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The words of Unity/Tawhid 1000 La Ilaha illa Allah 1000 Salawat, Dalail Al Khayrat & The Glorious Quran. And more, in the day.. in the month of Rajab Al Murajjab, the blessed month of Allah (swt). And it is necessary to say Tawba. Astaghfirullah Al Azim wa Atubu Ilayh. If possible to recite this 70 to 700 times. It will alleviate the ummah very fast with Allah's (swt) permission. All worries shall be taken away from them. Because this is a blessed month and it is related to Allah (jwa).

It arrived this month, it is blessed with Glory! Divine Glory. Not just any Glory but this year the month of Rajab arrived with a Glory a Divine Glory! And if a month starts with Divine Glory it means that The Lord of Heavens & Earth Will take His (swt) Vengeance from those who kill the servants of Allah (swt) with no.. with no reason, with no rights! The Lord of Majesty Will take His Vengeance on these people. He (swt) gave an order the first order from the beginning of this blessed month. The Heavenly order to the people of the earth and especially to the Muslim world, an addressing.. A Heavenly addressing - "Stop killing! Otherwise "Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" (85:12) He (swt) Will take Vengeance! Those who do not stop killing Allah (awj) Will take revenge. This is the first order that was given the evening of the blessed month of Rajab Al Murajjab. O people stop killing in general and especially to the Muslim people. O Muslims stop the killing! Otherwise The Lord of Heavens Will take His revenge on you.

And He (swt) warns you & Haqq (swt) says "Indeed, The Vengeance of Your Lord Is Severe" (85:12) May Allah (swt) keep us. Stop, put an end to killing immediately before there comes on you a vengeance - a severe vengeance from Heavens on all the nations. He (swt) Will take vengeance! Subhana Allah! Tubna Wa Raja'na Ilayk Ya Rabbana! Tubna Wa Raja'na Ilayk Ya Rabbana! Tub alyaina Ya Rabbana, Tu alayna Ya Tawwab! Tub alayna Ya Tawwab! Support us with Heavenly Support, O Lord of Heavens & earths. O our Lord for the sake of Your generous Prophet (saws) Sayyidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin. Support us with Heavenly support. If they do not stop, these tyrants of the earth, tyrant people, If they do not stop a severe vengeance will come on them.

"Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" (85:12) I am warning you O Muslims. I am a weak servant. I have declared this warning from the holder of warnings. Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! O our Lord grant us support from Heavens. For the sake of Your (swt) generous Prophet (saws), Fatiha. Stop the killing & correct the situation between you. O Muslims this is the Order of Allah (swt). And it is a Divine Decree from Heavens - and correct the situation between you. This is an order. If you stop & leave the killing for the sake of Allah's (swt) order, you will be saved. Otherwise "Indeed, The Vengeance of Your Lord Is Severe" (85:12) A strike will come that cannot be taken back, ever! Allah (swt) Will take His Vengeance.

"Inna Allahu Azizun Dhul-Intiqam." Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi. O people repent to Allah (swt) a true repentance, it will save you. Fatiha. This addressing is a Heavenly addressing. Listen to it & take wisdom, because if you take wisdom you will benefit. You take benefit.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim This is the first declaration from The orders of Heavens to the people of earth generally and specially to the Muslim people. And O Kings! Rise up & stand for the Powerful Sharia of Allah (swt). Otherwise... otherwise you will regret & at that time it will not benefit you. Gather and be around the Sultan, the Khalifa for the Muslim people on earth in our days now. The one indicated is King Abdullah (King of Jordan) the last of the Hashemite children. Hashemite who have the most right to be Sultan and Khalifa. I have given him my Bayat/oath publicly several times. O people move, declare your Bayat to him, you will be saved in this world & in the Hereafter. Otherwise you have nowhere to be safe or a place to seek refuge. There is nowhere to run except to the Prophet (saws). Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Tawba Ya Rabbi tawba.

O people of Egypt! Be wise. O people of Libya, O people of Iraq, O people of Sham, O people of Yemen, Muslim world Wake up & look at the Words of Allah (swt). Listen & take wisdom. If you take wisdom you will benefit. Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Ya Rabbi tawba Ya Rabb. Tawba Ya Rabbi,tawba astaghfirullah Fatiha. Stop the fighting! "O My servant, tell them." "O my nation astaghfirullah for me & for you & for believers Ya Rabbi Tub alayna Ya Tawwab, Tub alayna Ya Tawwab! Tub alayna Ya Tawwab! Ask a true tawba/repentance. Say astaghfirullah Al Azim wa Atubu Ilayhi 70 times to 700 times everyday, you will be saved from the curses of this world & from the punishment of the Hereafter.

O servants of the Lord, be obedient and faithful to the Lord of the worlds & to His Beloved (saws). Fatiha. O scholars of the Muslim world, declare this declaration that is from Heavens to the people of the world. It is coming for the beginning of the month of Allah (swt) Rajab Al Murajjab. The month of Allah (swt). Correct your condition & keep, keep a straight line and stop at your limits otherwise regretting will not give you any benefit, if you do not repent & return to your Lord Allah (jwa) Tubna Wa Raja'na Ilayk Ya Rabbana. And keep the 5 prayers. and give what Allah Almighty ordered to give from Zakat and sadaqa & spend all your efforts to do goodness. Do not collect the wealth of this world, give from this world to who is needy. Be merciful with who is on earth, so in Heavens you can find mercy. Allahu Akbar Al Akbar!

Lefke, 21.05.2012

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