Sultanul Awliya Shaykh present them 3 surah Ikhlas, & 1 surah Fatiha. If he orders, I will move
this world from this side to that side. It is easy. I'm at service there. I wait at the door. Ouzabillahi
minashaytani rajim.

Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. People's nafs are the female partner of satan. When they meet, evil deeds
come. Like when a man & woman meet, there comes a child. When satan meets with the nafs,
evil deeds come to life. Marriage of satan and nafs comes to life. Who cannot control his nafs
satan rides him, satan resides with him; They fall into evil deeds, sink into it, evil deeds rain
upon them. We seek protection in Allah. Mankind is not here to do bad deeds. Animals kick,
thay have an excuse. Animals’ bite, they have an excuse. Thay have an excuse? What is their
excuse? Animals says "You know I'm an animal". Why did you disturb me? You caused me to
kick you, bite you. It's your fault. I don't have brains. You have brains. On the day of judgement
there is a trial between animals and mankind. For this reason if an animal kicks or kills someone
they don't send the animal to trial and give him the death sentence. No, they say the animal
kicked. No judgement on animals, laws are for people. Are there any laws for animals? There
are laws for people, who own the animals. If an animal does wrong, they call the shepherd. For
this reason mankind is created to do good. If he does wrong he is no longer a human.

Once upon a time a dog bit a boy. At night the boy started to moan because of the pain. Why
do you moan my son? He said "Daddy a dog bit me". The father asked " Why didn't you bite
him oh my son?" He is aking his son. why do you cry, moan? The boy said "a dog bit me." The
father asked: "Why didn't you bite him?" "Oh father I'm not a dog." This lesson is enough.
Enough for a man to learn a lesson. This is one of the stories of Shaykh Sadi Sirazi. It's not one
of our stories. Whoever it belongs to, we should say it. It's not ours. These words of wisdom
thousands of awliya, mashaykh, scholars came to guide people. They all came to teach people.
But nowadays especially they do anything possible to teach people how to be a wild animal, not
how to be a human. Wherever you look, people follow things, that lead them to wildness, that
encourage them for wildness, these people follow them. They learn badness, not goodness.

The boy said I'm not a dog. When he said I cry because the dog bit me, his father asked why didn't
you bite? he said I'm not a dog. So, you should not fall down to the same level with the people of
no level. That's the right way. But people now they say it's self-defence. Akhadtathu-l 'Izzatu bil
ithmi The pride of people's nafs, forced him to commit a sin. Allah Almighty says. When you
say he misunderstands, he fights with you. He argues with you. He can't carry a word. Especially
he does not accept an advice. Now if you swear at people they accept, they like it. If you give
advice, they swear at you. They fight with you. People like swearing, swear at them. Don't ever
give them advice, they fight with you immediately. They swear, they fight. Thay say: Do I need
an advice? I don't need any advice, Allah Allah. Obviously they don't need any advice. They
asked the camel. Where are you coming from? From the bath. Really, that’s obvious from the
mud on your feet. If he comes from the bath, does he have mud on his feet? His legs, his feet
covered in mud. It's like that. A man says; I don't need an advice you can understand his

You don't need any advice. Buffalos, you know buffalos? They wake up every morning, if they
find a pond, full of mud or dirt they swim in it. They bath everyday. They love water. Everyday,
they can't do without a bath. They go like this, go inside the water. They swim alone. They are
all covered in dirt. Where do they come from? We are coming from the bath. What a bath? We
don't have shower they say. Maybe in the future, new millenium people build us a a shower.
That's our hope, the buffalos say. 20th century people don't accept that they are dirty. They say
we are clean. That's why if you give advice, they don't accept. If a Prophet comes, they say we
don't need a Prophet. They are the seeds of Abu Jahil. You know him? Seed of Abu Jahil. Was
there barley in those times? Thorn? M: Yes.S.E:Thorn and barley are present today also. They
aren't extinct. They still exist. That's why among people are precious ones and non precious
ones. Barley, wheat, thorn thay are all together. That seed also exists. Abu Jahils did not become
extinct. In the time of our Master Alayhi Salatu wa Salam, Abu Jahil was their leader. After
that his seeds continued. Now, they are countless. Even a computer can't count Abu Jahils.
There are so many.

May Allah not count us from them. Nafs, when people's nafs meets with Satan. out comes an
evil deed. Because our nafs is a female satan. "Inna-n Nafza La'ammaratun bissu'l illa man
rahima Rabbi (12:53)" Indeed, the self constantly commands to evil, except those upon which
my Lord has mercy. Sadaq'Allahul Azim. Who wants the mercy of Allah Ya Rabbi, don't leave
me... in the hands of my nafs, Allah protects them. Who doesn't seek Allah's support, how can
he survive? When someone falls into a swamp, he tries to save himself, as he struggles, he goes
deeper. So, someone outside has to give his hand, throw a stick, a rope, a wheel. Without
someone's help, he can't get out of that swamp. Everytime he tries, he jumps, he goes deeper.

For this reason, our Master prayed to Allah, to protect us from falling into the hands of our nafs.
Nafs makes us a non believer in an instant. He goes, goes in the way of belief. Then "Thumma
amanu thumma Kafaru thummazdadu kufran (4:137) Indeed those who have believed then
disbelieved, then believed, then disbelieved & then increased in belief, the direction changes it
turns to kufr says Jenabi'Allah. "Thumma amanu thumma Kafaru thummazdadu kufran (4:137)
summe kefer!, summezd! kufra". Nafs do not let us walk on the right path. When it finds
a way, it follows satan. If death comes, when its following satan, if a person dies, he dies as a non
believer. Allah Almighty asks how did you find my servant? His face, was it towards me, or the
other way? Allah will ask. He knows everything, but he asks. So his servant hears Him. In which
direction was his face? Turn to the Qibla, turn him. Turn him on this side. A man, who doesn't
know Qibla in this Dunya. Wherever you turn him.. inside the grave, will he turn? Turn to
Qibla He says. A Saint, a 'dhat' means one of Allah's saints. He surrenders to Allah, He
surrenders to Satan, never. When he is trying to turn his face, he was trying to turn him. He
opened his eyes, the Saint said "He already turned my face son. It's not with your turning." The
undertaker replied "Inside the grave Ya Sayyidi you didn't die." The Saint replied, "Do your
duty." They give salat because Yunus (Emre) died. Animals die, not human beings, doesn't
Yunus say this? They give salat because Yunus died. Animals die, not human beings. Ala inna
awliya'Allahi la khawfun alayhim wala hum yahzanun. The one who dies really that Saint, who
died he said to people, He turned my face. It is useless for you to turn my face/shroud this way
or that way. It is useless. If He doesn't turn you. It is useless for you to... turn him to qibla. If
He turns you. When does He turn you? In this world, if you are towards him. Why does He
turn you to Qibla? Which direction were you looking in the Qibla of the heart? There. Don't
worry! Hajjaj, did he murder Zubayr bin Al Awwam from Sahaba (companion of Prophet sas)?
he was Saint Zubayr. When he was beheading him he asked them to turn his face away from
Qibla. He was laughing. "Why are you laughing? " I laughed because I surrendered to... Divine
will that he sent you to me as a trouble. Turn his head away from Qibla. He turned his head
down, then he killed him. Later on when Hajjaj Zalim dropped dead, we have say it like that.

He was seen in a dream, when asked how Allah Almighty treated him... he said how many times
I sent someone to the executioner, how many times I beheaded someone in return He beheaded
me once. But, for beheading Prophet's (sas) companion Zubayr, He beheaded me 70 times in
return. As a result, in which direction is your heart? Which direction are you looking in this
world? If you took 1 step to follow satan then you died. You die as a non believer. He will ask,
who was he following? Following satan, finished. Big danger. For this reason, in the presence of
big ones. There's no small sin, all are big sins. Why? It is a rebellion against Allah. Small sins,
you are also rebellious. Big sins you are rebellious. Don't dare, don't be rebellious to Allah! Don't
rebel. Don't commit big sins or revolt against Allah. Small sins; we scholars, Islamic scholars,
May Allah open for them the doors of mercy. It's their classification, to make it easy for the
ummah, the responsibility. Because there's so much addiction to small sins.

Our scholars they smoke tobacco. Why? It's a small sin, no harm. If they said, it's a big sin.
They would sink. They wouldn't know what they were reading in Mihraq. If a small sin is
repeated 3 times, it turns into a big sin. Big sins minimise and disappear with Astaghfar. If you
insist on a small sin, it gets bigger, bigger, becomes a big sin. Beware of small sins. A famous
person was crying when he was a child. They asked him why he was crying. I cry because I fear
that Allah throws me into hell. Oh my son, you are small, Allah will not burn you. He said: I see
mom when she burns the big woods, she puts in small, thin branches & burns them. Look how
smart he is. A smart Awliya. May Allah give us a true repentance? We are in the days of
difficulty. But the degree we achieve is not achieved by the ummah in the past. In the past,
governments were against Kufr. The governments were at war with it. They didn't give any
chance to Kufr. That's why muslims prayed easily, fasted, read Quran. They had madrasah,
mosque, dargah, tekke, tariqah, shariah. No one could say a word. They cut their tongues or
heads. People in those days, they kept their Muslim identity easily. They lived Islam, like Islam
wants them to live. There was encouraging, protection, conservation. But today, they don't let
Islam to breathe. In the past they didn't give any chance for Kufr. Now it’s the opposite;
governments don't give Islam a chance. But they don't say Islam openly. Look at the majesty of
Islam. We have nothing. We have nothing. But in the greatness of Allah, in His power they
can't say Islam. They can't say they are against Islam. They make up a word. They say they are
against that made up word. Allahu Akbar. What do we have this morning. Big stick they take it
from us, hit our heads. We don't have physical power. Because of nastiness, we don't have
spiritual power at all. Even now, none of the governments are brave enough to say... they are
against Islam and attack Islam. Armies, planes, bombs, guns, fleet... atoms, atoms; they can't say
we will put Islam... in the target and hit. Look at the majesty of Islam. They say this and that.
They can't address Muslims directly. They can't show Muslims directly as a target. They play
dirty tricks. May Allah keep us steady on Truth.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Karim
Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Subhan Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah,
Sultan Allah. Ya Rabbi for the sake of the one who displayed the Divine Sultanate, Ya Rabbi let
the sultanate of Satan be destroyed.

Bir hurmatil Habib, bir hurmatil


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