Maulana Sheikh NazimWOMEN IN ISLAM
In Islam woman is respected.
Woman is not a slave - but she is like a queen and her husband like a king. How a King respects his wife, that is the right order in Islam of families.

But ignorant people do not respect - only ignorant ones do not keep respect. A man must respect his wife and the wife must respect her husband like a king and queen. That is the true way. A king never shows disrespect for his queen or a queen disrespect for her king. That is the real situation for families in Islam.

Islam orders the man (the husband) to keep his wife only for himself and he is not permitted to force his wife to cook or clean or look after the children - not even to breast feed. Islam says - if you want to know - that the child belongs to the father. Therefore the father must care for the child. Even if he orders his wife to feed his child he must pay his wife. If the wife says - "I'm not feeding" then the man must find someone to feed the child. He must not do a bad deal with his wife. No. Sharia says to men you must make your wife pleased - even in the matter of feeding your child you must make her pleased - you must pay her.

As much as you can you must look after your wife and make her pleased. That is Sharia. They may check I am saying what is in Sharia. The man must be responsible for everything in his home, cooking, cleaning, washing - the man is responsible - he may bring someone to do all this or else he must do himself. But woman (the wife) does it by themselves. Yes, Almighty Allah will reward, all ladies because they do things which are not necessary for them - it is not their obligation to do everything in their home. Allah will reward them with paradise.

European people - what are they doing now ? They are forcing women to work and they are cruel. Men are working - at the same time women are working then both of them come home. The man sits and reads the paper and calls "Bring a Cup of Tea" "Bring food" - and they say they are civilised people and they blame Muslims for treating women badly. Where are their laws for looking after women as Islam does. They should show us. If they are able to look after their ladies as queens in their homes then they may be civilised. They must cast blame on Islam - that Islam makes women slaves. Astagfitullah.

They are liars!

Islam keeps women in such a way as to put the onus on the man to cook and clean and everything. Women must be served like queens.

Western people say Islam is no good and that they give women their rights. No work for women out of their homes and at home also men must look after them. Bring provisions, cook, bring servants, your wife is your queen. That is Islam.

<b>QUESTION - If you have a man who doesn't understand?</b>

ANSWER - Put in Jahannam (Hell). Put that man in a stable.

What I am saying is for those who claim to be Muslims and I am telling Western people who are blaming Islam for putting women down. Western people say they are raising women - what are they doing? They are making slaves of women - all day working outside and then coming home and working at home while the men just go drinking.

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