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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Who can advice us**----Some people have very pointed minds - - so-called “sharp “ minds. But they are actually stupid ones.

The question of how mankind came to exist here and what is his responsibility, the stupid one wants to research by science, but science cannot answer these questions because science is based on experience and proofs--- --- it is not the realm of science to answer questions where proof cannot lead to an answer.

Whatever he wants us to see, we see that only.

The Majesty of Allah is beyond our understanding. Whatever you see it is bounded. You cannot get out of the borders or limits. The eye sees, but cheats you. When you look at the sky with your eye you see the huge stars as dots. The eye has been created in such a way that our eye sees those huge stars as dots in the sky.

Mankind is very holy. They are weak in their physical bodies, but in other ways they represent power and respect. But does our eye see of itself or is that seeing by the order of Allah? Whatever He wants us to see, we see that only; and we cannot see other than that. So far, what have we seen in the universe with its endless measurements? –

The limits of science

Man asks , “Why did I come to this life? What am I going to do? And where am I going?” If you don’t ask these questions you are ignorant. But if you ask these questions and go for the answer to the university professors, they cannot answer you. It is not their job to answer you. The professors they are going to give you scientific answers…. But beyond that they cannot tell you the real nature of mankind and his duty and his end. The key to the answer is from Allah Almighty and given to His Prophet, and through prophets to His beloved servants (mankind)

Beyond Mind

The advice from Prophets gives mankind information about themselves. And criticism of this advice shows ignorance because ---logic and science wants to bound everything with the (logical) mind, but the subjects we are talking about, you cannot prove by science. It is secret. It is spiritual knowledge.

Through the sohbet (association with a spiritual teacher) he will get all the answers as to how he came to this life, what he will do here etc. All the prophets came in order to answer the questions that cannot be solved by the (logical) mind.

And the things that can be solved within the limited mind, don’t have any holiness. They are not holy things. And if you try too hard with the mind you run out of mind and start to give funny answers. The mind cannot answer these questions. It is a matter of belief. The mind tells you, “ It is beyond me I cannot help you in these matters.”

That is why twentieth century humanity went the wrong direction. They try to answer these questions logically. Therefore all their answers are wrong. If all the questions could be answered by the mind (logic) it wouldn’t have been necessary to send prophets. We would have said, “We can answer all the questions with our minds – what need of prophets?”

All the problems of humanity, did the mind solve them? All the laws, decisions, regulations, did they save humanity?

And today humanity is in chaos and they suffer. They ask their brains, and their minds answer them “We cannot help you any more .“ And people are saying to their minds, ”If you don’t help us, what shall we do?” Their minds are telling them; “We are in the hands of the religious ones who have their way from the spiritual worlds – and you will be like them in the end.”

So if you are like them you will understand something. If you don’t enter their way you don’t have anything. ---

The nature of this way

When it is said that religions give advice, we don’t mean that you will sit and think about it. The advice is not coming through your brain. It is spiritual. This advice shows us development ways to the heavens.

But human beings in their stubbornness we are not accepting heavenly ways. The only way is to follow the way of the Prophet ( peace be upon him) that is the reason of miraj. You cannot go by rockets.

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