Maulana Sheikh Nazim Urgent Warnings about Coming Disasters

(JapanTsunami, dt.)

O People! Our attenders from east to west, from north to south! For the honor of the Seal of Prophets (s), we are asking forgiveness from the Lord of Heavens, our Creator, because we have reached a point that if you are stepping, you may fall to hells. No one can stop it, but as long as we have been created as deputies on this planet, we have responsibility, and those who have responsibility are going to be questioned, "What did you do? What did you learn? What are you knowing?"

We are going to be asked, because we have responsibility and we are the most honored creatures; Allah Almighty is dressing Mankind with the highest honor that not even angels are reaching. Allah Almighty addressed heavenly ones, to angels, "I am creating something, bringing into existence a new Creation, and I am going to dress them with the highest honor and appointing them as My deputies on Earth." The angels were thinking that such highest honor might be for them. And Allah Almighty said, "I am bringing another one that up to now no one has known, and I am dressing them with such an honor that none of you reached!”

We must know ourselves, we must ask, "Who am I?" But I am sorry to say that all Mankind now is never interested to know about themselves and they think they have only been created to enjoy themselves through their material being. I am very sorry to say this but it is real reality, that people are never interested in their true selves. They are looking all around themselves to see what is under their feet and above their heads, but no one is interested in themselves or asks, "Who am I?" That is the biggest wrong from Mankind, to run away from their real being. Why aren't you interested to know who you are? Some think, "I was not in existence, then in my mom's womb I knew nothing, then after awhile I tried to get out and with my mom’s many pains I emerged. Who made me in my mom's womb? How did I come out when I entered the womb only as a cell? How did I become a human being, and how did I come out from the womb when my mom was happy with me inside? I was not happy and I kicked the door open, shouting, 'I am coming out! Enough time here, I must come out!'" Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. We came out, crying. Crying! Who is that One? Who is my Creator, Who created everyone, coming in such a way?

But too many never think on it. Without my will, day-by-day I am growing, but my growth reaches a point and stops at one or one-and-a-half meters. Who is making that happen? laa ilaha illa-Llah! Mankind is drunk, never using their minds! Then his understanding is getting wider, more and more, and he is going to know so many things that are an exception. They are trying to know everything, but they are forgetting to ask, "Who brought me and caused me to grow up and then stop growing, until one day I will die? My breathing will stop, no more am I looking, no more am I eating or drinking, no more am I working, no more am I seeing." They are not thinking on these things! Among five-billion people, you can’t find but a handful of people who are thinking on it. laa ilaha illa-Llah!

O People! The Lord of Heavens just sent us a sign for us to think about our beginning and our end! Dunya has a beginning and an end; it is not like one-hundred or one-thousand years ago. Our world is changing and no one on Earth is asking what is happening. So many unknown and unexpected events are coming, and now Mankind drunk from their technology, thinking it is enough for them, or the last target for them to control everything through technology. Technology can not be directed by our will power; it has a limit at the end of which it is impossible to go one more step, and we are in it now.

O People! We are going to another world. As we were in an unknown world and coming here, all Mankind is going to another unknown territory. That is such a knowledge that the Lord of Heavens, the Creator, selected His chosen ones, to teach us what is going to happen to Mankind, both individually and collectively. But now people are running after technology, and they are so happy and proud, thinking their technology is enough (to protect and satisfy them).

Today the world learned of a huge happening in the Far East, an earthquake and tsunamis. That mirror they are making, showing to all people, of huge ocean waves rushing on Japan and so many countries, are taking away from their technology. Technology is never doing anything and is disappearing. I am asking proud Mankind, with your technology and bombs, with your one-thousand nuclear powers, can you stop it? Where are those Europeans and Americans that are so proud (of their technology)? (Did you prevent) what is happening in the Far East, in Japan? What is the top point of your power? (This massive disaster is) showing you that your power is nothing!

Allah Almighty is saying, “If I order oceans to move on you in 24 hours, in Japan or other places, those tsunamis may cover five continents! All of them will be covered (under water)!" This is very important. The Lord of Heavens is asking to show His creatures from Mankind, "If I am asking to take you away, I may take you. Tsunamis are a very simple thing that I may order one for you also, not to use heavenly ones, but from you I may order one of you to kick that world as a football and it will disappear!"

O People! Come and listen and learn the heavenly orders and follow heavenly commands that the Lord of Heavens, your Creator, is sending to you. Otherwise, one day there may come continents sinking down or tsunamis covering them. Marhaban, welcome! Japan was a Number One tech country and their people are now taken away (in the earthquake and tsunami)! The holy command is reaching me, and I am the weakest servant to give a warning to all nations.

And I am also warning (Muammar) Qaddafi: keep your adab, your hudood, limits, and be humble! Don't shout in a high voice. Keep your adab! Allah Almighty is ordering to you to keep His servants and to do the best for your citizens! He is doing the worst to them, his fellow human beings, and he did the best for himself, not for his nation! And now his nation is standing up, saying, "We don't like you." And so many countries now, Tunis, Shaam, Iraq, Turkey (are protesting), and so many tyrants are saying, "I don't like you," and are threatening (their people). Keep your limits! Don’t say, “We can stop it;” even one tsunami can sink China! Don’t say, “We are one billion, two billion people;” they can take so there is no one there!

O People! That is a heavenly warning from Allah Almighty, saying, “Come to Islam, ahlan wa sahlan, welcome. Who is keeping heavenly orders may be in safety here and Hereafter, or I will send on you so much heavenly cursing to take you away!"

Cypriots left their religion; they are not keeping Islam, doing every wrong, dirty thing. I am warning them that perhaps I may leave this country and perhaps it shall be taken away from Turks and Greeks ones. Keep to Islam! Keep your good manners that Allah Almighty dressed on you! Don't be dirty ones! You must take away dirty places or tsunamis will also come on you! Don't say it is only coming from oceans (from ocean’s power). No! From inside the Earth it may also come. Heavens may make your island sink under seas! If they are not doing that (restoring their Islam), I have been ordered to leave Cyprus and go to an unknown place, and what is ordered to come on them (will happen)! This (message) is for Cypriots and Greeks, because they are doing every unliked thing.

May Allah forgive me, because my sins may bring on them cursing. I must go away.

O People! Now we are reaching the limit of Mankind’s life on this planet and so many signs and signals are coming.

I am happy with our dervish people, mureeds, our followers, and there is a warning for them also. If anything is happening through the Mediterranean Sea, that means Armageddon is coming soon. Who is asking to come here to Cyprus, they must look at the situation, and if they are coming (we are instructing them to take only) three days for visiting, no more. Keep to your homes. You may look if it is suitable for visiting here, but don't intend to be here more than three days. You must keep your homes, children and families, and you must guide them. Three days only for visiting here, then you must go because perhaps the situation here is not so good for you; you may go down and not come up, because when Armageddon begins there will be no more ships or planes leaving this island (Cyprus) to go back to your places.

That is a new command for heavenly people, making you awaken! Stay with your families, with your children, and try to be in the countryside, because big cities are under huge danger. The only safe place is the countryside. Big cities are under great danger! Keep it (observe this warning)! Up to today I am welcoming (guests already here) and people may come to stay here. But after last night, I have been ordered to tell brothers and sisters from other countries to look at the situation, because (if something happens) after one hour the possibilities (to return to your country) are finished, with no ships or planes (to carry you back). If necessary, stay for three days and then your visit must end and you must return to your families.

Tawbah, yaa Rabbee! Tawbah, yaa Rabbee! Tawbah, yaa Rabbee!


Don’t waste, and keep (emergency supplies) through your homes. At least it should be enough for you for forty days. Don't waste, don't waste. Waste is bringing on people a heavy burden. May Allah forgive us, for the honor of the Seal of Prophets (s).



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