Maulana Sheikh Nazim Warnings of the End Times

Fire has spread everywhere! Ladies must not leave their homes too much, they must not work outside, they must sit at home and Allah will protect them. Now there is danger for those who go outside. I said what had to be said (so take heed). Make du`a for me. We are weak.


(Du`a and baya`)

May Allah accept your visit. May He protect you from straying from the path with which He is well pleased, otherwise people will follow the deceiver, Shaytan, and end up becoming Shaytan. Their names will be removed from the book of the Sons of Adam and written in the book of Shaytan; their identity will be Shaytan. Therefore, pay attention to this point! When you are about to do something, first ask for advice.

(Mawlana Shaykh addresses his guests.) Perhaps our son is giving service to you. If you need advice, ask him, for there is a way that goes to his heart and he may give you an answer.

Take heed! Don’t stay unemployed! Don’t stay single! Don’t wander about on the streets with nothing to do! Don’t go to coffee shops! Enter the mosque if you are looking for peace. Many things will occur as the end of the world approaches. Listen! The end of the world is coming and only one out of five will remain. Pay attention to this and Allah will protect you.

May Allah accept you as His good servants. Pray for us, too; we are weak. May Allah send those who will guide us to the right path and protect us from the evil of those who invite us to Shaytan’s way. May you be granted a good end!

Don’t wander around, idly! Don’t stay unemployed! Don’t smoke! Whoever enters a coffee shop instead to a mosque, that association will be written as the association of Shaytan. Offer an association in your homes or at the mosque; do not enter into Shaytan’s suhbat. Don’t keep turning on that Shaytan’s box (TV)! It is unnecessary to hear or see what is on it. They invent all kinds of devices and you must try as much as possible to keep from purchasing them. We should take care in keeping to our old ways and customs. We are the Ottomans, whether they like it or not. Don’t say, “gorev,” but say, “vazife” (job). Fix your language! Whoever adapts to their made-up language system will end up going with those who made it.

Be content with what Allah has granted you of favors. Do not run after dunya. As soon as your provision comes, busy yourself in Allah’s service. Don’t let your children roam the streets, especially after sunset kids should not go out because that is the time when devils disperse on Earth. Our son here is aware of these things. Caution them!

If you have a small piece of land, plant a tree on a mountain top and say, “For the sake of gaining Allah’s pleasure, I leave this as a waqf, charitable trust, for our masjid.” That way you will not depend on their money. Instead of using electricity in mosques, light candles or oil lamps. Don’t bring in any of these modern equipments. Don’t build anything out of cement as they will eventually come crumbling down. Don’t build structures any higher than two floors, or it will fall down on your head!

Your women should refrain from going out on the streets after decorating themselves, otherwise it will come heavily on them!

O Allah! Grant us a good end. O our Lord, you know!


Lefke, 03.05.2011 (Translated from Turkish)

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