Maulana Sheikh Nazim We are living not in a real existence

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah, Destur! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

They were asking from (the) Prophet sws: “When night comes, day where going? (And) when day comes, night to where going? One of two must be taken away from existence.” To come day, night (is) taken away from existence, (and) when night (is) coming, day (is) going to disappear and its existence (is) taken away.

And we are living in an existence- it is not a real existence; it is as existence, but really no. Yesterday just passed away with its happenings. Don’t look what is written through newspapers, or: don’t look to TV; all newspapers, all news centers from TV and like that, can’t bring (all the news) from (those) happenings that happened yesterday, (it) only may be (like) a drop from an ocean. Now living on this planet 6 billions people or more- He knows (only) their number. Even your computers can’t reach (to count) the number of mankind, how many (of) mankind were living yesterday and today how many (are) living now. We may say only that: yesterday just lived millions of people, but up today millions of them just passed away; (they) disappeared, (they are) no more in existence. And today (are) coming millions of new ones- (being) born and (being) brought into an imitated existence today. And other creatures also they are not same today as they were yesterday.

It is important to be known for mankind that we are seen as (if) we are in existence, but really we (are) not. What is the benefit to know that? Big benefit!

Because people just have been cheated by Shaitan and Shaitan (is) cheating people by saying: “Oh people! You must run after this material world and its aspects! You must try and give your whole capacity, ability (and) energy; you must spend it to reach material aspects from this material world”, and (there is) no reality, no real existence on earth. What happened yesterday just disappeared and a new happening, a new appearance (is) just opening today up to night. When darkness (is) coming, (it is) covering everything, taking (it) away. And people (are) waiting till (the) sun (is) shining and (then they are) looking what (is) remaining: So many things just have been taken away, so many unexpected existences (are) just coming in existence and you are looking.

Allah Almighty granted to mankind (the) Holy Quran for an understanding about their real positions on earth through this life and to know something about their temporary appearances. To know something, this opening (is) coming daily and people (are) looking. They are looking and asking: “Where is that (what) we lived yesterday? (It) just disappeared! Nighttime coming darkness and covering, a second day we are awakening and we are looking and thinking (that) it is (the) same world, same people, same events- no, finished! That is taken away!” “Kulli yaumin Huwa fi sha’an.” That (is) taken away. Allah Almighty every day (is) giving something to be seen by mankind, to know something about themselves, about their imitated existence. Therefore (in the) Holy Quran (Allah Almighty is) urging people through so many holy Verses, saying: “La allahum yastafakkarun, la-allakum yatafakkarun aw taqilun…” Mankind- they are the real aspect from this creation, they are (the) main target through all creation to come into existence. Everything (is) just created for the honour of mankind and what they have been granted, no any other creature is granted, no! “La allahum yatafakkarun”- Allah Almighty is asking from mankind that they may think on it, because thinking on anything is the key for opening the secret of that thing, (the) secret for which reason, for which wisdom the Lord of Heavens just created that (creature). We have been ordered to look: “For what (is) this, (what) we are looking and seeing in existence?” And their existence is not stable, (but) running away. But mankind has been ordered to reach through reasons to their Lord’s real Existence; to find a way for their Lord’s knowledge (,Marifatullah).

We have been ordered to know about our Creator, and according to our knowledge for our Creator we may give much more respect and we may give much more glory to our Lord, because we have been created in such a way that we may know, and we may respect and we may give glory. (And Allah Almighty is) asking (this) from His servants. And when we are looking through everything that we are in it now and (we are) thinking on it, our mind (is) going to be bigger and (there is) coming much more ability and capacity for understanding more and more.

Subhanallah! In our days now people are not using (their) whole mind- they are using only perhaps 1 (part) from 1oo- and it is enough for them to look everything on earth, to run after such aspects that are not real things. That one part that they are using they are thinking with that that there is an existence and (that) this (is) their real existence, but always (they are) going to be cheated, because (they are) not asking a support from their minds. (They are) not using (all of their minds), only one (part) from 1oo, and 99 (parts are) out of order, not using. They are saying: “No need, one (part) is enough for us”, to run, to claim to do this, to do that, because that is the lowest level for mankind and Shaitan’s main target is to carry people, to carry mankind from their most honoured level (down) to the lowest level; to take from them that honour that they have been granted from Allah Almighty, therefore (he is) bringing them to (the) lowest level of mankind, which is the level of animals world. And mankind’s real aspects, their real desires and target now is only to arrange their animal beings. They (are) never interested in their spirituality and spiritual being.

Shaitan (is) making them (to be like this), saying: “Come down! Come, come, come- here you are not in need to use 99 (parts of your mind), it is so difficult! I am calling you to an easy life, enjoyful life, you should be happy and full with pleasure. Come to the level that I am calling you (to), down, (it) should be so beautiful, no responsibility on it!” Because animals (are) never carrying any responsibility and Shaitan (is) cheating people, saying: “Come, don’t be up! Up you have been offered, you have been loaded responsibility; (a) responsibility (is) just put on you that even mountains can’t carry- they can’t be able to carry (that load). Leave that! Come with me to lead your normal life that belongs to your physical being and I am asking from you to use only one part from 1oo. This is good for you! This leave, come with me!”

And people (are) coming (down) and rushing and fighting someones to some others for reaching to the lowest level of mankind. Now all mankind is on that level! All people (are) asking only (something for) their physical desires, to fulfil that (desires). Therefore (their mind) is out of order; (they are) leaving 99 (parts) from 1oo (to be) out of order. Biggest cheating! Shaitan (is) very happy that (he) brought 21st century people wholly (to the) deepest, lowest level and (that) they are living on (the) level of animals word. They are asking nothing else (but) eating, drinking dressing and dancing and running and riding- men on men, women on women, men on women, women on men…That is (the) lowest, dirtiest level! (About) nothing else they are thinking. That is 21st century’s civilization, according to their best friend Shaitan!

Therefore people can’t use their whole minds. (And) for what Allah granted to you that big mind? For what? To find your way to keep your level up; not to come down, but to reach from your level (up) to Heavens! But (instead) people are using that one part from 1oo to invent atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, so many kinds of weapons- and a person with one stroke may die. All richness and all of their offers are running only for weapons and then (they are) asking and saying: “Ohhh, economical crisis!” Why not looking to your budget? How many billions you (are) giving for new weapons? That is your honour to prepare terrible, horrible weapons, to destroy what mankind built and to kill them? That is your civilization? That is your mentality? To where you reached and your budget perhaps- if I am saying it is true- from 1oo (%) 99 (%) at least (you are) giving for new weapons and everywhere (they are) saying: “This year we just invented such terrible weapons, but now new ones (are) coming and these are going to be old fashion. Give new money!” And people (are giving…) People, what they are doing? How they can stop? If that river (is) running, how you can stop the flood? Stop that river, not to run, then you should find a way for saving people. All all nations, all countries, all governments, all states they are only thinking to find new more terrible more horrible weapons- how you are asking to be peace on earth? (It) can’t be! But they are never listening (to) heavenly Messages! Heavenly Messages are saying:“ Don’t kill!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Save weak ones!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Don’t destroy!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Keep people!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Keep their honours..!“ Where it is? How they are coming together, 2oo states in UN and they are asking. “We must look to stop terrorism, we must look to prevent Israel from Arabs…”, they are asking, saying. “How we can do to arrange peace through Iraq?” Then they are asking: “How we can find a way with Europeans and Russians among themselves?” So many (things)…

Ya Hu- you are on the level of animals! You can’t think on it! Get up! Get up (to) your level, (the) level of mankind! Why (you are) coming down on the level of animals! Why? Allah honoured you and you are throwing that honour (away) and (you are) coming to be with animals! Never going to come peace on earth until heavenly Involvement (is) coming on earth to break those heads that are leading people and (who) are (the) friends of Shaitan, making people to fall into Hells, into fire.

May Allah make it quickly (and) send us who can be able to make Shaitan and devils to be destroyed and heavenly situation, heavenly Mercy and Blessing may come on earth. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honor of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 01.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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