Maulana Sheikh Nazim Without associations man never reaching to their real target of this life

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…

This is an association- the way of Prophets, the way of Salihien, the way of Awliya, Saints. Without (a) Prophet and without associations (with him) which means (the Prophet) to sit with common people, man (is) never going to reach to their real target of this life.

Everyone coming, (being) born, knowing nothing; then, day-by-day, we are learning something that we can reach to support our physical being: how we can live, with which means we can live. And that knowledge we are saying (is the) knowledge of (the) level of animals. Animals don’t speak to each other; they are just directed to those targets that they (are) created for. They are under divinely direction, they are directed.

Man also is directed through their parents; (they are) learning something that with that knowledge they can continue to live on this planet up to their last moment, that just Allah Almighty (is) giving them a limit for their life. Up to that limit they are learning something and they continue on that way. That knowledge belongs to our physical being that our physical being belongs to (the) animals world. What animals need for living and bringing their generation to continue, on (that) same level mankind is learning. First of all (they are) learning from their parents. Day-by-day, when (they are) growing, they are learning.

Now we are looking and seeing that (there are) so many kinds of knowledge just on act and people (are) running to learn something- but what they are learning? They are leaning what is concerning their physical being. You may say now nations have hundreds, thousands, ten thousands (of) elementary schools, secondary schools, gymnasiums, universities, academies and so on- what they are learning through these thousands and thousands of schools? What they are asking to learn and which thing schools are teaching people? It is an important point!

Someone may be a physician, someone an architect, some (other) one (is) going to be artist, someone engineer…learning, learning- through universities and schools (there are) so many knowledges and also people (are) learning handcrafts- (but) all of them for what? It is only for one target: People (are) asking to live and reach higher levels of this life, (that) all of them belong to our physical being, (asking): “How I can be able to reach a satisfaction with my efforts, to (reach a) high level life for my physical being?” Thousand kinds of schools, universities, people are saying: “We learned in Indonesia. It is not enough, we must go to London University”, some others (are) saying: “We must go to Harvard university”- for what?

I was looking in a newspaper yesterday and it was written that now the Turkish Prime Minister’s son is learning through Harvard University, they are saying. “Where is it? On moon or on earth?” I am asking. “My son is in Harvard University.” These foolish ones here also running to reach high-level life. It is no good to be in Caribbean island, we must do a long jumping from (the) Caribbeans to England or from England to US university (of) Harvard!” Jumping.

(The) Prime Minister (is) very proud that his son (is now) learning in Harvard university. What you are learning? For your stomach, for your physical being, and what is the result? (A) Harvard doctor is not going to toilet? He must not go to toilet, WC! And he is graduated from Oxford! What is the result? I am asking: “Not going to WC?” Everything (they) may learn, but (the) last point is to reach to WC. Whole efforts of people, what is its last station? WC station! What is the benefit? All that knowledge (is) making people to reach even (a) high life, (as) they are saying- but (they are) coming from high life to ‘WC life’. Whole knowledge’s final point, final limit, is (the) WC. They learnt and its summary (is) that they must go to that place to look the summary of their knowledge…

Then there is common knowledge for everyone; without learning through universities they are learning it, only they are claming to have a diploma for it, but (the) result (is the) same. (Even) who has not learned anything, he (also) knows what the physical being is asking. If a person is bringing a diploma from Harvard or Oxford- (it is) not giving anything else, (but it is) same. Same result for all of them. (For) that knowledge they wasted their time, but if a person is not knowing anything, (he has the) same result.

Allah Almighty is giving honour to you, oh man, and your honour is with some knowledge. Allah Almighty is not honouring you through your ride; (He is) not giving honour to you through your ego, not giving to you honour with your outlooking, with your colour, with your height or shortness or to be big. (He is) not looking (to) that. Allah Almighty is never giving honour to you looking to your creation. He designed everyone as He likes! No one can object on it. It makes Allah angry to say: “I am short, I must be tall”. “I am so fat, I must be thin”... No one can say: “My colour, I don’t like it.” Pu! on that person who is saying this, fighting (his Lord)!

“Yusawiyu fi arhama ma yasha”- Your Lord is giving your model and design to be man or woman- black, white, yellow, red- don’t speak on it! That is foolishness. Everyone in divinely Presence is honoured- through their souls, not through these forms, and people are running to make their forms (like) ‘model’, ‘mannequin’: “Oh my Darling, how I can do? If I am dressing such mannequin dress?” What is that foolishness? This (physical being) is a dress (that) Allah dressed on us, but He is asking and He granted us another honour, not looking to your colour, your sex, your dressing, no! Something He granted. People (are) never taking care for that honour, running after outlooking forms to make it another: every year, every month (dressing a) new fashion, thinking that if they are dressing every month another fashion (they are) going to be another personality. No mind people! Now full all (the) world (with them) and that is (the) reason of fighting, wars- (it is) only for their physical being.

Allah Almighty was teaching Adam a.s. all (of His) Names; something that He is saying (for it) ‘Names’, but every Name is leading to an ocean for our souls, for our real being. That knowledge Allah Almighty was giving and teaching Adam and giving honour to Adam over (the) Angels for that reason. When Allah Almighty was saying: “If you are looking and seeing (that) Adam that I created him, he is not suitable for this honour, you come and say what you are knowing!” What Adam knows that is another knowledge that is giving more honour to our real being. Now people lost it, they forget it, they are running after this physical figure and its desires, that (are) finishing.

Allah Almighty was sending Prophets to teach people some knowledge that is so precious! Through that precious knowledge you can be in divinely Presence closer to His divinely Presence and you are going to be more suitable for His divinely service.

People now (are) running on a line that (is) never reaching to an end; (they are) never changing their level, all of them (are) on (the) same level, no one (is) asking to go up. No one (is) running after the teachings of (the) Prophet sws. You know any university teaching heavenly knowledge? They are saying: “It is banned to speak in our university (about) heavenly knowledge, traditional knowledge. We are not accepting.” As Nimrod was saying: “I am on earth and your Lord is on skies”- mankind (is) now on (the) same characteristic and Allah Almighty should take them away, giving their punishment from someone to others, from others to someone. No peace! If (they are) not changing their level to ask real knowledge from their Lord that (He) just granted (to) us through His Prophet, (there will be) no peace, no rest, no satisfaction no blessings here and Hereafter also.

The Day of Resurrection (when) Allah Almighty (is) calling one after one, asking: “Oh My servants, what you learned?” - what you are going to say? “What you learned? “Oh my Lord, I learned how I can built a palace” or: “how I can be a good engineer”, or this or that, something…”Leave that! Did you do anything for your Creator, for Me? What you know about Me? What you learnt? If you say: ‘I learnt’- did you give for Me your best praising and thanks? Where it is? How many times you are bowing in My divinely Presence? Where it is (your worshipping to Me)? You are bowing in front of ladies, in front of your tyrants, you were kissing their feet- but for Me- you ever once bowed for Me?” “No.” “Take him! This one lost his biggest chance that I granted to him to know Me and I honoured them (with that knowledge) -they lost it. Take him!”

Oh people don’t be cheated for this Dunya! Dunya (is) cheating you and it is the main aspect that Shaitan is using to make you to fall in troubles here and in punishment through the Hereafter. Think on it before coming your last breath, your last day, that you should be taken from here. Try to make your Lord pleased with you and give (your) most high effort for His praising and glorifying.

May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… That is knowledge that everyone is asking to know and to walk on it.

Lefke, 06.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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