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Without Regulation
Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of the 27th of August, 2013.
Our Yaran (beloved friends) who are attending, Shah Mardan's Yaran (lovers), welcome. Our
way is by sohbah (talk/ association). Let's talk. Let's be refreshed. May our physical being be
refreshed and may our spirituality be refreshed. May nur (light) descend upon us. Sohbah
(association) is a means for nur (light). There are no lights in places without associations. Go
ahead O Shah Mardan, this field belongs to you. We are weak servants. We are our Lord's weak
servants. We wish to learn the ways of our Lord. We want to learn the ways that will give us
honor. Go ahead (speak) O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran (lovers) admire you. Your beloved friends
are beautiful ones, clean/ pure ones, and respectful ones. From east to west, they are
innumerable, countless holy ones.
O Shah Mardan, welcome, you came with joy. You brought joy to our assembly. You brought
refreshment. You brought peace. You brought beautiful things. You brought beauty. You
brought relief. You brought honor. Why don't you search for these! What are you looking for?
They are looking for dunya's rubbish. Leave that. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. We want to listen
to you and become your admirers. Masha'Allahu kan wa ma lam yasha' lam yakun. Our Lord
created us. Let's mention Allah's Name first of all. It is a must for everyone before any action.
Don't forget, this is a lesson. Masha'Allahu kan. Say - Masha'Allah! Say "Masha'Allah" with
every action/work. Say "Masha'Allah" for every person you see. Say "Masha'Allah" for
everything you see. When you look in the mirror to see yourself - "Masha'Allahu Kan." Give
Shukr (thanks) that Allah created you so beautiful. Our assembly is an assembly of wisdom.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi-l Hamd.
Try to be with Allah. Wa kunu ma'Allah. Be with Allah. People have forgotten to be with Allah.
Who are they being with? Satan! Everything they do is with satan. What is satan teaching? What
is satan making us do? Well, he is constantly making you drink poison. Satan is continuously
making people drink poison. Either by way of eating and drinking, or by way of speaking and
talking, satan is poisoning people. That is its job. "Let me poison the children of Adam." If you
want to be protected from the evil of satan, mention the Magnificent Name of our Lord, say -
Allahu Akbar! Stand up and make Takbir. Stand up for the One who created you.
O man, you were not sent to dunya (this world) for fighting. To fight is the characteristic of satan.
Satan fought. When Allah Almighty declared Prophet Adam as His representative, satan fought.
With whom? With its Creator. It wasn't ashamed. And satan vowed - the same way that I am
fighting with my Creator, I will make all these people fight with their Creator. They won't be
pleased with anything. They won't be content with anything. They won't be satisfied with
anything. Whatever is given to them, they won't say "it's enough". Satan says – ‘I will raise them
to be bad mannered.’ Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Addabani Rabbi. Your sayings are the sultan
of sayings! The Sultan of the worlds said - Addabani Rabbi. My Lord taught me Adab (good
manners). My Adab (manners) came from the Throne. Satan said - I will make you forget the
Adab that came from the Throne. I will teach you all the bad manners that exist on earth. That
is what satan said, he vowed. "La'ughwiyannahum Ajma'in" (38:82) ‘I will mislead them all. I will
make them forget the Adab of heavens. I will make them enemies to one another. I will make
them bad mannered.’
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Go ahead, inform us. All prophets said - 'O my nation, in front of
you is satan who is trying to make you forget Allah. Don't listen to it, come to me.' What did
satan say to the nations of the past? It said - 'Don't believe this one (prophet). Believe in me.
Don't believe in something you don't see.' Satan made the great Prophets' nations to fight against
them. There is no nation that didn't fight with its prophet. Starting from Prophet Adam and all
the way to our Habib (sas) there is no nation that didn't fight with its prophet. May Allah not
make us to be from them.
The happiness, beauty, and peace of mankind come by following its prophet. Satan's saying -
'Don't follow them! Don't follow prophets. Don't listen to their books. Listen to me.' And by
making them listen, satan made people to fall into hell. 'Alayhi ma yastahiq. They will give satan
what punishment it deserves. O He who dissipates the darkness of the night; He who opens up
the lights of the day; the One who makes the day go by and brings the night; the One who
created man - let's glorify Allah Dhul Jalal. Let's prostrate and love Him. Love Allah. Allah gives
you whatever you like. However, the things you want have no value.
Listen, the things you want have no value. Even though they have no value, you are fighting one
another over them. The fight for dunya: People of today are fighting for dunya. They're not
concerned about Akhira (hereafter). There is no concern for what will come. There is no one
who is concerned with what comes after dunya, what comes after death. Everyone is concerned
with dunya. The one making people satans, the one teaching people satanic lessons, is Iblis,
satan. What is it teaching? Kill one another, break and destroy. Do every bad thing. And I will
give you honor, satan is saying. What honor does satan have? However, these stupid and
ignorant ones see satan as superior. They consider satan's orders to be sacred. They do not honor
the orders of their Creator, or the Glorious Prophets that He sent. They fell into troubles. Allahu
Akbar Allahu Akbar Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What a nice order/ arrangement Allah has
A person asked someone a question. And I am repeating his question - Does the sun have any
regulation/ arrangement? He was astonished. Should I say yes or no? If I say yes, you will ask
who is regulating it? If I say no, it is impossible for this orderly arrangement to not be regulated.
Even a small watch has a system by which it is regulated. There is no watch without a gauge. Is
there a world without regulation? O unregulated (...) ones! Even a small watch has a gauge so it
can be regulated. Did you see the ones who built the gauge? Do you know them? No I didn't see
them, but my watch has a gauge. Your watch has a way to be regulated, O shameless one, are
you without any regulation? I don't know, he says. Then that means you are an unregulated (...).
Each unregulated person is a different (...). What has the dunya become? It is full of unregulated
(...). There are no regulated/ balanced ones. Because their regulation is not from heavens.
Regulation/ arrangement is from heavens.
Look, the sun has its arrangement. It rises, it completes its regulated course, then sets. It knows its
way. It sets in the west. It rises from east and sets in the west. Well, do you know? You are Man.
Do you know where you came from and where you will go? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. If the
world, the sun, the moon, and the stars have an arrangement, then do you not have an
arrangement/ regulation O (...)? O disobedient mankind, you also have a regulation, but you
disrupted that regulation. Who disrupted it? Satan is the one disrupting man's regulation. Men
were like angels, but satan tricked them and made them to be regulated like satans. Prophets
were sent to people. They set the regulation of humanity. And satan came and said to throw
away that regulation. "I will give you a new regulation every day." And every day satan is giving
a new regulation to dunya. until it is filled with unregulated ones. They don't know what they are
saying or what they are doing. They don't know what they should do.
What happened to people? Prophets came to make the regulation. They ran away from that
regulation and are following satan's regulation. And satan has brought people into the situation
they are in today. There are navies, airplanes, rockets. What benefit are they? Their purpose is to
destroy mankind. Their regulation is for destroying mankind. Who is teaching them? Satan. Who
is learning? Satan's students. Satan has disrupted the regulation of everyone, men and women.
There are no regulated people left. Astaghfirullah. You disrupted the regulation and fell into
troubles. The seas are full, the land is full. Why? To destroy mankind. When your Creator was
arranging your regulation, did He arrange it so you can kill and finish off mankind? The Bible,
Torah, Gospels, and Quran. 4 Books. They are for correcting people's regulation.
What is the regulation? They (books) were sent to arrange people's regulation. Satan said - 'No,
this is democracy. You can do whatever you want, there is no regulation. Do whatever comes to
your mind. Hit, break, burn, destroy. The regulation of heavens..." O Shah Mardan. You are
very interested in fire. Very well, I will make the mountains to burn and you won't be able to put
out the fire. And I will flood the dry deserts. You won't find a place to escape, because you have
no regulation. If you had regulation, there would be no fires in the mountains nor would floods
sweep you away. But the aim of satan is to make people disgraced.
When the regulation is disrupted, people don't know what they are doing. People came regulated
from heavens, and satan has disrupted that regulation on earth. And so a person comes out and
poisons people. One person comes out, and burns people. One person comes out and burns &
destroys people. Is this their regulation? Is this what people were meant to do? To burn &
destroy, to cause people troubles, is that why people came? Is this their regulation? Shame on
them. Look at those who read Bible, Torah, Gospels. If there are any, let them say: Is this the
regulation of dunya? The Holy Torah that came to the children of Israil, did it teach them their
regulation? Where are the children of Israil with that regulation? Is this the regulation of people
that Allah sent down in Bible,Torah, and Quran?
I am asking everyone in east and west. Let them tell me if Allah sent people to dunya with this
regulation: To burn, destroy, kill, and finish off one another? Is this the regulation with which we
were sent to earth, or to be deputies? O were we sent to be Sultans? Subhan Allah Sultan Allah.
And people today have disrupted their regulation. They became without regulation. When they
are unregulated, they fall into every trouble. Humanity is unregulated now. The whole world is
unregulated. And Allah is letting you be. You want to make your own regulation. Make your
regulation and continue your life. But they are not able to. The regulation comes from heavens,
not what you make up. Shame on them.
In the land of knowledge, Egypt, a group of people appeared. If only they hadn't come. What are
they saying? They are saying - "we will make a constitution." O you who don't fear Allah! Didn't
Allah send you a constitution? What is this nonsense talk? What is this disbelief of yours? Those
in heavens don't sleep. Get your heads straight Oor else you will be food for those under the
ground or for the fish in the sea. Your honor will be gone. The constitution is Shari'ah
Gharrawun Ahmadiya. Don't look for anything else. Those who do are unregulated. Islam has a
How nice. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Let's learn what the regulation is. Let's be proud. The
regulation coming from heavens is Shari'ah Gharrawun Ahmadiya. Keep it and be saved or else
you will be from satan's tribe. You will be from the unregulated ones. Those not following
Shari'ah are all without regulation. Let them come and say "no". Everything they did became a
trouble for them. O our Lord, our Subhan. When there is no one left to honor Your orders, the
punishment will come. It will come from heavens and from earth. O Kings! O Sultans! Listen to
the Divine Decree. Don't leave the Divine Decree and make up things. The world will make you
worn out and throw you away. Let's fix our regulation. Our regulation is Shari'ah Gharrawun
There are many sects. Wa La Tafarraqu... "Wa A'tasimu Bihabli Allahi Jami`aan Wa La
Tafarraqu" (3:103) If Arabs don't understand Arabic, then what will we do? Regulate yourselves!
If you don't, they will regulate you. O Sahibul Mizan. O our Mawla, Lord of the worlds and
creation, send us a sultan to regulate us.. This is what we want. We don't want America, or
money, or petrol, no. Those who make their regulation with kerosene. What is kerosene? It is
petrol. Iranians, Arabs, Turks, those considered Muslims, who regulate themselves according to
petrol, you have no value. If you let some smelly water regulate you, then what value do you
The regulation is the one coming from heavens. Regulate yourself. A Sultan is coming to regulate
you. A Sultan is coming to fix what is crooked. May our Lord let me see that Sultan also. Fatiha.
A regulator is coming. The earth is full of unregulated (...). We need to swear...he is saying it
himself. Those who don't accept the balance, order, and regulation of heavens have become
unregulated (...) on earth. They are useless. They are slaves of the WC. They are eating and
drinking and filling up WC. We want holy ones who will connect our hearts to Malakut. May our
Lord not deprive us. Say, O Azhari scholars, O Turkish scholars, O Indian scholars. Say "no"
and you won't make it to tomorrow.

Lefke, 27.08.2013

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