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Maulana Sheikh Nazim We are running from Shaitan to Allah

Astaghfirullah …Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim… Allahumma la mania lima atayt …Rabbi la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

We are running from Shaitan to Allah. Shaitan is a dog, always running after mankind to bite them, never getting to be friend for mankind, never going to be just to mankind, never going to be true with mankind, never going to make happy mankind, never going to make mankind to be servants of their Lord. That is his mission, you must understand. All of us must understand what is the mission of Shaitan! His mission is troublemaker, and trouble for mankind. He is not going to make a trouble with angels, no. Even not taking too much care for animals also, because animals are not carrying any responsibility and angels their area Heavens is just protected. It is impossible for Shaitan and his armies and helpers and supporters and agents to get up, to reach angels’ level, he should be kicked down, thrown down. His mission only is mankind, to take them away from servanthood. His mission is to give trouble to mankind. His mission is to destroy everything that mankind making it or working on it, asking to destroy, materially or spiritually. Running after mankind. And whom that following him, must fall into endless troubles. As long as a man is following Shaitan and his ways, following his teachings, on every step one at least, then after one countless troubles should surround him and every trouble giving to mankind sufferings, bringing sufferings and every trouble that mankind falling in it, because they are following Shaitan and his teachings, giving poison. Giving poison and becoming lives of people poisoned. They are saying this atmosphere so many countries people put something on their nose and mouth because it is going to be dirty and- more than dirty- to be poisoned.

They are drinking and poisoning their drinks also and everywhere that mankind is running, for every field, mankind running after him, on every step they are going to find a trouble and they are going to be surrounded with poisoned atmosphere materially and then material poisoning affecting on their personality, that personality representing their spiritual being. Our spiritual being is so nice, so handsome, so beautiful, but because of that poison pour personality is going to be changed into an ugly appearance. So many people now coming and they are complaining- old ones and young ones, youngsters, man or woman, boy or girls- new couples coming and they were so lovely to each other for some days, for some months, and then they are coming, they are saying: “Oh Sheikh, what is your advise to me, because my husband never loving me now”, and she looks like a moon, so beautiful, and complaining that her husband not as before loving her, saying to her: “I am fed up from you.” And sometimes a wife coming and saying: “Just I fed up from my husband, I like to divorce.” I am saying: “Oh, your husband so handsome person, why?” But she is objecting and saying: “But no more I may carry him.”

That means: their personality going to be poisoned form the causes or reasons that surround their lives and putting eye-glasses that Shaitan is using to make false through people, to make fasad, corruption. Everywhere now it is their trouble that they are not able to carry wife her husband and husband his wife. Before people they were carrying, not carrying, but love that they are running after, was giving to them some Lights and their faces was getting more brighter day-by-day, because they were using their Lord’s Service and every Service is going to dress man or woman lights and beauty and familiarity.

But now people are never interesting with their Lord’s servanthood or the heavenly service in divinely Presence, they never take any care. Therefore that as a punishment coming to them, coming and saying: “So ugly”, husband looking to her, so dirty face, Astaghfirullah! And trouble growing among people and people are thinking that this crisis growing for economical aspects. They are liars! It is not a result of economical crisis, no, but they never speaking on the point that is moist important point to say that because people are running away from their Lord’s servanthood and they are going to be dressed ugliness, men and women and they are coming and saying: “Oh Sheikh, I think that some people making black magic for me because my husband never loving me as before” or coming man and saying: “Perhaps someone making magic for me, my wife not loving me as before”…All of them lies, imagination. They are not coming to touch the most fine point that giving that trouble to mankind, to say: “(It is) because you are not taking care for the servanthood of your Lord and you are not going to dress (that Lights), you are remaining only with your physical beauty and physical beauty it is going to be plastic figures through magazines, through shops, confection. Dressing, they may out on figures man and woman, but it is nothing, no taste from that plastic body, never giving anything to them, man or woman. But if a person is living to be dressed heavenly Beauty dressings, that it is a result of blessings from Allah Almighty, they never loosing their familiarity up to end, even may be 8o, 9o, 1oo and more…never changing, because always dressing!

There is a traditional knowledge from heavenly Knowledge that coming from Prophets heavenly knowledge and saying if anyone is asking to be seen or to be dressed beauty on themselves, they must try to be awakened midnight and dawn time, because they it is that time that the Lights brightening coming and dressing. Therefore, whom they are praying midnight praying and dawn prayings, they should be known through their faces, Allah giving to them a brightness and familiarity, ‘uns’, if anyone asking may pray to their Lord, because that time Allah Almighty is sending angels with heavenly Lights and heavenly dressings to be dressed His servants whom they are in His divinely Presence on earth, praying to their Lord and giving their high respect.

But people they lost it and they are insisting to make a beauty on their faces or on their bodies and they are spending not millions billions Dollars, billions Euros, to take this small crème for making their faces good looking, for Make-up, cosmetics. I was in South Africa, I went to a warehouse, a big warehouse that I was looking up, my turban was going done, so high, and running in it small trains to carry these cosmetic things to bring, one, two, three, four, five…twelve wagons, trucks, coming, as ship coming on beach, coming to take these cosmetics…And there were saying: “You know one small jug how much it is?” “I don’t know. It is Turkish money?” “No, their money. 5 Dollars smallest one”…This building was full. I was saying: ”They may buy whole Turkey with what this warehouse contains.” So much! All for what? For ladies! “Oh my darling, how I am now? I am using new cosmetic for my lips”…going to be their lips like donkey lip, but saying: “Oh, my darling, I may put this colour.” “This colour that you are using, I am looking it is dark blue…” “No, my darling, it is dark red.” “Really? Dark green!” “No!” Using this to make themselves young ones…and (they are so old already,) no (more) teeth and then buying. And young ones also they are not saying that Allah giving to them beauty, but they are asking to use something to be much more beautiful…can’t be! As long as man looking to woman, taking from that beauty from their faces, from their bodies. Whom they are keeping their faces and their bodies, their bodies and faces always fresh and smooth, without using cosmetics!

“Oh Sheikh, what you are using on your face?” I am saying: “Olive-oil.” “Olive-oil?” “Yes.” They are putting so many things, but never going to be like…I am washing, making ablution, 5o times daily, and therefore coming fresh…They are not knowing the main source of beauty, from where coming. They are saying: “Why putting Tschador women?” To keep their beauties, but no mind now women! “Why putting this veil on their faces and keeping their beauties?” They are very clever ones, they are not wasting their beauties, because (men are) looking and taking from your beauty. Therefore old ladies, our mums and grandmothers they were keeping their faces and their bodies, not to be hurt from someones that are not Halal for them.

What we are saying? People coming, falling in troubles for following Shaitan and shaitanic teachings. Harming mankind spiritually and physically. Before spirituality was protected and when their physical being was protected, much more happiness and beauty was coming to them. But now they are opening and asking to show their beauties, but never going to be successful their beauty, quickly running away. Particularly women when they are working with men, they are getting hurt and running to finish quickly. Their youth quickly running away. Any woman working through men, hurting their looking and their beauty and their physical being quickly coming down, coming down, coming down, and so many women coming and saying they are ill and what is illness? To be: “Oh Sheikh, there is tumour, cancer.” I am saying: “How old is she?” They are saying: “25.” “Oh, how it can be?” Just going down, particularly those girls that are going to university, always through each other, touching, till they are graduating, they are finishing also physically. Then coming to me their parents, saying: “Oh Sheikh, do something to marry our daughters.” I am saying: “How old is she?” “3o years old, 25 years, 27…” “Why? They are beautiful ones. How they delayed?” “Because they were like studying, making master, making doctor.” After this- who is taking you? You finished through university.

Wrong way for mankind, because they are following shaitanic teachings! And the Turkish government now, I hear today morning, they are making a new rule to be like Europeans: men and women going to be equal. Ya Hu, man, how woman going to be equal? If going to be equal, must be all of us women. That is equal. Allah created you man, created her woman- how you are claming that man and woman is equal? What is that foolishness! Up to here came people’s minds: governments decision making rule to make women…what is that? And I am saying to them: If it is a new rule, you must give rights as you are giving rights to man. How it can be, oh Sheikh? Must be one President man, one President woman, one government from Prime Minister man, one Prime Minister woman, one minister from man, and as much as man must be women minister. One assembly for men, and one assembly for women. If you are saying something, and women not saying… if you are saying: today is holy day and women saying: no- what it should be! If they are bringing such a foolishness- for what? You are asking to make a fitna, corruption. What you are saying, what is the benefit? What you are going to do, who is go to be at home? Both of you should be outside- how it can be, what is that foolishness?

Up today Allah Almighty saying: Man over women, because women weak and man created powerful. Man can protect his wife, but wife can’t protect her husband. What is that foolishness? Up today they are making that trouble for nations. Then they never going to be successful.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and send us from His powerful servants to be a powerful shepherd on Ummah to send them to way of Paradise, to save them from the hands of devils. For the honour of the most honoured one on the divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 04.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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