usually harm people in the night time.

It is well known how people deal with Jinns, seeking protection from them. In the daytime they are hidden, but after sunset they come out and the whole world is full of them. At the first cock-crow they go back to their places, but at night time they are everywhere. Therefore, the Prophet used to say, don't leave your children outside in the evening or a ??snake?? may come on them, making them fall down and harming them.

They also live in old places in cities. They may be in a place before a building is built and when men build on that place they won't leave. They will live there together with people. So many old castles are occupied by them now.

...spiritual beings, or Awliyas, may appear. You can only see them, but you can't touch them. Their form is of light. They are another kind of being. They are not angels, they are not Jinns, but they are spiritual bodies, or Awliyas, or ??Ambials??. You can see them according to your purity, you may meet them according to the purity in your heart, you may address them, you may hear from them according to the power of your heart, the power of your faith, the power of your belief, the power of the purity in your heart.

There may be something wrong with that person, veiled perhaps, because there are such fine lines from that person to those spiritual beings. If any of them are broken, that person won't be able to see or meet them any more.

...belongs to your Sheikh. long as a place is known as a graveyard, it is not to be touched. It is forbidden in every religion. But in our days people don't listen. Therefore, they will be touched by the evil and devils living in that area, there will be no peace for them either awake or asleep. It is not even good for a mosque to be built there. It is not even permitted to build a mosque on a graveyard. They used to build mosques in one place and bury people around the mosque, but people were not buried on the site of the mosque, only around it. But now they take away the graves and build a mosque there and it is no good.

...their customs. We respect the graves of people, not walking on them. If you walk on them, you glorify Allah Almighty and say: "Subuhum qudus..." If a person walks on a grave without glorifying his Lord, it is as if he is walking on a pregnant lady - all the people in the graveyard will feel a pain like that felt by a pregnant lady if someone were to walk on her. But if you are glorifying Allah Almighty, saying "Subuhum qudus...", so many blessings will come on them, that they will want that person to walk towards them and they will be so happy.

Therefore, we make graveyards outside of mosques. We don't bury people within mosques, but around them. But Christians bury their kings or bishops or patriarchs in churches. This is not our custom. I don't think it is a heritage from ancient times, because Jews are not doing it either, only Christians. They are also erecting a statue of that person on top of the grave and this is also prohibited, as it is an idol and the Bible prohibits people from making and worshipping idols.

We don't need to build on graveyards, except in the case of holy people - prophets and saints - so that their memory will not be lost. But common people should be buried in graveyards. If the grave is to be used as a family grave, it may be kept for burying the members of the family in the same grave. If not, it should be left. It is much better if it is unknown. The graveyard should not be occupied by everyone - if everyone has a building and a grave, like it is now, then the whole world will be a graveyard.

Our ancestors usually used to make a will that nothing be built on them and that only a stone with their name written on it be left, or even nothing at all, so that after a long time another person may be buried in that place.

In Islam people like to be buried around Sahabas or Awliyas, because blessings will always be coming on them. Therefore, they share in the neighbourhood of a good person. Also, when people leave the graveyard on the Day of Resurrection, those around the Sahaba or Awliya will quickly run to them and, as they are blessed people, those people will also be blessed. Therefore, in the Islamic world there are big cemeteries around the tombs of Awliyas.

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