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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**What is the worst thing in any religion? **----What is the worst thing in any religion? Kufr. That is the worst. What does this mean? To cover, to conceal Reality so that no one sees it. In other words, the worst thing in any religion is to tell lies. Every religion declares that God Almighty has cursed liars, "That curse is for liars. This is from beginning up to end, and this is right" (la'nat-llahi 'ala-I-kad-hhibin).

The second rightly-guided caliph, 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God bless him, said, "Even during the time before I became a Muslim I never told a lie. Then how could I tell a lie after I accepted Islam? I would think, 'What is the value of a lie?' Nothing. No value for a lie. When a person tells a lie, his value, when it is known he is lying, becomes nothing. Therefore I never told a lie before coming into Islam, and it is correct that whoever lies, his value becomes nothing."

Islam says that faith never goes together with lying; one of the two must go. If a person has faith, you can't find him lying. If he lies, he has not faith. Therefore, lying is cursed by every religion and God curses liars. I am asking Divine protection from being liars in our faith and in our actions, our deeds and our dealings, from all the troubles which appear from lying. Lying is the source of troubles among people. If everyone keeps to truth, not lying, there will be no more problems among people and among nations and among religions.

Then, on the same level, kufr means to cover, to conceal reality, to cover truth. If anyone covers truth and realities, we must say that he lies and, therefore, he will be cursed by God Almighty. Now, all religions in our time, what do they say about the Prophet (saws) of Islam? What are their ideas?

When they deny the prophethood of Muhammad (saws) they are lying and curses are landing on them, from beginning to end. They also say that Muhammad (saws) was a wise man. Yes. They accept that he was a wise man, and that is true. Therefore, when they say that he was not a prophet, they are lying. When they say that he was a wise man, they are being truthful. They can't deny that he was a wise man, because any wise person must accept that he had wisdom, that he brought wisdom. If a person brings only one bit of wisdom, he is considered to be a wise person. What about beloved Muhammad (saws) who brought millions of pieces of wisdom?

They claim that Muhammad (saws) dictated the Qur'an from himself. Leave aside millions of Traditions, each Tradition bringing so much wisdom just about the Qur'an, the Glorious Qur'an. Yet, they must say that he was a wise person. If they say that he brought the Qur'an from himself, even that is enough to say that he was a wise person because no one who is not wise can bring such a book.

When a verse would come to him, he would recite it at the walls of the Kabah, the House of the Lord, the House of the Lord of Abraham. This is well-known in other religions. The Jewish people know it and Christian bishops know it. Even if common people do not know it, still bishops and rabbis know that it is the House of the Lord of Abraham, although they write in their books, "The House of the Lord of Jacob." Before Jacob, He was the Lord of Abraham. but they want to change it. If they said "The House of the Lord of Abraham," then it would be well-known, but they are covering it up.

That is kufr. It is not a lie, but covering truth and showing it in another way. Jacob was the grandson of Abraham, peace be upon them both, and Abraham built the House of the Lord of Makkah. The descendants of Abraham from Ishmael came to that House. They were poets, well-known poets. They would hang up the most famous poems by the most famous poets. For so many years one of their poems hung on the Kabah. No one could bring anything like that poem. But when the Qur'an began to come and the Prophet (saws) recited the first verse when it came, then they took down that poem, saying, "This new one is like the sun of writing and this is like a candle." Beside God Almighty's words, it was no more than a candle by the side of an endless, shining sun. Therefore, they quickly took it down. The Qur'an is such a glorious Book that no one can produce even one verse, one sentence, like it. It says, addressing all people, all the children of Adam, "I am the word of your Lord. You must believe in me because no one can produce anything like me. If you are unable to do that, you must believe that I have been sent by your Lord, from your Lord's Divine Presence." Therefore every wise person must believe that it has been sent by the Lord of the heavens because people can't produce even one verse of it, and it is filled with wisdom.

Now in Europe, in museums, so many precious books are kept. Here also, in the British Museum and other famous European museums, they have manuscripts of the Holy Qur'an and writings about the Holy Qur'an's meanings. See what was the situation before the coming of the Qur'an and what happened after it came, so that no one can deny that Muhammad (saws) was a wise man. If they accept that he was a wise person, it is part of wisdom not to be a liar because wisdom keeps a person from lying.

This must be well known. If you are a wise person you can't tell a lie. Then what about that person, Muhammad (saws)? His sayings and actions generated millions of Traditions, sayings, all of which contain perfect wisdom. He brought a Book filled with wisdom and endless knowledge. As a sign of the endless wisdom and knowledge in the Qur'an, in libraries in the Islamic world, you can now find millions of books (and millions more were also destroyed for various reasons) whose base is the Qur'an. We have now millions of precious books, precious wisdom and knowledge, and the main source is Umm al-Kitab, the Mother of Books, which means the Mother of All Knowledge, the Mother of Wisdom, as a source. that is the Qur'an. Then how can you say about that person who brought it from his Lord that he may be a liar?

They are saying it. Muhammad (saws) said, "I am the prophet of your Lord." How can you say about him, "You are liar," when that person has spoken millions of pieces of wisdom? If a person brings only one piece of wisdom you can't say that he is a liar.

Then what about these people, Christians and Jews, who deny his prophethood? They must be wrong-minded people or they must be envious people, as mentioned in the Qur'an. Yes. They are envious people. Therefore, a curse has come upon them, and the result of that curse is that the Devil's kingdom has been established on earth because they are supporting satans by saying about Muhammad (saws) that he is not a prophet. If they say that he is a prophet, they must follow him.

Therefore, all troubles that have appeared on earth and are continuing will go on to now become a fire-festival, a fire-celebration, over the whole world. As Nero burned Rome to enjoy himself, now all the satans who have established their kingdom throughout the East and West will burn the whole world with fire that can't be extinguished by water or anything else. For this reason, a Grand Shaykh, who is well-known in western countries, Muhiyuddin ibn al-Arabi, a giant-sized saint, a worldwide personality, was saying in his books, books which are full of wisdom (I am taking from his oceans, from Muhammad's oceans (saws). I am taking wisdom that still western scholars can't understand, never finding a solution for that wisdom - he was saying that at the end of this world, when the Last Days are approaching, there will be a fire, a fire burning on earth. If all the oceans could fall upon that fire, it would be impossible to extinguish it. Only the swords of a Divinely-appointed Sultan, ruler, can extinguish that fire.

The Holy Books also mention the Messenger Muhammad (saws). Every Holy Book before the Qur'an also mentions him. People may be liars, but even they can't change the realities in Holy Books. They can't hide the realities in Holy Books. It is impossible. There is a saying in our language that if there is a spear in a sack, you can't keep it there. It must cut its way out. Therefore, they may want to hide it, but it is well-known that a Sultan will come at that time to extinguish that fire from earth because it is going to burn our planet. And that is the reason why they are lying about Prophet Muhammad, (saws) and that is the punishment for them - fire.

Therefore, God Almighty fights against liars. All the prophets, peace be upon them all, fought against liars. All believers have fought against liars. A curse falls upon liars. The Prophet (saws) said, "The one who deceives or cheats us is not from our nation" (man rashana fa laisa minna). If the Prophet (saws) says he is not from his nation, he is not going to be from the nation of any prophet, and thus he is going to be from the nation of the satans.

Therefore, the biggest sin on earth in the Divine Presence is to lie, to conceal realities, to cover truth, and to change the direction of people. The Kabah is on this side, but you show it to be on the opposite side. People are asking to reach their Lord's Divine Presence but you say, "This is not the right way." Then what is? Such people are not from the nation of any prophet but they are from the nation of satans and that is all.

Western people must look once again at the personality of beloved Muhammad (saws), particularly now in our time. They must think about it. At every time they want a new way of thinking, looking for so many ways to take the whole of mankind out of miseries, but each time they are unsuccessful, just as God Almighty mentioned in His Book, the Glorious Qur'an, that when the children of Israel were rebellious to their Lord, their Lord imprisoned them in the desert of Sinai. And they said, "What kind of a prison is this? There are no walls surrounding us, no guards (like in Berlin, watching people, nor barbed wires ). We are free. We can go anywhere. We can escape. Who says we are not in prison? Let us move from this place and get out." Then, they walked from morning up to night time, walking, walking, walking. In the evening they came tired, sweating. Then the sun set and they saw that they were sitting at the same place from which they had started.

What has happened? The whole day we have been walking, walking, to escape, and now we have come back to the same place where we started. Tomorrow we must change our direction. Today we started from this. Tomorrow morning we must go from that side. We must escape. Then going, going, walking hard up to sunset. At sunset they sat down, waiting, so tired, at the same station where they started. What is this - going, turning, coming back to the first station? For forty years they were imprisoned, every day starting but never getting out and always coming back to the first station.

People now claim that they are wise, but they are not such wise people because every time they move they do not search for the true path to go on it. They try every way, try every idea, except that which Muhammad (saws) brought. They do not try that way. Yes, try, up to the end of this world, To where will you come? You will come back to the same troubles, falling into the same pit, falling into the same hell, always falling; yes, trying to climb out and then falling down. As the Prophet (saws) said, "As long as nations go against my way, there will be only degradation (dhillat) and dispiritedness (maskanat) for them." The beloved Muhammad (saws) is true in his every word, every saying. That is all. I am asking forgiveness for me, for you, for them, and saying, "I seek God's forgiveness" (istighfar Allah). We are giving our endless praises, highest praises, to our Lord Almighty and saying, "Praise belongs to God, praise belongs to God and thanks be to God" (al-hamd Allah, al-Hamd Allah wa shukr Allah).--- --- - 06.06.1985----BookTheDivineKingdomVolume1
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