Maulana Sheikh Nazim You and I Are All Servants of Our Lord

O our Lord, we ask that on the Day of Judgment You resurrect us under the flag of Prophet (s). Prevent them from seeing any hardship in dunya and in akhirah. Without being questioned, destine for us to pass over the bridge of Sirat as fast as a bird, and to enter Paradises with dukhooli awwaleen. Increase their noor, lights! Keep them from decaying in graves! Have them answer the questions of Munkar and Nakeer (the angels of the grave) right away, with no difficulty. Render their graves as gardens of Paradise. Grant them good destinies and make Jannat al-Firdaws be their final destination, yaa Rabbee!



All shaykhs are lying in maqaams. This is what we will say in the Presence of Allah (swt): all awliya, sultans, holy ones are inside. Their palace is enormous! And as for me, you know, there is this wooden box where they put vegetables in, right? So these holy ones took me and put me in front of that palace with this wooden box, saying, “O Shaykh Nazim, you sit here. You are sufficient here; just amuse those who come and go.” But all the sultans are inside! The time has not come yet; when it comes, then you will see the real Sultan! Huuu! They are like dragons. What do you think? As soon as a dragon sets one glance, it will burn and destroy! However, those holy ones are there waiting in silence. May Allah sanctify their secrets.


Amaan yaa Rabbee!

Send many salaams to all our brothers in Germany.

(Mawlana Shaykh addresses another mureed:)

Shaykh Mehmet’s wife is from Kayseri too. What to do? He’s like your brother-in-law. Go and take a look at what has become of him now (Mawlana Shaykh laughs.) So yes, Shaykh Mehmet’s wife is from Kayseri.


They used to recite Surah al-Fath everyday. You opened up a dargah in Bielefeld? (Yes, Effendim, with your blessings.) Whoever is responsible in that area should recite one Surah al-Fath each day. Surah al-Fath is very important; it is a great, majestic surah. Therefore, keep up with that practice and do not fear. What was your name? (Ibrahim.) Because we are unable to keep things in our memory as was before, so it becomes necessary for us to ask several times. Please excuse me for this. Where are you from? (Frankfurt.) Who is the imaam in Frankfurt? Is there an imam? Even if there isn’t, whoever it may be, let him recite one Surah al-Fath at the masjid everyday, because the world has entered into a very tough and difficult point. The only way to overcome this will be through the power of imaan. Those with no imaan will fall off. We seek refuge in Allah.

Safeguard your eyes! Don’t go out on the streets needlessly. Don’t leave your homes. Don’t leave your women alone at home. Don’t let your children go out at night after maghrib prayer. Don’t send your daughters to schools where boys and girls are mixed. You must pay attention to what I’ve said, as these are what it truly means to be a Muslim.

(Guest: O my Sultan! Do not severe us from your door; send us your support! These people would like to take baya` from you.)

Let them take. Let them also take from Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. He is a perfect shaykh! Don’t look at how he is showing himself; he is a highly charged person; his himmah (zeal) is very high. All great shaykhs have sent their gaze upon him. We have nothing. What are we? We are like a dry leaf. However, especially now, there are five awliya endowed with full power who will be in service; they are five big saints. Among the awliya, they are known as Rijaal ul-Ishraaqiyoon; in sainthood there is no other rank above theirs. He (Shaykh Mehmet Effendi) is one of them.

(Guest: May Allah Almighty give you more power, Effendim. May he keep you with us.)

What are we to do with power now? Ride on a horse or a donkey? Haasha! All I want from Allah Almighty is not be imprisoned in bed, and not suffer from mental impairment and lack of imaan. And I am asking Allah to prevent us from falling under an attribute that will cause people to have hatred toward us. Amaan, yaa Rabbee!

(Guest: May Allah grant you to see Mahdi (a), Effendim.)

Our Prophet, `alayhi ‘s-salaatu wa ‘s-salaam, mentions of “good fate.” May Allah make us to have good fate. Neither should we suffer, nor should we make others suffer. May Allah be pleased with you and grant you long life.


A pure life and a pure death. May we enter from a pure house into a pure grave. May we appear in the Presence of Haqq with a face, unblemished and glowing, yaa Rabbee, for the sake of Your Beloved! We have remained as fuqara, poor ones. May Shaytan and its followers be destroyed, be taken away! Send us those who invite us to Your Way, yaa Rabbee! Send us a Sultan who will destroy Shaytan’s kingdom, yaa Rabbee!


May Allah bring us together in good days ahead. Take good care of our brothers and sisters! You are responsible in your area, but now there are people spread out everywhere and they are in need of someone to lead them. You are looking after the place where you reside, but who looks after the second dergah? So that is what is needed. Let someone watch over the dergah, to host those who come and go, and to serve them in zhaahir and in baatin, outwardly and inwardly. (Inshaa-Allah, Effendim.) Of course there is a place, but there is no one in it, and no one who can handle a word from anyone. Everyone who comes should at least say, “Let me hear one word.”

And we too have come here to say “Allah!” to be servants to Allah Almighty, not to make a show that we have come. A person who says “I am this” or “I am that” has no value. Our value depends on servanthood to Allah. So many people say, “Shaykh! Shaykh! Shaykh!” but that doesn’t matter. Your name may be “Shaykh,” but what is the status of your servitude in the Presence of Allah? We are in a tough situation. Our duty is to be servants to Allah. Do not forget this, and teach it to others as well.

Don’t say, “I am better than you,” but say, “I am your servant.” You and I are all at our Lord’s service, as we are servants. We are at our Prophet’s service, and at the service of saints; this is our honor. If not, whoever is disconnected from an awliya, he is Shaytan’s dog, Shaytan’s slave, and Shaytan’s donkey. May Allah protect us from being one of them. May Shaytan be kept far away from us!

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Yaa Rabbee! Yaa Allah! Allahumma ‘j`al jam`ana hadhaa jam`an maghfoora wa tafarruqana ba`dihi tafarruqan ma`sopma. Wa laa taj`al feena shaqiyyan wa laa mahrooma. Allahumma zidna wa laa tanqusnaa wa`atinaa wa laa tahrimnaa wa akrimnaa wa laa tuheena wa laa tuhsir `alayna wardina wa warda `anna w ’a`fuw anna w ’aghfirlana warhamna wa tub `alayna wahdina wa ‘skina wa ‘s-sir sha`nana sha`nal muslimeen wansurna `ala ‘l-qawmi ’l-kaafireen. W ’ansur sultaanana sultana'l-muslimeen... sultanal-insi wa ’l-jinn, gather us under the flag of Sayyidina Mahdi (a)!

May Allah be ever pleased with you. May you kiss the Ka`bah! May Allah open your heart and the heart of all of you. We are the Ottomans! Say “Ottomans,” not “Turkish Muslims.” Okay, in peace you go. Amaan, yaa Rabbee! Blow on me too.

Lefke, 29.03.2011, translated from Turkish

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