Maulana Sheikh Nazim We don’t know, but we must ask to know

Ya Rabbi, ya Allah, Tauba ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah…Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association that everyone (is) in need (of it). First of all, before everything, there is something that everyone must know and must learn. I don’t know, He knows and His beloved servant, most beloved, most praised servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, he knows, and whom they are learning from that most beloved one, (from the) representative of (the) Lord of Heavens, S.Muhammad sws, they are knowing. We don’t know, but we must ask to know. What you are knowing is nothing! It is nothing. By comparison with what we are not knowing, what we are knowing is like (an) atom through an endless ocean! You must know this point, so that you must not say: “I know”, (but rather:) “I am asking to know”, because unknown knowledge is countless, unknown knowledge (is) never-ending, because (it is always) coming, coming…

Here people are learning first (in the) Kindergarden, then, after Kindergarden, there is primary school. When learning (in) primary schools, asking to learn more, and after it coming secondary school. When finishing secondary schools, if that one really (is) learning, there is a feeling or inspiration from him that he (is) asking more, not anyone (is) forcing that one. They are asking to learn, to know more. That kind (of) people (is) now very rare. Governments (are) forcing (people and): “You must learn!” Who is not asking to learn, by force learning? Impossible- what (they are) learning (by force), is not true learning. Then they are reaching to college and university. When someones (are) tasting from knowledge, tasting to make his horizon as much as possible a big horizon, asking to reach that, their speciality (is that) they are never getting to be tired to learn; they are reaching one horizon from knowledge, when reaching there, he is looking and seeing another horizon and saying: “We must reach to that horizon also!” They have an inspiration through themselves, pushing them or pulling them to a new horizon for learning and so on… if our capacity is to reach to college and then university or high school and then academy- that is last horizon, because our physical being only may reach to that level. It is impossible to run after that limit, because (there is) no more capacity or ability for a person after (he reached) academy to study and to advance to another horizon.

He is getting older, older- perhaps, when (he is) reaching to 4o years, that is okay. But after that age that is the limit of a person; (he is) reaching his perfection. Then (they are) asking to keep their station on that point, but: ‘Afatu-l ‘ilmi al nisyan’- when a person (is) reaching (the) last horizon through their physical being’s capacity, (they are) beginning- as a tree (that) after giving its fruits (is) beginning to leave their leaves- that person also (is) beginning to leave some knowledge that he reached and (he is) keeping through his mind; (he is) beginning to forget and that is their last limit for learning through their minds and mentalities, (they are) becoming to come down, to come down, to come down, and to be on zero point.

For what we are going to speak on it? Why we are saying this, (why they are) making me to speak (this) to you? We must know, we must learn what is necessary for ourselves or which thing (is) asked from us. That is (said in) one word! (The) heavenly Grant to all people living on earth is one thing. The Lord of Heavens (is) asking from His servants living on this planet to reach perfection. That is (the) word: perfection! The Lord of Heavens (is) asking from His servants to reach a perfection. Perfection- one word, most important! Your Creator, your Lord, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Creation, He likes to see (that) His servant reached to (the) point of perfection. He likes it! Therefore He is sending Prophets.

Prophets are perfect ones. Their creation physically is perfect and also spiritually they have perfection. They are coming to teach people, how they should reach perfection and they are guiding people. All Prophets- and particularly the Seal of Prophets- (they are) guiding people to perfection, (to) the level of perfection and perfection has countless levels in divinely Presence.

(There is the) first level of perfection; then there may be a second level for perfection, (and) there is another level of perfection and another level of perfection- (it is) never stopping. Anyone (who is) asking to reach more and more, Allah Almighty (is) accepting (this intention) from him and granting to him what he may be in need.

A person may ask to reach from here to another place. Some of them may walk and reach, some of them (are) preferring a bicycle (and) on that bicycle (they) may reach, some (others) of them may reach to buy a motorcycle, on it to reach that perfection, some of them may be able to buy a car and on car to reach to their perfection and so on…

Countless means you may use and (according to) what you are using, you may reach higher degrees of perfection. A person may reach by walking, but he is not on (the) same level like (someone) who is reaching by plane, by car or even by rocket.

Therefore the essence of associations (is)… We were saying (that) we are in need (of) associations, because associations opening to you ways for reaching to perfection. If you are not reaching for an association, you can’t find a perfection here or Hereafter. Under the perfection that is just appointed or granted to mankind, if you are not reaching to (the) first level, you are remaining with animals world. Animals no perfection for them. They have perfection through their creation, but they can’t reach the perfection that the Lord of Heavens (is) opening for His representatives, for the Children of Adam. Why you are staying in their stable? Why?

Prophets (are) coming to open (the) doors of perfection for you and (they are) calling you: “Come!”, but people like to be on the level of animals, animals world. People (are) saying: “Eh, we don’t like it, we are happy to be on our level, to be friendly with animals and we are happy to be like animals also.” When a person saying this- “we are happy to be on the level of animals”- they (are) never offered anything- for animals (there is) no Halal, no Haram. And people (are) saying: “No, we are happy.” Prophets (are) calling them: “Come! Come, we shall dress you an honour, come with us, leave (the) level of animals! We are dressing you (the) dress of honour and crown you with a glorious crown!”, but people are saying: “No, we are happy, we are not asking to change our levels. We are very happy to be with animals level, because they are eating and drinking and making everywhere dirty”…animals (are) never ashaming; if you are putting them here, (they are) making dirty here also…Those people that now live on earth (are) saying: “We are happy with our level. We are not asking any other perfect level. Our perfection we are happy.”

Perfection of animals is good, it is true, suitable for them, but it is not good a man to be with animals level, to be like them and to leave their perfection in divinely Presence. It is not good, but now (the) whole world (is) running after this. They are saying: “We are not asking heavenly Laws, heavenly Rules; we are asking a free life, to be free as animals- they are free through jungles, desserts, mountains, they are doing everything, no one (is) blaming them- we are asking to be on that level. But when these Prophets (are) calling us to a level, it is difficult for us, we can’t climb there. Leave us on our level. We are friendly with animals. Some of animals we are eating, some of them we are keeping and riding on them, some members of animals world we are keeping for decoration”…people are keeping from animals world lions or such countless kinds of members of (the) animals world, keeping them with them, and they are kicking (the) heavenly honour that is going to be granted for those who are asking an honour and (an) honoured station in divinely Presence. Because mankind, it is not true for them not to accept perfection, that I mean to say, heavenly perfection!

These buildings, that roads, that technology (are) only helping mankind and keeping them on the level of animals world, nothing else. Preventing technology mankind to reach to heavenly perfection, because when you are reaching and asking to be a perfect member from (the) honoured level of perfection, you must leave everything that belongs to (the) animals world. Leave this, reach that- the level of Angels! It is so clear, but people (are) running away. Prophets (are) calling them to the level of Angels, but people (are) insisting to be on the level of animals. Common people (are) asking to be (a) member of (the) animals world. They are refusing to be members of heavenly perfection levels. How you can reach a peace?

Through jungles there is peace among animals? Lions making peace with dears? Pumas making peace with goats or lions making peace with tigers or tigers making peace with zebra or such? Can be? No, because on that level you can’t find ‘akli salim’, a perfect mentality through animals. Someones must eat some others. Impossible. Now all world people (are) asking to be and insisting to be on the level of animals (that on that level the law is this that the) powerful one must attack weak ones and (he) must take all from them. If (they are) coming against them, (they) should kill them. ‘Superpower’. What it means? Weak people (are) going to finish, because (the) ‘superpower’ (is) asking to do according to their egos desires.

Therefore- as long as they are insisting to be on animals level, (there is) no perfection. No perfection (is) bringing troubles, bringing problems, fighting, suffering, miseries- bringing everything that (is) making people not to be rest, not to be happy, not to be in peace. Finished! They must come, they must ask: “What is our perfection?” You are a man, a member of (the) Children of Adam- why (you are) not asking: “What is our perfection?”

Is it not a blame (that) a person (is) living through the 21st century and (he is) not asking: “What is our perfection? For what we are created, why we are living? What is (the) aim of our life? What is (the) honour of man through this life? What is our target, the last aim for us?” They are not teaching that: “You are a created to reach (the) levels of Angels, (the) level of perfection (and) to leave (the) level of animals world. Leave animals world, come to Angels worlds, come to Angels perfection, heavenly perfection. It is your honour, oh mankind, come!“ (But) people (are) running away…If a person (is) calling them: “Come for that perfection”, they are running away and Allah Almighty (is) calling them to be with Angles level, (saying:) “It is suitable for you, you have been created for that perfection! Leave (the) membership of animals world and come and reach, ask the membership of heavenly Beings, Angels, and you should be honoured (with) heavenly Honours!”

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 17.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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