Maulana Sheikh NazimYou don’t give drugs to a hungry donkey… Or: Depression is a spiritual problem

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Adhim!
By the Name of Allah Almighty, All-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most
Welcome to you!

(Sheikh is making a short Dhikr using:)
Allah ya Daim…
Allah ya Jalil…
Allah Dhul Jalal…
Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah…
Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin…
Ma sha Allah! Ma sha Allah!
Every time you may do Dhikr, (it is) as (with) a tree: When it is dry
and (you are) giving (it) water, how (it is) opening, we also; every
time that we are making Dhikr, from heavenly Rains (it is) raining on
ourselves, making ourselves to be enough powerful for everything, for
every attack of Shaitan! Therefore don’t forget! Must be your tongue wet
with Dhikrullah!

Welcome to you!
Anything to say, Sheikh Abdul H.?.... he was in (the) forest with Ahmad
K., making Dhikr and a big beast (was) coming in front of them, like (a)
cat sitting (down) in front of them, like this…understand?... Sheikh
Abdul H.… (a) beast, (a) lion, (was) coming, when they are making Dhirk
through (the) jungle, coming and sitting… looking…Kiss his hand!… Where
is Ahmad K.? (In Dubai) Never asking me…

Ya Rabbi, Shukr! Welcome to you! Welcome to those people, who are asking
to be welcomed from Heavens. You are coming to a meeting that this
meeting (is) only for last day… This is a meeting for Allah. You are
coming from long distances, to reach some spirituality, because
spirituality (is) making you to stand up and to be able to do something
for Allah. It is not easy for anyone to make heavenly Service, without
reaching such a spiritual meetings.

May be our attenders one person, two persons, more or less, but all of
them they are asking Allah Almighty’s Pleasure. Who (is) asking Allah
Almighty’s Pleasure, (is) getting up and going with pleasure. “Al jazau
min jinsi-l amal”. You are trying to make your Lord Allah Almighty
pleased with you, you are trying to send (to) His divinely Presence
pleasure, and Allah Almighty (is) returning, what you are sending.
You are sending according to your size and Allah Almighty no size! Can’t
be! Who is going to be from eternal up to eternal, how you are asking
(about a) size for Him- audhu bi-llah! You are sending according to your
size a pleasure, you are trying to make your Creator, your Lord, Lord of
Heavens, Lord of Creation, you are trying to send pleasure.

An ant, what (it is) bringing to a thirsty person? But… an ant, if
running to a thirsty person and it is saying: “Just I am running to make
that thirsty person to be free from thirstiness and to reach a pleasure
and to make him happy, because he is so thirsty one, I must reach to
him!” What reaching, what he, it, can bring to you? If one billon ants
(are) bringing (water), only it can be one billion ‘zarra’, atoms, or
more or less; (and) if you are collecting one billon ants’ water through
your mouth, do you think that a thirsty person (is) going to be
satisfied? It is impossible, but that one (is) just (going to be)
rewarded through its intention and through its efforts that (it was)
running to save a thirsty person.

And we also; according to our sizes, what we can send to (the) divinely
Presence from our effort that we are doing? Only our intention to make
our Lord pleased with us!

And Allah Almighty (is) rewarding back and saying: “Grant, o my Angels,
to My servants, whom they are asking to make Me pleased and they are
sending their pleasure to Me, make their lives to be in happiness, in
peace, in pleasure, in satisfaction, in honour!” That is. What we are
doing, what we can send? Zero, under zero! But the Lord of Heavens (is)
going to be happy with us, pleased with us, and (the) most important
thing for man through his life (is) to try to send more pleasure from
himself, from herself, from itself, from themselves to (the) divine
Presence so Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Oh! My creature (is) just
sending to Me, as it can do, he can do, she can do, pleasure to Me!”

People now living in fire, (the) fire of Hells, no pleasure. They may
have billions or trillions Dollars or Euros or Pounds, but that (is)
never bringing to a person a pleasure, no, perhaps (it is) making them
much more to be sad. No pleasure, because always they are thinking:
“Tomorrow what is going to happen? May be a flood and may take my
treasures… may be (an) earthquake and making everything from my so big
buildings to be on earth…may touch to my skyscraper towers, may touch
something like this and in seconds it is going to disappear…”

Therefore you can’t find anyone from those people (to be in peace)… May
be President and may say: “Today I am President, tomorrow I don’t know
what is going to happen. Perhaps people (are) saying ‘We don’t like such
a President’ or they (are) becoming a crowing and saying that: ‘We don’t
like an opposition’; people may come, may carry our power, we are
remaining without anything…”

Such a thinking is giving to them sadness. They are not happy, no,
because: “May be I may sleep through my home and may reach morning (to
be) in prison. Or may be sleeping in my house now, tomorrow morning may
be I am buried in a graveyard.” Therefore they (are) never going to be
happy, they (are) never reaching any satisfaction or pleasure or
pleasement through their lives, because they have only material aspects.
Soo much, but never (that is) giving to them a pleasure.

But if a person (is) trying to do something, observing that: “If I am
doing his, maybe my Creator, my Lord, going to be happy with my effort,
with my doings”, he may be in pleasure! Yes, everything that you are
making, doing for your Lords Glory, you should reach much more pleasure
from Allah Almighty, much more pleasement from Allah Almighty, much more
satisfaction! Much more lightening, much more glory, much more honour
from His divinely Presence (is going to be) granted to you!

But people, they are ‘jahil’, ignorant; they are thinking that their
level (is the) highest level through centuries, but they are fully wrong
ones! Because they (are) never taking any care for their Lords pleasure,
or pleasement, never (it is) going to be (possible for them) through
this life to reach a pleasure or to reach a pleasement, no.

That is (the) biggest ‘bela’, cursing for them; because they forget
their Lord, their Creator, and they also just forget their Lords
pleasure for them, and then this darkness (is) covering them.
Therefore now (there is) just increasing a kind of illness- really it is
not (an) illness, (because) illness that belongs to your physical being-

Depression it is a new ‘illness’, but it is not really an illness
(because illness) belongs to our physical being, it is something else.
And psychology people now their number (is) growing, growing, growing,
because people, their depression (is) growing up. And those
psychologists or such a people, they are not reaching to make something
with them, only they are saying: “Use this!” What is: ‘Use this’? It is
not something from (the) material world, no, it is something in our
lives (that) belongs to our spiritual being and for spiritual
restlessness you can’t make a treatment with material medicine. But they
(are) also never knowing about this, and (they are) saying: “Take this!
Take this, to make your nerves (calm)…” making it...

Think, for example: If a donkey is shouting and never resting, what
about, if you are not giving to that donkey barley or wheat or corns and
you are saying: “O my brother!”
“Do you think that I am brother?” “I think that you are my brother in
law…” Tauba, Astaghfirullah… “What is matter of yourself that you are
always shouting ‘iaaah’?”
“O my master, even I don’t know…” “Let me to give to you some medicine,
to make you silent, giving to you rest…” “Eh, we may try…”
(And he is) giving to (that) donkey some (of) this medicine…what is the
name of this?... Drugs! (All of you like that donkey…!) Drugs! Saying:

“O my Darling, I may give to you a kind medicine that makes you to be
calm and after a while you are not going to be able to be on your legs,
you must sit down... After, another pill from drugs I am giving you,
making more powerful drug, and you should feel that you can’t be able to
open your eyes and your are going to sleep, taking your rest…”

And (that) donkey needs barley, (tht) donkey is hungry! It is not in
need for drugs, it needs barley, because it is hungry! When he is
hungry, (he is) getting to be angry, when (he is) angry, (he is)
shouting and kicking, who (is) coming (nearby to him)! And coming that
vet- ya Hu- (he is) never understanding the reason of donkey why (it is)
shouting, crying and kicking! They are thinking that it is something
wrong from its nervous system and it can’t be able to say: “I am hungry!”

And those people now in our time that (it is) increasing that
depression… Day by day (it is) increasing, and those psychiatrists (are)
saying: “Don’t worry, I shall give to you a very good” - drug not
saying, pill- “I shall give (you) a pill. Use it morning once, evening
once. If it is not getting a good result, make it two-two. If (there is)
no real result, make it 3-3 and if not good, make it 5-5…” And finally
(he is saying): “Make it 1o…” Haaaaa… falling, passing away… “Oh, now
you are reached real rest, my friend! O my Darling, you passed away…vai,
vai, vai…!”

(They are) not asking what is (the)real reason from depression!

Yesterday (in) a newspaper I am looking there it is written: ‘Stress’-
Turks (are) saying ‘stress’- Stress- no treatment: “No treatment for
stress.” I am saying: “Why?” Why? Because you are using something that
it is not for that illness! It is something not from your material being
coming, but it is something that our spirituality (is) giving trouble,
because you are not giving anything, you never taking any care for your
spirituality, therefore it is going to be ‘stress’ or ‘depression’.
Saying one lady (who was) writing this article that: ‘No any treatment
for stress’. That is their knowledge that reached there! As we said now:
(the) donkey is hungry and shouting and kicking, (and) they are saying:
“O my friend, don’t be worried, I am giving (you) something to make you
to be rest, happy! Take this!” Taking and sleeping a little bit, then

That is (the) treatment of psychologist people now, because they are
using something from (the) material world for (the) treatment of
spiritual problems.

And they are doing big sentences (centers), carrying people for
treatment. So many Europeans (are) coming and saying to me: “My son (is)
in such a center.” Because he was using big amounts from drugs,
therefore they are taking and imprisoning him in a big place and not
giving, making that drugs-dosage down, down, down… then sending him
away. And it is not true!

May come here some people, so many people (are) coming, they are
drug-addicts; (and they are) coming and leaving and going! Because the
Lord of Heavens He is (the) only One who (is) knowing about yourself and
(He is) sending (knowledge) to His Prophet and His Prophet sws (is)
teaching, how they should treat such a people!

(The) first reason (that is) bringing that big problems from youngsters
(is) that they are not believing in anything. That (is) making them to
fall in a deepless well and to fall in a darkness place, (so that) they
are not knowing (their) left hand from (their) right hand.
That is.

Therefore we are trying through this small and humble association, so
humble meeting, to make people to believe that: If you are not going to
make pleased your Lord, you can’t reach a pleasement! If you are not
trying to make your Lord in pleasure, (there will be) no pleasure for
you with any material aspects! Therefore we are saying: “O people, try
to do something for the Lord of Heavens! Nothing from Dunya aspects may
save you, no!”

(There is) no pleasure for mankind, if they are not trying to make their
Lord pleased with them! Or, if they are not sending a pleasement to your
Lord, (they) can’t be to be in pleasure or in satisfaction!

That is (a) very important speech, keep it! From East to West, from
North to South, (the) whole world people must know this! This is a
reality: You can’t treat something that belongs to our spirituality with
material drugs- finished!

May Allah forgive us! Aman, ya Rabbi! Tauba, ya Rabbi!
Please, ya Rabbana, keep ourselves, not to fall in such a terrible
whirlpool! If not, no hope…That is only- for saving people from every
crisis, from every badness-: People must come and must listen and must
follow heavenly Directions- finished!

Don’t ask wars, fightings- (they are) never bringing any good result,
no, finished! Don’t think on it, to change (the) government- opposition
or other people, governing body, governing party… (The) opposition (is)
saying: “You are wrong”; if they are coming (into power), (the) others
should say: “You are wrong also” and that fighting (is) going on. It is
impossible, no rest, because people (are) going now to be into two groups:
One group (is) saying: “We are right”, another group (is) saying: “You
are wrong”- it is impossible! Birbirbirbirbir… speaking, speaking,
speaking…! You are opening that shaitanic instrument, looking (that)
everyone (is) speaking, speaking, speaking… What is the benefit, what
(it is) bringing to people? (Is it) bringing to them a safety, a safe
life, a save future? No! They must come to Allah Almighty’s heavenly
Orders! If not, they should be taken away…

May Allah forgive us and bless us! For the honour of the most honoured
one S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala, Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam,
Salatan tadumu wa tuhda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam.

Lefke, 22.10.07

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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